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anyone ever heard of this? or tried anything like it?
I found his webinar here
Pay Per Call Marketing
this was the first I have ever heard of cost per call marketing.

I am in no way affiliated with the above offer and that is not an affiliate link.
I am just curious in finding out more on cost per call in general. If someone has experience with this product or program maybe they could let me know their thoughts and if they had success with it. I would also love to hear of any other courses you might suggest instead.

Is there any information on cost per call in the war room? I have been looking for an excuse to join
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    Pay per call is a relatively new field in IM, I have found some offers on Offermobi that pay up to $45 per call, maybe fellow warriors can add more networks. .
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    Originally Posted by arkhamindustries View Post

    anyone ever heard of this? or tried anything like it?
    I found his webinar here
    Pay Per Call Marketing
    this was the first I have ever heard of cost per call marketing.
    I went ahead and joined the program.
    For $77.00 there is a lot of good info with over 20 short videos on theory and a few gold nuggets on on Pay per Call marketing.
    I myself am a newbie to this,
    Justin does give very good insight on which networks and some offers to run.
    If you want to get the more in depth theories and concepts you must join Justins VIP membership which is slightly pricey for my taste at $197.00 for two months. But I would also add Justin does a good job of giving some free ways to get your ads out there to make some money from the beginning.
    Already started some free campaigns will see how they do.
    I am confident Justin's techniques will work if you put them into action.
    Will probably upgrade to VIP once I get some more campaigns under my belt.
    Hope this helps:p
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    It's a good course... I promoted it with success and I RARELY promote stuff to my list that is not my own. I had access to it back in November. I have very very in depth experience with paid traffic.

    So that has probably helped... I have hit over $1,000 days with his methodology. I was so impressed I have been giving away my entire Traffic Blackbook series as a bonus for it. All in all, impressive!
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    ChadH: Great to see you here from Mobile Money Bandit JV blog on facebook. Like Chad said Justin Elenburg is the real deal and his course is excellent. His support staff is great and they get back to you in a timely fashion if you have a question. This is not your typical mobile marketing course that has hit the internet in recent weeks and months. He really knows his stuff and actually practices what he teaches in his course unlike many of the other mobile marketing launches out there.
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    it's a brilliant course to be honest. i got the training and the vip upsell. Awesome content packed together.
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    I don't think it would bring any traffic to your number... would it?? Is there anyone with personal experience??
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    If Chad recommends a product that is good enough for me.
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    If you are having trouble getting someone to click on your adsense ad imagine how hard it is to get someone to pick up the phone and dial your number.
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    Originally Posted by mjzivko View Post



    All these WSO and Clickbank products are worthless. The only people making big money are the people peddling this stuff.
    I'm confused.

    Did you actually purchase the product and not like it?

    Can you go into more detail as to why you didn't like it?

    If you haven't purchased it, why are you commenting on the thread?
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    excellent comment, that's exactly what I think, too.
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    Just watched the video this evening. Wish I could draw that good
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    Thanks for reviews guys. Might take a stab at this as it's all new to me and it'll be quite exciting to try something new out.


    James Scholes
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    guys, is this applicable for non US citizen? as I heard people outside US can join those mobile ads network & PPCall networks. Is this true? because if I spend $77 + upsell & I found I can't implement due jurisdiction limitation then its worthless for me.

    Please I need solid answers not assumtion from those who never buy it
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    Wow! Very impressed with the length & depth of this program.

    I see Pay-per-Call as a viable business model for exponential growth
    in the future. Only goes to show that in a world of computers &
    automation, a real human being on the other end of the phone
    can never truly be replaced.
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    I got the course; didn't get the OTO. Learned the basics of how Justin does Pay Per Call offers through free and paid traffic. It gave me enough knowledge to try applying for some offers and run some paid traffic to them. I had one conversion, but my ROI is not positive yet. However that is to be expected whenever you are testing new traffic and new offers. I wanted to go with paid traffic because results are faster. I haven't tried the free traffic methods.

    I will vouch that the training is put together well. Easy to follow and understand. I think all of us who like running affiliate offers via paid traffic will include Pay Per Call as a permanent strategy for the future.
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    I would imagine you need a website to get approved? Is this course newbie-friendly for the person with zero affiliate marketing skills?

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    posted by Iconsult:
    Originally Posted by lconsult View Post

    First of all, Pay Per Call is completely different from the traditional Pay Per Click/CPA model. Unlike PPC/CPA, PPCall's goal is to have someone press a button on their mobile phone to contact a vendor about a particular service. Instead of having to have a sales letter, video, or other type landing page do the "selling" before one gets paid for the CPA, because of the higher conversion percentages, companies will pay simply for causing their phone to ring by genuinely qualified customers. (e.g. no incentivized calls)
    Thank you for this information. I have not used PPC nor CPA. Unfortunately they both get a lot of bad press in forums, I believe it is for 2 reasons:

    1. In the past there were a lot of scams around these methods but the companies are now making it almost impossible to "fake" it. Thank goodness - that protects not only the potential client but the marketer as well.

    2. It involves further investment. Most people don't seem to realize that if you had a traditional brick and mortar business you wouldn't hesitate a second to pay such small amounts of money to get your business started ($100 - $500) but here in IM so many people seem to be seduced by the idea that you can make money appear from thin air.

    My hesitation in PPC/PPA has been the investment - not because of the amount but whenever you invest it is best to understand what you are investing in so as to put all of the chances on your side that the investment will be profitable. I've preferred to study the free methods first to understand the system a little better.

    My question: Does this course outline all of the different elements of the paid methods sufficiently enough to be able to "place your money" correctly?

    PattyK asked: do you need a website to get approved?

    One last question: How labor intensive is this method?

    I'm very tempted to try this method because I can definitely see the merits - let me tell you why:
    Last fall I went to the States to help my daughter get settled over there (I live in France) and we had to set up EVERYTHING. So, we used a lot of those 1-800 numbers to get more information from a REAL person. We needed to ask specific questions about her unique situation that you cannot find on a website FAQ section.

    Thanks for any answers
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    I own this course, and in all honesty it's probably the best Clickbank
    product I've ever purchased. I've never seen a business model as simple
    as the PPC concept. If you're on a budget there's also free promotional
    methods included in the course.

    I highly recommend this product.
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    It concentrates on those campaigns that pay $10 or more per call or have a 3 minute or a little less.

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