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anyone ever heard of this? or tried anything like it?
I found his webinar here
Pay Per Call Marketing
this was the first I have ever heard of cost per call marketing.

I am in no way affiliated with the above offer and that is not an affiliate link.
I am just curious in finding out more on cost per call in general. If someone has experience with this product or program maybe they could let me know their thoughts and if they had success with it. I would also love to hear of any other courses you might suggest instead.

Is there any information on cost per call in the war room? I have been looking for an excuse to join
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    Pay per call is a relatively new field in IM, I have found some offers on Offermobi that pay up to $45 per call, maybe fellow warriors can add more networks. .
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    Originally Posted by arkhamindustries View Post

    anyone ever heard of this? or tried anything like it?
    I found his webinar here
    Pay Per Call Marketing
    this was the first I have ever heard of cost per call marketing.
    I went ahead and joined the program.
    For $77.00 there is a lot of good info with over 20 short videos on theory and a few gold nuggets on on Pay per Call marketing.
    I myself am a newbie to this,
    Justin does give very good insight on which networks and some offers to run.
    If you want to get the more in depth theories and concepts you must join Justins VIP membership which is slightly pricey for my taste at $197.00 for two months. But I would also add Justin does a good job of giving some free ways to get your ads out there to make some money from the beginning.
    Already started some free campaigns will see how they do.
    I am confident Justin's techniques will work if you put them into action.
    Will probably upgrade to VIP once I get some more campaigns under my belt.
    Hope this helps:p
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    Actually that VIP membership just went up to 3 payments of 197. I guess alot of people were joining the VIP membership, so he increased it.

    Just to clarify, the front-end product is $77, but the upsell is if you want more in depth coaching, which WAS the 2 payments of $197, but has now been increased to 3 payments of $197.
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    Interesting all right...

    How do you get traffic to your number? Is this all about paid traffic?


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    >>> How do you get traffic to your number? Is this all about paid traffic?

    There's a free section where he gives away 11 free promotion tactics. Justin recommends that section if you have less than $100 to spend. He said that he has some campaigns that do $400 a day with just free traffic.
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    Originally Posted by StarT View Post

    Pay per call is a relatively new field in IM, I have found some offers on Offermobi that pay up to $45 per call, maybe fellow warriors can add more networks. .

    Just had a look at the sales page (which, as sales page go, is pretty awesome). If you close the page you will be presented with an optin giving you access to a list of 22 companies and network. This should help you in your research.

    I am not going to buy it just now as i am unfocused enough as it is but it's a clickbank offer so you can take a look at no risk and bit of your time.

    hope this helps.
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    It's a good course... I promoted it with success and I RARELY promote stuff to my list that is not my own. I had access to it back in November. I have very very in depth experience with paid traffic.

    So that has probably helped... I have hit over $1,000 days with his methodology. I was so impressed I have been giving away my entire Traffic Blackbook series as a bonus for it. All in all, impressive!
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    ChadH: Great to see you here from Mobile Money Bandit JV blog on facebook. Like Chad said Justin Elenburg is the real deal and his course is excellent. His support staff is great and they get back to you in a timely fashion if you have a question. This is not your typical mobile marketing course that has hit the internet in recent weeks and months. He really knows his stuff and actually practices what he teaches in his course unlike many of the other mobile marketing launches out there.
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    it's a brilliant course to be honest. i got the training and the vip upsell. Awesome content packed together.
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    I don't think it would bring any traffic to your number... would it?? Is there anyone with personal experience??
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    If Chad recommends a product that is good enough for me.
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    There was a WSO earlier last year that covered pay-per-call. If you find this one too pricey, maybe you can find that one in the WSO forum (if it is still open). I think it had pretty good reviews.
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    If you are having trouble getting someone to click on your adsense ad imagine how hard it is to get someone to pick up the phone and dial your number.
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    Originally Posted by mjzivko View Post



    All these WSO and Clickbank products are worthless. The only people making big money are the people peddling this stuff.
    I'm confused.

    Did you actually purchase the product and not like it?

    Can you go into more detail as to why you didn't like it?

    If you haven't purchased it, why are you commenting on the thread?
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    Originally Posted by Woody C View Post

    I'm confused.

    Did you actually purchase the product and not like it?

    Can you go into more detail as to why you didn't like it?

    If you haven't purchased it, why are you commenting on the thread?
    I did not buy the Mobile Money Bandit. I almost did. I have bought so many WSO offers and I finally realized what was happening to me. The way they advertise them is genious. They get me all pumped and whipping out the credit card in minutes. But the truth is no of these WSO has ever contributed to my bottom line.

    Look, some of these WSO offers are good. There is one now for auto blog commenting for $15, that would be a good benefit to some people. Its also has to do what you do with them after you buy them. Unfortunetly they always advertise them as "next big thing" and it turns out to be a let down in the end. (for me that is). And I almost bought the Auto Blog Software! LOL. The marketing is just soooo effective. But resist the temptation and take a day to think and research the product. It will save you time and money

    I beleive that the Mobile Money Bandit will give you a list of Pay Per Call campaigns that you can find for Free (look at Ringrevenue, then sign up for the companies using Ringrevenue) I also believe that MMB will tell you how to tap into Mobile PPC. Just go to Google Mobile Ads or Microsoft Ad Center. And then they will rehas the same old Google Places, website building and link building info that is readily available to all of us for free on the web (and warriorforum is a great resource)

    Correct me if Im wrong about MMB, but what are they really going to show us? Why would they risk their current success by selling the system to rest of the world. So do the math. they claim to make 145K per month using this system. The system cost $77. So if they are making abot 3K per day, they would need to sell 40 WSO a day to match that effort and warrent this HUGE risk. 40 a day is 14,600 sales a year. It just doesnt make sense why they would sell their system for so cheap if they are making so much money. How in the world could they maintain a 40 sales per day number? And how long could this program be relavent?

    The only answer could be the following:
    1. They are NOT really making 145K a month from this system
    2. The system is untested and unproven, but in theory would work
    3. Is a waste of time and money

    If you interested in Pay Per Call it is nothing different the Pay Per Click. All the same rules apply. You have to build good sites and get good traffic. If your looking for Pay Per Call clients just do a quick Google search.

    Hope this helps
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    I get what you're saying, but given that you haven't purchased the product, then you really have no business commenting on this thread, as it is for people that have actually bought the product and used it and have a USEFUL opinion.

    Look, we've all been suckered into buying worthless stuff that didn't do anything for our bottom line, I'm with you on that. It's an experience i'm sure everyone on this forum has had. If you haven't, consider yourself in the minority, and you probably haven't been around the block that long.

    And are there bad people out there selling junk to separate you from your money, unfortunately, yes. That's the world we live in. It is what it is.

    BUT, to say that EVERYONE is peddling junk without even trying the product is not only doing a disservice to the people that are interested in buying the product, but also to the product owner that created the product.

    You say that you have generated several million dollars online? Congratulations. Personally, I applaud you. I assume it wasn't easy. I do OK online (not millions), and it has been VERY hard, and VERY frustrating, but worth it.

    So i'll also make an assumption that you are a product owner in some form or another. Now let me ask you this. What if you had put your blood, sweat, and tears into a product to genuinely help people in a niche that you were targeting

    Then one day you visit a forum (about your niche) and come upon a post from a bitter poster who hasn't even purchased your product, and says this:

    "Yeah, don't even waste your time with mjzivko,'s product. It's probably rehashed junk that you could get somewhere else for free. Another B.S. product. Don't waste your money."

    How fair do you think that would be to your hard work? How would that make you feel? Do you think that's right? I hope you don't, because it's not.

    And as to your comment about it being nothing new, maybe there are people out there that have never done pay per call? I being one of them. So i have no point of reference. And if you do have PPCall experience and are doing well, then obviously this is not for you.

    And they don't only talk about free ways to make money with this, they talk about the paid ways, which is the main reason i bought the course in the first place. I'm already well versed in SEO and stuff like that so I didn't really look at that part of the course. Yes, i purchased and i will get to my review in a minute.

    But the point is that not everyone that gets on Warrior know about the different products and all the strategies to make money that come out in the marketplace, PPCall may be one of them. So they are new and looking for guidance. Could they get the information for free about PPCall form the net?

    Personally, i haven't seen any, but i'm sure if i really looked I might find something from different places on the net. But you know what? That takes time and effort and you said yourself to not waste time. I completely agree. Time is a luxury that we don't have an infinite amount of (and some less than others depending on age).

    So I'd rather buy a course and learn all in one place, than to have to scour the internet to find all the "disjointed" information where it won't be all uniform, and i'll have to put the jigsaw puzzle of information together, which will take even MORE time, and may even confuse me even more than before.

    And if i have questions about the "free" information that i find on the net (which i most definitely will), can i ask questions to the guys that put that "free" information out there? No

    And about the wasting money part, if I decided to try and teach myself in order to save on the $77, then blew through $1k trying to learn how to do this, did i really save money?
    That's why i never really understood the "Save your money and don't waste your time" argument, when, in fact, you're doing neither when you go it alone dong it the free way.

    And if the product sucks? Get a refund. They have a 60 day no questions asked refund if you aren't satisfied. So where is the risk?

    And about the selling of the course to the world for $77 (Much more if you take the upsell), you realize that he is building a list that that YOU are paying him to be on, right? And that list is another asset in his business, that will pay him for the rest of time by promoting affiliate offers. And you can't really put a price on what that is worth, given that the list will increase over time (as more people purchase the product) and monetizing that list through affiliate offers.

    It's just another revenue stream for him, mjzivko. Nothing more, nothing less. It's just a good business decision

    OK, enough of that. The review. I won't make this long as this post is already lengthy. Personally, i liked the product. As someone might have mentioned, you can do this either the paid way (my reason for purchasing) or the "free" way.

    He says he makes about $400 the free way, but I'm assuming he has virtual workers doing the work that he lays out because i imagine it takes a GARGANTUAN amount of work to get to $400 a day with the methods that he describes. Like Craigslist posting, yahoo answers posting, forum posting, email signatures, Facebook posting, etc.,

    And for the newbies who are really new, he teaches you how to not only how to sign up to the different networks, but also how to sign up to the PPCall networks WITHIN the network. A little tricky for some of them, but he shows you step by step on video.

    And the paid methods. Now PPCall works the same, IN THEORY, to regular PPC, but there are nuances, in terms of keywords that you use, and the methods on how to set the campaigns up correctly.

    He also talks about using "extensions" in your campaigns and how to do it. I would not have known about this if i didn't take the course. Would i have figured it out on my own? Probably, but not right away.

    He also gives great tips on how to get keyword lists, and ALOT of them, from different sources. Some free, some not. But they are good sources, all of them.

    But just make sure that you have a budget. Remember, this is PAID traffic. He recommends about $100 ( i believe he said). I don't agree. To do paid traffic, you'll need at least $500 plus to start, because remember, not all campaigns will be a success. And you need to pay for data in order to split-test and find what works.

    I could go on, but i don't want this to be a book. Bottom line, in MY opinion, this is a good product, and i won't be refunding this, unlike most products i get from Clickbank.
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    Hey Perswealth,

    A Great Response. I just purchased Mobile Money Bandit and the Upsell. I have some IM experience but I want to learn from someone who has had Success instead of trying to figure it out myself.

    Rock On,
    Mr Ex
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    excellent comment, that's exactly what I think, too.
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    Just watched the video this evening. Wish I could draw that good
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    Thanks for reviews guys. Might take a stab at this as it's all new to me and it'll be quite exciting to try something new out.


    James Scholes

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