Fast Cash Commissions by Anthony Morrison - Any Reviews?

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I received yesterday an email from Dan Brock promoting this product. Anthony Morrison appears to be some kind of underground guru of generating traffic.
Has anyone had a chance to try this product?
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    I haven't bought the product, but I read a few reviews and here's what I can tell you:

    Fast Cash Commissions is created by Anthony Morrison and the reviews say that he was seen on TV a few times. It seems that he's a real person and is not a scam and is being interviewed by several TV Channels almost every week.

    Fast Cash Commissions goal is to provide you a lot of free traffic, because free traffic is the hottest trend in internet marketing industry right now. The product includes:

    -"Killer" Free Traffic Software

    -Reviews say that you will get high quality training videos

    -Reviews also say that there's a professional and experienced support team, but I guess that during this massive launch they will have some support issues.

    So the bottom line is he is looking to provide some high quality stuff in the course and reviews say that this person is legitimate.

    I will be posting more info here as I do not know more about the product, because it is not even released yet!


    UPDATE (the product is live now):

    There's so much information inside!

    Just look at the table of contents:

    -Watch This First
    -Important Message From Anthony
    -Fast Cash Navigator
    -Members Only Training
    -Helpful Resources
    -Make Your Investment Back
    -Traffic Hosting
    -Traffic Manager
    -Speed Up Your Videos
    -Get Paid For Sales
    -Signing Up For Clickbank
    -Finding Clickbank Offers To Promote
    -Your Domain
    -Get Paid For Leads
    -Signing Up For CPA
    -Peerfly Bonus
    -Finding CPA Offers
    -Fast Cash Commissions
    -Welcome From Nick
    -Members Only Training
    -Fast Traffic Sniper
    -Find Your Target
    -Install Fast Traffic Sniper
    -Target Analysis
    -Keywheel Sniper
    -Target Your Keywords
    -Keywheel Selector Tool
    -Bull’s Eye
    -Spy Sniper
    -Stealth Sniper
    -Competitor Spy
    -Competitor Intel
    -Social Sniper
    -Social Genius
    -Social Intelligence
    -Social Intelligence Campaigns
    -Fast Traffic Multiplier
    -Fast Traffic Multiplier
    -Outsourcing 101
    -Cut & Paste Campaigns
    -Cut & Paste Campaigns
    -Cut & Paste Basics
    -Viral Video Dominator
    -Viral Video Dominator
    -Viral Video Velocity
    -1-On-1 Consultation

    And the software is called “Fast Traffic Sniper” which is divided into 3 modules:

    Module 1: Keywheel Sniper

    This is a keyword research tool that will give you a lots of possibilities for your keyword that you choose.You will find an option that will take you to Google Keyword Tool where you can analyze your competition and how many searcheas the keyword you choose have every month.

    Module 2: Spy Sniper

    This tool will help you to spy your competition for the choosen keyword. You will get a list of url`s and page ranks of those pages.

    Module 3: Social Sniper

    This software will do a search on 6 social media sites like then find discussions related to your keywords. Then you use the software to reply to the conversation offering a solution to their problem (you offer a link to the product you want to promote).

    Matt Pocius
    CEO and Founder
    My First Million Mentor

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    because it is even not even released yet!
    It's gonna be officially live at Noon eastern time today.

    James Scholes
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    well...he is from my neck of the woods and I dont know him, or he me. would like to hear from someone who really uses it. thanks !
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    There's the usual $10 off when you click "back" in your browser.

    I'm re-watching the video to see if I've missed the part where he actually tells you what the software does as opposed to just "traffic generating".
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    I have not bought yet, if someone bought this and share his knowledge it would be great.
    This system claims it is also finding people on Facebook and twitter who are your potential targeted customers as well, this is what the is system is unique apart frpm others I guess. But the Alexa rank of the site is 30990 and you can guess 90% of the traffic is last 24 hours, so at least 10K people will buy the same product.
    And if people will promote the same products than what will happen 10K people selling exactly same products with similar marketing sites or letters, to the same market determined by the same algorithm??? hmmm I believe he has already thought of that as well...
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      After the $10 discount it went farther to give you one of the training videos free. It was interesting.

      Basically, it shows how he uses twitter to find very targeted potential clients for the affiliate program that YOU choose. You then respond (or tweet) to the person with a personal/unique message with your affiliate link inside.

      So, from this ONE video it seems that you do NOT need a website, nor a blog, nor an auto responder, etc. etc. and that, at least in the part he is showing, it is not an automated system that will spam everyone and each person chooses his/her product of choice and targets clients according to his/her own criteria. So there doesn't seem to be any problem of saturation.

      With a very superficial look this seems like a real way to make commissions simply and quickly but (again only considering the small part that I saw) does not seem to be a long term income solution nor a complete business system.
      Some rapid income could come in handy especially when someone is just beginning.

      I will be curious to see what someone who has seen the whole system has to say.

      Good night to all
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      Are you all speaking of Anthony Morrison who has written the books? He is a published author and well known speaking person, almost like Anthony Robbins?
      I am wondering if this is the same software package that he promoted one night on a video webinar that he did and promoted a new software launch for almost a thousand bucks? I don't think this is the same guy because of several reasons. The first reason is that the real Anthony Morrison is not like this Alexander guy at all. Anthony is quiet and very much more subdued and is all over the internet. He's been on TV countless times, he's been interviewed over and over and is very humble. He has actually gone to the homes of some of his followers and showed them how to get started.
      Now, a couple of weeks ago I received an email from some guy calling himself A Morrison. He began by promoting something very similar to Anthony Morrison's stuff and all of a sudden when he began getting hits from people out here who thought they were dealing with Anthony Morrison; he went viral; crazy and that is when he started filling my email box with his own crap. I was really pissed because I saw it happen right up front and overnight. He used Anthony Morrisons's name and success into conning people out here into believing that he was really Anthony Morrison. The first email that I got from this guy was Anthony Morrison, then the rest of his email changed to A Morrison at Fast Cash Commissions which has nothing to do with Anthony Morrison but this other guy. I hope somebody got this straightened out.
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    Hello everybody,
    My name is Jason Howell and new to IM.
    I have received so much from this forum that I decided to give back the best I could.
    I went ahead and bought the fast cash commissions software and training ($47 60 day money back), 1ST O.T.O Fast Traffic Magnet and trained virtual assistant free for 30 days ($234 60 day money back), 2ND O.T.O. look over the shoulder and watch ($97 60 day money back) 3RD O.T.O. Viral Video Denominator ($5 dollars trail for 7 days then $67 every month after). All of this was purchased on Oct 26 2011.

    I did this for a couple reasons;
    1. So that I can log a newbies point of view of operating this system and the ease of it starting on day 1 (which will be Oct. 27, 2011)
    2. To see how fast is really fast!
    3. Heck...its 60 day guarantee! Why not!?
    4. If its a flop, save you time and your hard earn money and if it really produces money then share the excitement with you.
    5. Its a new product that was released today, Oct 26 2011. If I can get great results then hopefully others will too.

    I'll continue to update when I start after my Midterms tomorrow!
    Wish me luck!
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      Not to rain on anyone's parade here

      But Anthony has been peddling the same information
      for years online in 2009 he was the scourge of the internet.
      Back then when you typed in a product name and scam you
      actually got results about the scam today you type scam and
      you get a few million results that link to affiliate review sites
      for the product. So trying to find an honest review of the product
      by searching is virtually useless.

      Anyway back in May of 09 Anthony was reported to the BBB and
      was investigated by CBS 36 news. They went to his live seminar and
      exposed his Hidden Millionaire as a real scam. There were reports
      all over the place if you really want to take time you can go to
      dslreports dot com and search his name and hidden millionaire
      you will find dozens of unhappy campers.

      the article below has been reduced to what you see. The 3 dozen
      plus videos have been removed and it is almost impossible to
      find the original written report. It seems a fellow named Jimmie Morrison
      claimed the rights to the information and filed a DMCA claim and now you
      can only find good information or affiliate reviews for his products

      A Channel 36 CBS Atlanta investigative report on the scam known as Anthony Morrison's Hidden Millionaires. Supporting PDF Document by Reporter Wendy Saltzman at CBS 36 Atlanta (Contains Arkansas BBB Report plus letter from Arkansas BBB) Investigative report dated May 15, 2009

      Just a little background info for you to chew on.
      I do not own any of his products and adding my 2 cents.
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    Hmm I thought this thread was set up for REVIEWS of Anthony Morrison's Fast Cash Commissions product and not about:

    His sales copy

    His sales video

    Complaints filed against him at the BBB (which by the way they could be legit I have no idea, but I would imagine if you sale quite literally THOUSANDS of a product you are going to get some complaints)

    His infomercial (which has once again nothing to do with an actual review of this product)

    Or anything else other than REVIEWS of the product mentioned in the thread!

    People need to keep in mind a good deal of the internet marketing products launched on Clickbank are going to be targeted to Internet Marketing Beginners and Intermediate Internet Marketers who either Are Not Making Money Online or are looking for ways to help save them Time, Money, and Effort.

    Not everyone who was sent this product knows how to set up a Wordpress site or even how to get started as internet marketer and this product does a very good job of showing how to go about making money online, setting up your site, various ways of getting traffic, and even some softwares to make it a bit easier especially the Video Creation software which may be an upsell I am not sure.

    This definitely gives a person who is totally unfamiliar with internet marketing or even how to get started a VERY GOOD chance of getting a start on being able to bring in money as an internet marketer for the first time as well as a lot of tools to help them achieve that success with a lot less effort on their part.


    For honest internet marketing product reviews as well as tips for how to make money online go to Online Internet Marketing Business
    Also make sure to check out my FREE Get High PR .Edu Backlinks Report NO SIGN UP REQUIRED!

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      Ok, so I went a head and bought Fast Cash Commissions.
      here are my first thoughts:
      Behind the scenes you have access to loads of video training modules on the Internet Marketing basics
      Finding products on Clickbank, CPA networks etc - the one they recommend is Peerfly - and you get a special link that gives you preferential treatment to get accepted.
      Then there is the Keyword research/Competition analysis (very basic introduction)

      Understanding your market/ getting into mind of buyer etc
      All very so-so - but good stuff for a newbie *(if a little overwhleming)
      THEN we get to the real GEM - the FAST TRAFFIC SNIPER Software
      This is basically a Keyword Analysis/Competition Analysis/Social Intelligence Tool - a more simple version of Market Samurai. But very good for people who find Market Samurai too complex.

      The real KILLER for me - is the SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE bit - which allows you to search social media sites (Twitters, Youtube, Digg etc) for your main keywords, so you can interact with the real time conversation - and find buyers. Then from within the software you can respond (they have proven Cut and Paste responses you can use). I think this is probably the best bit. Really handy - and I have already used for some of my existing sites - as part of my social media/web 2.0 traffic work. This is where the FAST CASH COMMISSIONS comes from. Since you don't need any sites to engage in this kind of Social Media activity.

      Then there are the UPSELLS - basically enhanced software BUT also using Virtual Assistances (i.e outsourcing the whole process) $297
      Cut And Paste Campaigns for ready made Wordpress sites $97 - with sales videos, content etc that Anthony uses in his campaigns - with ready made content for some major Clickbank products.

      Then there is lots of BONUS training - and regular online seminars etc.

      Overall, I found it initially confusing to navigate (esp. for beginners) - and it took a little while to get to the real JUICE - the actual software. But that is really cool.
      I would recommend it to beginners, who do not have sites yet - and are looking to make FAST CASH Commissions.
      I like to think I'm pretty experienced, BUT I still found loads of useful gems in some of the video modules that I wasn't aware of or hadn't used.

      If you refresh the sales page - you get the obligatory $10 off - so for $37 you get a hell of a lot of content and useful information.

      It isn't perfect - and there are a few things I would have done differently, but I really recommend the Social Intelligence part of the FAST TRAFFIC SNIPER software.

      Just trying to wade through the Internet Marketing hype, find the good stuff and keep it simple - with the Internet Marketing Bootcamp

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      I bought the produce because it was being promoted by someone I trusted. For $47 why not? ( I didn't get the $10 discount pop up everyone else seems to have got) Then the upsells It seems if there is even 1 upsell, its crap in my past experience, but I went ahead with the outsourcing pack for $197 as well. After all, I could use a little help with time and since it was through Clickbank, I know they will refund if the product is crap.

      In the video it talked about no domain, article marketing. etc. I had heard about the twitter spam technique before, and just didn't want to employ those kind of tactics. Besides, how much residual income can you build by pissing people off with spam links?

      I've went through the training today ( I just bought today), and it seems as if this is around using the software to build sites around keywords (don't we already do this?) or social network spamming (which I refuse to do)

      Just my thoughts. I'm glad its through Clickbank so I can get my money back.

      I know I wouldn't have bought this if it weren't being promoted by someone I trusted and on Clickbank. this should have told me something so I avoided the trouble.
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      Very slick sales video. I bought it, probably inspired by his Dad opening huge Clickbank cheques. I'm afraid that I was put off in the first five minutes during the training intro video where Nick starts talking about article marketing and creating Wordpress sites. Fast cash, I don't think so! I'm sure the sales video mentioned no website required, I could be mistaken as I might have dozed off, it is quite long.

      I persevered but after about half an hour and being unable to find any information on how to really use the Fast Traffic software I refunded. As far as I could see the Keywheel Sniper is just a different interface for the GKWT. So, I can't really comment on any of the bits of software in here as I couldn't find much if anything on how to use them. These 'might' be the only useful parts of the package. If you can find out what they do.

      I'm afraid this obviously isn't an indepth review as I was put off at the start by the intro video which contradicted the sales video by talking about all the usual basic methods of IM, ie article marketing, producing content '2 pieces per day for a year', etc.

      I wasn't prepared to waste any more time on it.

      I certainly didn't find the amount of topics listed in some earlier 'reviews' and everything I did look at really only scraped the surface. 2 minutes on Quantcast and this was an 'extra' video!

      This might be useful for someone new to IM but I think it could also be quite confusing. There doesn't seem to be any real structured progression to the 'training'. Overall it appears to be very thin on detail and although all the basic aspects of IM are covered it's at a really basic level. I certainly couldn't recommend it to any of my lists.

      To be fair I didn't spend a lot of time on it, I didn't view every video though I don't think that would have taken too long as the ones I did watch were only a couple of minutes each. There are much better products out there.

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    To Paul: Thank you for you kind reply, I will do my best to be fair and honest.
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    I would just like to note that we (PeerFly) are NOT guaranteeing anyone that uses Anthony's link to sign up approval. The approval standards will still be in place when we review the publisher applications by people who apply through Fast Cash Commissions and all parts (including verification steps) of the publisher application must be completed.

    ^ My Blog

    Are you an affiliate that runs PPV advertising? You need my PPV target scraper!
    Have a Facebook Page? FPTraffic, manages over 1,000,000,000 (BILLION) Likes! Check it out :)
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    looking forward to hearing Jason Howell's commentary of his experiences... good luck!

    * Want the cheapest lowest priced articles in the world? THEN GO AWAY!

    * At UK or US Graduates write for us, under 48 hours turnaround time, 100% unique, NO SPINNING software
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      Ok sorry for the delay.
      So far here is my take on Fast Cash Commission system.
      Before I tell all, I tried my very best to approach this as person who is just beginning (newbie) in IM as well as looking at it as a business and business investment.

      What was bought:
      fast cash commissions software and training ($47 60 day money back), 1ST O.T.O Fast Traffic Magnet and trained virtual assistant free for 30 days ($234 60 day money back), 2ND O.T.O. look over the shoulder and watch ($97 60 day money back) 3RD O.T.O. Viral Video Denominator ($5 dollars trail for 7 days then $67 every month after).

      When logging in the members area for the first time, there was a welcome video that suggested that we register for a particular CPA network (Peerfly) and register a domain name and get hosting.
      After following the instructions and moving further through the training videos and .pdf's. I found that FCC provided videos solely on how to get instantly approved for this particular CPA network (Peerfly) and instructions on how to pick a domain name.
      Now all of these instructions are after the welcome video. So inconveniently, I have to wait to hear back from the CPA network to approve or disapprove me to figure out if I need to reapply to them (wasted time) and now I have to buy another domain name following FCC's instructions on how to pick a domain name (wasted time and money). CAVEAT: I just saw a post from LukePeerfly stating; I [lukepeerfly] would just like to note that we (PeerFly) are NOT guaranteeing anyone that uses Anthony's link to sign up approval. The approval standards will still be in place when we review the publisher applications by people who apply through Fast Cash Commissions and all parts (including verification steps) of the publisher application (PeerFly Publisher Applications) must be completed.

      short recap:

      There are videos describing the prescribed methods of execution
      Describes how to get approved to a particular CPA network
      Shows how to choose your domain name in regards to the topic of your product or site's theme.


      Improper gaurentee on CPA Network approval.
      videos are out of sync
      wasted time on CPA network registration
      wasted time and money on a domain name

      My Review and Suggestions:
      First off the information sequence could have been greatly improved upon. It felt like they went from E-M, A-D and N-Z. If I was an individual that was looking for a efficient system to implement and follow to have success in my new to IM business, I would have been lost in the first 10-20 mins. In my case I was. I was lost due to the complexity of the information but, to the order of suggested and described execution.

      Where is the FAST CASH at?
      In the welcome video there are two sections titled get paid by sales and get paid by leads. They are basically describing and showing how to use CPA Networks and ClickBank. In the next section they have the Fast cash sniper tool that has; a keyword tool that is used along with a compt. analysis tool and a social network tool. So they show you how to find a product, what key words to use, competition analysis and social network integration. For the price of the initial offer that includes the keyword finder and compt. analysis you could do better using google keyword tool and a couple of other free programs out there. Firefox has a bunch of free SEO plugins for compt. analysis.
      CAVEAT: I am aware that the Google Keyword tool is traditionally used for advertisers bidding on keywords and not necessarily for SEO purposes but, it still works great.
      What is really great about the fast cash sniper tool is the social netowrk tool allowing you to peer directly into social network comments and post reply's and links inside. Some may consider this tactic a method of spam but I assume it depends on how you post you links with the comments or visa versa. I will keep playing around with it. I am sure there are more qualified individuals that can speak on how not to spam on social networks.

      short recap:

      Great social network tool.
      Shows how to find keywords for existing products.
      Instructional videos are in sequence and easy to follow.
      Potential fast cash tactics; Social network tool.


      Cost per value isn't present except for the social network tool which can come in handy as a tactic (list building, direct cpa clicks) but, not necessarily as a long term strategy or the main strategy. Beware of spamming!
      Can find cheaper or free tools to find you keyword searches and compt. analysis.

      My Review and Suggestions:
      The value of the initial offer, fast cash sniper software and training, is in the social network tool is used correctly.The keyword search and competition analysis are not the best but, could be sufficient. There are other free alternatives or valuable alternatives on the market.

      How to Get the Traffic: Fast Traffic Multiplier
      Here is another tool that was the first OTO for $234.
      In short it is hub for traffic building; Article submission, spinning articles, social network submissions, backlinks, as well as a personal virtual assistant. I havent played around much with this piece of software and dont want to make anything up. But from what I have seen in the training videos and through the software it looks pretty thorough. Now does a central hub to keep track of your traffic efforts worth $234? I will have to leave to your but, in my opinion for a beginner/ newbie this could be worth your time just to keep you organize and to SEE what your doing.

      short recap:

      Organized central hub to manage you traffic efforts and campaigns
      decent, not great, but decent training videos
      Fast cash sniper software is integrated into this software for ease of use.
      Shows you how to add backlinks and where to place them including anchor text.


      Expensive just to manage you traffic efforts and campaigns. There could be more features plugged in the software to make it more unique and definitely worth its perceived value.
      There are no new methods to gain traffic. Its what everyone else already knows or just learning about through the millions of other products. Which is fine but there was alot of emphasizes how special this software is and how you will multiply your traffic 14X and draw them in like magnets. Just would have like to see something that was different maybe software that measures youtube videos views and comment count and alerts you on videos before they go viral, or how to use facebooks developer apps( connect with facebook button) to gain access to opt'd-in future customers basic info including phone numbers to use for mobile marketing.

      My Review and Suggestions:
      The value isnt totally there. They did attempt and did a decent job on creating a hub for all of your traffic managing needs. But, something special...something different would have really set this piece of software apart from others and really would have been worth is perceived value.
      But in keeping with the viewpoint as a beginner, I would say that this software could assist in managing your traffic efforts. But with all tools, you have to use it for it to be worth it!

      Cut and Paste Campaigns
      Who would want a cut and paste campaign, a proven method of making Fast Cash Commissions. Well thats what FCC offered (look over the shoulder) for their 2nd OTO for $97 with a 60 day money back guarantee. I do have to say that, when you open up the page and read, "how to set-up a wordpress blog", "how to upload a theme", etc... I was concerned it was just another, "just set up a blog and write some articles and you be good!" But, slightly relieved when I saw they had a bit of training and offered 9 campaigns in 3 different categories; how to make money online, health and fitness, relationships and dating. Some here in Warrior forum can speak about Anthony's connections with other successful IM and their projects together, which is fine and acceptable to few, but I realized that some of the projects he has worked on or his friends products showed up here as a few of the campaigns...I just thought it was interesting and funny. I wont go to much into the actual products here but, if you want to know what they are just PM me and we'll talk. Besides that it comes with prewritten articles that you'll have to spin for each campaign, a standard template, and 3 simple videos that you can use for each category. I am sure that they want you to put your own spin on the video and the articles. So that where the 3rd OTO comes into play which Ill talk about next.

      short recap:


      Provides a beginner with instructions on starting a blog, installing the template, installing the article and videos.
      Provides pre written articles that will need to be spun.
      Provides pre written videos that will need to changed to be unique
      Great for those who dont want to look for products and just want to start.


      You can generate your own articles and videos for less
      You could also get instructions on how to set up a blog on wordpress and get a free template as well.

      My Review and Suggestions:
      Unless you absolutely positively really dont want to do about 1-2hours worth of research on products, articles, wordpress installation and how to make a video then I say spend your hard earned $97 dollars. If you do decide to take the OTO then make sure you get your money's worth and follow and use their system to the fullest degree.

      Viral Video Dominator:
      This is the third and officially last OTO (more on that later) $5 7day trial and $67 every month afterwards. Inside this category I found two pieces of software. One is a video creator and the other one spins and automates the videos you create. The training was leaning more towards slide, images, music etc...They do include royalty free music as well so you wont have any copyright issues as well as three sites to where to get free images (I personally haven't been to the sites yet to know whether they are free or not). The software is really basic, like the free trial of some kind of software in the late 90's. I am not intentionally bashing it or FCC but that is what it truly looking like. Its functions are simple and straight forward and for somebody who is new to video editing and this being their first video then this would be perfect. But for those of you who want that extra "umph" in a slide video, few extra features that allows you to make the best video that you money can afford then you may want to pass reconsider purchasing this OTO or take advantage of the 60 day guarantee. The video spinner is a submitting tool that can submit, so called spin and automate the process. Do you remember the free three videos that were offered in the cut and paste campaigns well they pop up here again with instruction on how to use them and where to upload them.

      short recap:

      Simple straightforward video editing software
      Royalty free music
      Links to free images
      Video submitting tool submits to popular social video directories, spins video descriptions, and automates the submitting process.
      decently priced


      You could get a decently priced video editing software or the one thats on your computer. Windows movie maker is pretty thorough and some macbook come stock with a video editor that is supposed to be excellent.
      Not enough features on the editing software to make that one of a kind video that would standout among the 100,000's of video that are out there.

      My Review and Suggestion:
      Once again in a beginners point of view the editing software is and should be sufficient for the time being. but its is definitely not a tool that one can grow into more like grow out of. That is if you are using it it and find that you would or need to do more with your videos. The submitting software is pretty good but not worth $67 a month. If you multiple 12 month by $67 dollars thats $804 dollars a YEAR. I am sure through doing some more shopping that there are more efficient and cheaper one time purchases you can make to get an effective submitting tool that has a few extra feature for under $800.

      My Overall Suggestion and Review:
      As an individual that is either just starting out in IM or know just enough to get into trouble or confused, there are a couple ways I can suggest you go. One, purchase the products and experience them for yourself. My experience and needs will be different. If the program doesnt help you or satisfy you at all then take advantage of that 60 day guarantee and get your money back. Two, dont purchase the product. A lot of the training and software FCC provides you can find on this forum either for free or for a decent price. What you need to look for is a product that provides a system, a plan that one can grow with, that provides the basic foundation of IM and its application towards the plan/system/strategy. To any experience seasoned veterans out there that can recommend similar programs or software please supplement my lack of experience with a post listing a few that be worthwhile.
      I dont want to take away the value of FCC commissions, I am just stating that its not worth the amount they are charging, especially if you have been in IM for awhile.

      I hope this personal review helped in some kind of way to anyone out there that is considering Fast cash commission. Rest assured that I am not marketing for them nor am I trying to discredit them. These are just my observations and understandings. If I have misstated any information either PM me or go gentle in setting me straight in a public forum.

      Respect and Love to all,
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    I must admit I was a bit suspicious of you, Jason, but I was wrong. Excellent review.


    PS please use your THANK YOU buttons. That will really help Jason with mods in the future.
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      Thank Parsons,
      I really do appreciate you comment.
      I don't know why I would seem suspicious to you but, I am happy that all doubts have been removed.

      I am still toying around with the FCC system and will continue reporting here.
      thanks to all.
      Respect and Love.

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