Can anyone suggest a good transparent walk on video player

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Hi, this is my first post and I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm wanting to do transparent walk on videos for both Wordpress sites and sites built on other platforms.

I've come across the Transparent Player that (I think) Josh Anderson has created and while this system looks wonderful, it's a bit more than I want to spend right now as I would have to pay for every single client site I use it on. (As far as I understand it..)

I'm looking for a player / plugin I can get a developer licence for ie. buy the licence once and then be able to create these videos and put them on client sites and my own sites without having to pay per use or per month.

I'm not looking to sell the actual system, just the service of creating the videos and putting them up for clients.

Oh... and I'm working on Mac.

Hope someone in the forum can assist me with this one?
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    I am interested in this as well. Hasn´t there ever been a WSO launched for such a product? Would be a killer, hint, hint!
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    If you want to learn HOW to do the videos, Josh can answer that in his product Transparent Video - Transparent Video Effect - Alpha Channel Video. I don't know of any other products besides Josh's.

    If you just want a video player to use on websites, check out HTML5 Video Player | Video.js. It's free and works with WP or non-WP sites. Super easy and reliable player.

    There's also LeadPlayer. It's a more advanced video player for the web. It costs $147 but the features are worth it. LeadPlayer

    With either of the 2 players above, you'll need to have a web host or Amazon S3 account to stream the videos from the web.
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    Anyone know if LeadPlayer will eventually support videos other than YouTube - I have videos I host on Amazon that I need a player for, but can't use Leadplayer yet.


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