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Mobile Blog Money just came out today. Does anyone know what it's all about?
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    i don't know what it is but it certainly sounds like scam. They do not tell you waht the product is but they ask you for your money.
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    Not much out there yet - but it makes one wonder what you're getting
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    I just got something tons from the IM Review Team. The video references bill h.r. 3261. I'm so tired of hype and fluff. I believe that if this was the real deal, at least tell me what I'm thinking of buying.
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    H. R. 3261 seems to have more to do with increasing protection against copyright infringement and counterfeit drugs rather than anything mentioned in the Mobile Blog Money ads.

    You can read a summary of the bill at:
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    Well I must say that story in the promo video could have been an interesting script for
    a movie with all that talk about big conspiracies, 20-something millionaire club and the
    hero fighting against them all and for the people.

    In terms of internet marketing - not so much.
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    I poked around on the site and found this page where a lot of recent buyers are making their experiences known - my account : Mobile Blog Money - - I found this from starting at their contact us page.
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    Mobile traffic is one of the hardest traffic to convert. It's even worse than ppv. Of course it is possible to make a killing with some cpa offers, as long as you have very deep pockets and all the time in the world to test and tweak to make a campaign profitable.
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    Hey guys, I was able to get a copy of the program, and yes I got it at $37. Initially I was offered quite a number of upsells though their support said that the upsells are not a requirement so I opted to postpone the refund and see on what the program has to offer.

    I do believe that the market for mobile customers is quite huge and I would like to cash in on this market, Have tried that before on a different program before by Adam Horwitz, and boy I was not able to go far with that program, making optimized squeezepages was a bit cumbersome. With the Mobile Blog Money, the process is much simplified . . . well that is from where I am right now. As for it delivering its promises, that remains to be seen as I am still waiting for Admob to approve my campaign. (Heck it has already been 2 days and still no word from Admob).

    Looking good so far, just hope that the additional tutorials and vids could be uploaded sooner rather than later. As for the support, I have sent an inquiry to their 24/7 customer assistance and got a feedback after less than an hour. IF the customer support would be able to maintain their response time at least by that much then I am moving forward with this, well a try at least for the guarantee period of 60 days, then make the assessment by then.

    I will keep you inform on the progress guys once the campaign is approved and running and hope that this is one of the program that would deliver. . . by the looks of it, its going pretty good at this point. :-)
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    Alright, I purchased Mobile Blog Money a couple of days ago.

    It's pretty much the same as all the other mobile marketing programs out there. There are a few new things here so it is refreshing to see that.

    The cost was $47 but I was able to squeeze that down to $37 through the hidden persuasion offer when you try to leave the order page.

    The tutorials are ok. Not very newbie-friendly though. I guess the coaching being offered as an add-on addresses that issue.

    While I have seen other programs with pretty much the same setup, i must say that Mobile Blog Money's strength lies in its customer support. Man, it is 24/7 and they respond to your emails within a few hours at the latest. I myself put in some emails and got a response to each one within 15 minutes ... that I think is a record in these kinds of programs. Best of all is that most of the responses are not canned. It really feels like there is someone taking the time to answer your queries.

    Now, I have things set up like how the tutorials teach you how but I have to agree with Raleigh about the admob issue. Admob sucks... too slow. But, this should not be anything against mobile blog money as there are other mobile ad networks to tap out there anyway.

    My only major complain is the upsells. There are a lot of it. But, if you keep your senses and ignore them... you should be alright.
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    i've just got a copy a while ago
    had problems with the Admob part, but support guys helped a lot.
    ca't say much about the training and manual but their support is pretty good
    took a while to get approved on the ads but it's up and runnin'
    waiting for the money to haul in.
    hope it wont take that long.
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    There is a video on youtube giving a review of mobile blog money from someone who purchased it.

    Their explanation: It's like using adwords but for mobiles. Think of it as the PPC boom that happened, but for mobiles. Cost per click is low (a few cents) and competition is also low.
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    A lot of these Clickbank mobile products haven't really been living upto their hype. It a shame really as it's market I'd loved to get involved.

    Let's hope this one delivers.

    James Scholes
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    Originally Posted by Legend Dude View Post

    Mobile Blog Money just came out today. Does anyone know what it's all about?
    Maybe its about starting a mobile blog? Makes sense...
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    Looks very similiar to Mobile Money Machines. Anyone know if it is from the same creators? I used Mobile Money Machines and didn't have much success with it, so Im not sure if I should bother signing up with this.
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    Many mobile marketing products has been launched in past few weeks in the clickbank and are over-hyped. This is also similar to them, here is a mobile blog money post that explains what is this hype all about.
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    Great question! Personally I purchase nothing unless it comes referred, then I'll check it out.
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    Some reviews would be nice.

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