Fast Cash Commissions by Anthony Morrison - Any Reviews?

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I received yesterday an email from Dan Brock promoting this product. Anthony Morrison appears to be some kind of underground guru of generating traffic.
Has anyone had a chance to try this product?
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    I haven't bought the product, but I read a few reviews and here's what I can tell you:

    Fast Cash Commissions is created by Anthony Morrison and the reviews say that he was seen on TV a few times. It seems that he's a real person and is not a scam and is being interviewed by several TV Channels almost every week.

    Fast Cash Commissions goal is to provide you a lot of free traffic, because free traffic is the hottest trend in internet marketing industry right now. The product includes:

    -"Killer" Free Traffic Software

    -Reviews say that you will get high quality training videos

    -Reviews also say that there's a professional and experienced support team, but I guess that during this massive launch they will have some support issues.

    So the bottom line is he is looking to provide some high quality stuff in the course and reviews say that this person is legitimate.

    I will be posting more info here as I do not know more about the product, because it is not even released yet!


    UPDATE (the product is live now):

    There's so much information inside!

    Just look at the table of contents:

    -Watch This First
    -Important Message From Anthony
    -Fast Cash Navigator
    -Members Only Training
    -Helpful Resources
    -Make Your Investment Back
    -Traffic Hosting
    -Traffic Manager
    -Speed Up Your Videos
    -Get Paid For Sales
    -Signing Up For Clickbank
    -Finding Clickbank Offers To Promote
    -Your Domain
    -Get Paid For Leads
    -Signing Up For CPA
    -Peerfly Bonus
    -Finding CPA Offers
    -Fast Cash Commissions
    -Welcome From Nick
    -Members Only Training
    -Fast Traffic Sniper
    -Find Your Target
    -Install Fast Traffic Sniper
    -Target Analysis
    -Keywheel Sniper
    -Target Your Keywords
    -Keywheel Selector Tool
    -Bull’s Eye
    -Spy Sniper
    -Stealth Sniper
    -Competitor Spy
    -Competitor Intel
    -Social Sniper
    -Social Genius
    -Social Intelligence
    -Social Intelligence Campaigns
    -Fast Traffic Multiplier
    -Fast Traffic Multiplier
    -Outsourcing 101
    -Cut & Paste Campaigns
    -Cut & Paste Campaigns
    -Cut & Paste Basics
    -Viral Video Dominator
    -Viral Video Dominator
    -Viral Video Velocity
    -1-On-1 Consultation

    And the software is called “Fast Traffic Sniper” which is divided into 3 modules:

    Module 1: Keywheel Sniper

    This is a keyword research tool that will give you a lots of possibilities for your keyword that you choose.You will find an option that will take you to Google Keyword Tool where you can analyze your competition and how many searcheas the keyword you choose have every month.

    Module 2: Spy Sniper

    This tool will help you to spy your competition for the choosen keyword. You will get a list of url`s and page ranks of those pages.

    Module 3: Social Sniper

    This software will do a search on 6 social media sites like then find discussions related to your keywords. Then you use the software to reply to the conversation offering a solution to their problem (you offer a link to the product you want to promote).
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    because it is even not even released yet!
    It's gonna be officially live at Noon eastern time today.

    James Scholes
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    well...he is from my neck of the woods and I dont know him, or he me. would like to hear from someone who really uses it. thanks !
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    There's the usual $10 off when you click "back" in your browser.

    I'm re-watching the video to see if I've missed the part where he actually tells you what the software does as opposed to just "traffic generating".
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    I have not bought yet, if someone bought this and share his knowledge it would be great.
    This system claims it is also finding people on Facebook and twitter who are your potential targeted customers as well, this is what the is system is unique apart frpm others I guess. But the Alexa rank of the site is 30990 and you can guess 90% of the traffic is last 24 hours, so at least 10K people will buy the same product.
    And if people will promote the same products than what will happen 10K people selling exactly same products with similar marketing sites or letters, to the same market determined by the same algorithm??? hmmm I believe he has already thought of that as well...
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    Hello everybody,
    My name is Jason Howell and new to IM.
    I have received so much from this forum that I decided to give back the best I could.
    I went ahead and bought the fast cash commissions software and training ($47 60 day money back), 1ST O.T.O Fast Traffic Magnet and trained virtual assistant free for 30 days ($234 60 day money back), 2ND O.T.O. look over the shoulder and watch ($97 60 day money back) 3RD O.T.O. Viral Video Denominator ($5 dollars trail for 7 days then $67 every month after). All of this was purchased on Oct 26 2011.

    I did this for a couple reasons;
    1. So that I can log a newbies point of view of operating this system and the ease of it starting on day 1 (which will be Oct. 27, 2011)
    2. To see how fast is really fast!
    3. Heck...its 60 day guarantee! Why not!?
    4. If its a flop, save you time and your hard earn money and if it really produces money then share the excitement with you.
    5. Its a new product that was released today, Oct 26 2011. If I can get great results then hopefully others will too.

    I'll continue to update when I start after my Midterms tomorrow!
    Wish me luck!
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    Hmm I thought this thread was set up for REVIEWS of Anthony Morrison's Fast Cash Commissions product and not about:

    His sales copy

    His sales video

    Complaints filed against him at the BBB (which by the way they could be legit I have no idea, but I would imagine if you sale quite literally THOUSANDS of a product you are going to get some complaints)

    His infomercial (which has once again nothing to do with an actual review of this product)

    Or anything else other than REVIEWS of the product mentioned in the thread!

    People need to keep in mind a good deal of the internet marketing products launched on Clickbank are going to be targeted to Internet Marketing Beginners and Intermediate Internet Marketers who either Are Not Making Money Online or are looking for ways to help save them Time, Money, and Effort.

    Not everyone who was sent this product knows how to set up a Wordpress site or even how to get started as internet marketer and this product does a very good job of showing how to go about making money online, setting up your site, various ways of getting traffic, and even some softwares to make it a bit easier especially the Video Creation software which may be an upsell I am not sure.

    This definitely gives a person who is totally unfamiliar with internet marketing or even how to get started a VERY GOOD chance of getting a start on being able to bring in money as an internet marketer for the first time as well as a lot of tools to help them achieve that success with a lot less effort on their part.

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    To Paul: Thank you for you kind reply, I will do my best to be fair and honest.
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    I would just like to note that we (PeerFly) are NOT guaranteeing anyone that uses Anthony's link to sign up approval. The approval standards will still be in place when we review the publisher applications by people who apply through Fast Cash Commissions and all parts (including verification steps) of the publisher application must be completed.
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    looking forward to hearing Jason Howell's commentary of his experiences... good luck!
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    I must admit I was a bit suspicious of you, Jason, but I was wrong. Excellent review.


    PS please use your THANK YOU buttons. That will really help Jason with mods in the future.

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