Free Webinar Software (AnyMeeting) Now Has PayPal Integration

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Many of you already know about AnyMeeting (formally freebinar) which is a FREE webinar hosting platform: Free Web Conferencing Software, Free Online Meetings, Free Webinar Service Providers

They just released a new feature allowing you to integrate PayPal so you will be able to charge for your event:

"That's right, AnyMeeting now has an integrated webinar ticketing system, which leverages PayPal's merchant service. Now you can make money from that awesome webinar that you've been putting together. It's easy to use and will soon have you generating income from your online events. All you need is a verified PayPal Merchant account and you can begin selling tickets to your live and recorded webinars.": New Webinar Ticketing System Lets You Charge for Webinars

Thought this was pretty cool, so I wanted to pass it along...
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    Mark, I'm researching AnyMeeting right now, and guess who's the first person on Warrior Forum to mention the new Paypal integration --you!

    No surprise. You always find wonderful free and low-cost resources.

    Aside from rotating ads, I'm not finding any drawbacks so far to the updated version for presenters using Windows. I'm curious to hear from more Warriors who have used AnyMeeting in 2011.

    Mary Greene
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    WOW thanks for this tip. I have been looking at purchasing gomeeting for a while now but now I have seen this thread I will be going for the free option.

    Best tip of the day! Thanks Mark
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    First time I've ever heard of it! Just signed up. Is it any good? How's the phone call quality? how's the video? Any lag? Seems like a killer for those who can't afford it. Ad supported, though. Are they obtrusive?
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    is it ok to get specific Software for specific interest. I mean I want webinar only on basis of Internet marketing.
  • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
    I like anymeeting... however the paid option is not sooooo good.

    Let's say, you charge $97 for a live webinar.

    Live Meeting Profit
    Attendee Pays: $97
    PayPal Fees: - $2.52
    AnyMeeting Fees: - $20.40
    Your Profit: $74.08

    The numbers above are from their own site: try to schedule a paid webinar and it will tell you exactly how much is their fee!

    Now, if you have 100 attendees and Anymeeting takes out $20.40 from every payment (20.40 x 100 = $2,040) then you can really afford to pay a monthly $50-100-200/mo for your webinars.
  • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
    This is how they calculate the numbers from my post above:

    I want to collect Payments using PayPal (checked)

    Important: For every transaction, PayPal deducts $0.30 + 2.9% of the total transaction. AnyMeeting also deducts $1 + 20% of the transaction to cover business expenses related to the transaction. This fee is non-refundable. A minimum charge of $5 is required to use this feature.
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    Here's another of my secret weapons.

    It's open source.

    You can use paypal.

    You're welcome :0
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    Couldn't you do a re-direct link to a squeeze pre-payment page and bypass all those charges?

    They still need a login code to enter the webinar, right?

    Also, thanks for the tip Brent! I'll check both these out...

    Do these webinars run smoothly?

    I'm finding Gotomeeting a pain sometimes these days...good for presenters - bad for attendees.
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    baller dude, good find
  • Profile picture of the author Aaron Salian
    Hey Mark,

    Thanks a lot for this free resource.

    Although I have never heard of this service before, I will definitely go and check it out.


    Aaron Salian
  • Profile picture of the author Alex Hilton
    This looks interesting! Thanks for sharing
  • Profile picture of the author .X.
    I'm looking for a new webinar option and came
    across this thread.

    A couple of updates to AnyMeeting -

    11/03/11 Update: Starting tomorrow, we are lowering the ticket convenience fee to: 10% + $1 per ticket (maximum convenience fee of $9).

    8/29/11 Update: Now when using the “PayPal Options” feature to sell tickets to your webinars, your attendees will have an ad free experience. That’s right, no ads and AnyMeeting is still completely free.

    Interested in feedback anyone has on this

    I've used GoToWebinar for years and
    FuzeMeeting this past year but still looking
    for "the" solution.

    Thanks -
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    It's a great software. It would be great to have integration with aweber and getresponse.
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