What's the best amazon affiliate course?

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Hi warriors,

I want to start building an online empire of Amazon affiliate sites and I'm looking for suggestions on the amazon affiliate training around?

Anyone found a good course and making some good profit?

Thanks for commenting

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    A good course although not directed exclusively at Amazon Products is Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton. It goes through step by step exactly what to do and covers all aspects from product research to site building and backlinking.

    You can find a separate thread for it here in the review section. It speaks for itself.


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    There is one by Jan Roos that sounds really interesting. I watched a webinar he did on webinarswaps. I haven't bought it but I am thinking about buying it. If you go to webinarwaps.com and then go to watch archived replays you can find his webinar there.
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    No doubt Bring The Fresh and Unstoppable Affiliate both are good. But for Amazon training the best course I highly recommend are:

    1. Commission Gold By Erica Stone (wso)
    2. Extreme Review By Erica Stone wso)
    3. Anatomy Of An Amazon Sale Page By Jeff Carson (free at commissionclassroom.com)
    4. Amazon Product Research And Selection By Robert Schierenberg

    Note: Gold Commission talk about how to sell physical product other than amazon
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    I'd recommend Gaz Cooper's [not a relative!] AMZ academy, it not only has a huge amount of tutorial videos, you also get a free premium theme, as well as a really good forum, I made my first Amazon commisions using Gaz's method.

    Sojourn's [Erica Stone] Extreme Review is also a good option.
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    One I heard what that a lot of people was having success with was with Dan Brock's dead beat super affiliate

    James Scholes
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    I would have to say Bring the Fresh and Rapid Profits Formula both courses are really good.
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    Wow. 10 replies and not one from anyone who has said "Yes, I have made consistent profits after reading such and such course".

    You don't need a course to be profitable with Amazon. It really is straightforward. I make $x,xxx per month consistently with a handful of Amazon sites in multiple niches and I've never purchased a course.

    Here's how you profit:

    1. Purchase a brandable domain name (forget EMDs)
    2. Setup a WordPress site with a clean theme
    3. Find products that are low competition & write quality reviews (2 or 3 per day)
    4. Backlink your posts with relevant (quality) articles & submit to EZA, Web 2.0, etc
    5. Get traffic
    6. Don't use Amazon widgets - use in-content text links
    7. Rinse and repeat

    However, if you insist on buying a course, I would suggest Jan Roos' course (if it is still available).
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    I didn't say purchase a trademarked domain. I said purchase a brandable domain. Put yourself in a searcher's shoes. Is he more likely to trust home-made-ice-cream-maker-reviews.org or something like TD Tech Reviews?

    That said, let's get back to the topic of the thread. I don't want to completely crap on OP's thread. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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    One of my smaller sites (32 total products):

    These 32 posts took all of 2-3 hours and will cost me just one renewal fee. In addition, although products get stale (and people stop looking for them), this site and the others will continue to get traffic since it's not built around a single product.
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    Erica Stone + Gaz Cooper...

    wolfmmiii's first post is correct, but that assumes that you have a certain level of knowledge in all those items as well (I really like your site BTW )
    It's hard to say which program works if you have some sort of knowledge in bits and pieces when it comes to making money online using niche sites, but if you're starting out and need a solid foundation and blueprint (and a commitment to actually make the internet a better place by giving good content and not opportunistic 1-page spammy sites), then I strongly recommend the two authors above.
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    Also Michael Franklin has a course where he coaches you one on one by email. This is good is you are new and would a step by step process. My sites using his method work very well.
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    Well, wolfmmiii, the fact that you've never bought a "system" to guide you along is a testimonial to your character. Most people, including myself, just don't understand how to figure certain things out. I'm a little jealous of the fact that you can manage it. I haven'. The first time I thought about promoting Amazon products, I got confused and thought I would somehow be responsible for purchasing the product and physically shipping it to the client. That was over two years ago, when I was pretty clueless about physical product promotion. I now know that's stupid, but that is the exact mental block that prevents most people from pursuing their dream of making it big online.
    I feel more comfortable following the instruction booklet in most cases. That's the case for most people and that is also why selling information is such a lucrative business.
    That being said, anyone got a review for Kelly Felix's 2012 Bring the Fresh program?
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    Matt Carter's Rapid Profits and Andrew Hanson's Unstoppable Affiliates both have good elements re: Amazon sites. I think Matt Carter also has a WP template for Amazon -I have used it on one site - it is very vanilla. I'm sure there are better Amazon WP templates that are much better

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