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Any seen these webinar's promoting gomobile solutions? Any experience of this product?

looking for something to get the teenage son into, but we are not US based.
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    This is worth it.

    If your son has the tenacity to study the videos and to the technical building using the gomobile software, it's a cinch.

    It also requires some marketing and selling. You sell small to medium sized businesses an app for their business, one their customers can download.

    This is an international product, though some of the features are US based only right now.

    it's an investment, and you can definitely make your money back by selling just one or two apps.

    I'd go for it.

    even if someone else did the selling, your son can learn to build them and make his money that way.

    i'm having my son make them, he makes money and I sell them and make money.

    very cool.
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    I did a webinar with Jeff about it, as the idea of quickly building apps kind of fascinates me. Instead of spending $2-$3k which has been my experience before.

    If you want to see the webinar, you can go to:


    You can also find the contact details (and phone number) there.

    What it does is build apps which have been preconfigured to be perfect for local businesses in lots of different niches. You can also integrate your own graphics or get them to do them for you at an additional cost.

    Ben Shaffer
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    Hi Dane,

    It surprises me you are finding that, as I am finding the opposite. I have put several apps projects on odesk and once have filtered out those that I wouldn't work with, the bids START at about $2k.

    What you have here, is something which has a huge choice of functionality that can be sold for a very low price.

    At the end of the day, two people can sell the same thing for very different prices. Just like when offering SEO services you can pay a thousand dollars and get something great or pay a thousand dollars and throw it down the drain. It's what you offer your customer.

    Funny what you say about the ongoing, as in a weird way I see it as an advantage for the customer. On another thread, people complained about the recent automated webinar product that was launched as there was NOT an ongoing charge and were skeptical whether it would be kept up to date and developed. As it happens, it was and still is.

    By having an ongoing charge gives a lot more confidence to the customer that they won't be left with something in 6 months or a year that is obsolete or that they can't do anything with.

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    No. You can do multiple apps. So, it is far less than that.
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    I saw the webinar and it was impressive. They over deliver with the training. But $997 for what you really want, the App builder? You can do the same here for free: appmakr.com
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    Like the idea of free, Vincenzo, but haven't the foggiest of how to do anything in appmakr.com, and I thought I was tech-savvy. Grrrr...

    I'm also looking at these guys: All your software in one nice little burrito | AppSumo.com, who seem to have a similar setup to GoMobile, but not as many templates, and perhaps not as many off the shelf features. Still, a pretty good start...
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    Sorry folks, AppSumo's link tracking is clever. I was trying to highlight their deal for lifetime membership to Bizness Apps - iPhone, Android, HTML5, & iPad apps for small businesses for $299.
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    I haven't joined BiznessApps yet, but it's highly possible that GoMobile is simply a very expensive reseller for them.
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    Glad I found this interesting thread.
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    Thanks for this thread. Was tempted.....
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    MobileMarketer - you are a gem. This is exactly what I was looking for. Something in my gut kept telling me not to hit that buy button. Now it makes sense as to why.
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    Our HTML5 Mobile App Builder and White Label Reseller Platform would be good for him to check out. Profit margins are great. View the release video here
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    I think people are placing to much importance on these "downloadable apps". If you build the mobile website right there is no need for these ridiculous prices.
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    Just as a quick update.

    Was on a call last night with these guys, I did pull the trigger. Afterwards, I started to say "wow, this all looks very familiar"

    I pulled the trigger about 15 minutes into the call. I was told the cost was $997. Wow, okay.... so $997 goes to GoMobile for who knows what...... they certainly are not providing anything unique.

    I finally asked whoever was running the chat box if they were a reseller of BiznessApps. Had to ask 10 times, but finally got the answer "yes".

    I will say this, Bizness Apps is amazing, but I hate the monthly fees. I will be refunding my purchase with GoMobile (why have the middle-man?) and doing a white-label solution with Bizness Apps only.

    Wish I'd done a bit more research before buying. This was a top rated thread. Something just didn't feel right on that call.

    The founder and CEO of the company was answering questions and said "App-Solutely" when asked "can this do games" and other questions. My hair started to raise there... the guys are not honest. Or at least not forthcoming. Their goal : Money, not the success of their 'students'.
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    I refunded several weeks ago...it is a reseller setup and not a real business.
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    Go Mobile charges you the same $30 a month for 10 the $997 is on top of. They have 3 plans that you can choose from this plan is the highest. But since they are a reseller of biznessapps they operate the same way.

    They say that the money $997 is to pay the affiliate a commission and money to them for providing superior support that is no match to biznessapps, additional learning material and help, additional features not available to biznessapps that they have built. In addition they have an integrated system for billing and financing to help their resellers.

    Still with all the bells and whistles I am not sure I am feeling the $997 FEE
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    This is a good read. Learned quite a lot from this.
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    Wow I really respect this forum. I almost pulled the trigger on Go Mobile too.
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    Heard about it a few months ago ...but I am not sure about this warrior forums is a good source of getting useful information.

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