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Anybody got in on this Quick Click Commissions yet?
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    It launches in a few hours live to the public so stay tuned.
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    Just watching it now. I like the fact that it opened up with what seemed to be an honest testimional. None of this "I made a million bucks in 3 seconds just by hittin' a buttion" stuff.

    It'll be interesting to see how this pans out...

    James Scholes
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    Sounds interesting, sounds too good to be true. I'm always wary of these "5 minute profits, one click" type of products. I would like to speak to somebody that has purchased this and tried it out.
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    all screen shots seem to be amazon.uk, intresting, some facebook software for adding code for clickbank and amazon
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    Just watched just now! At least the actors are getting better looking.

    Any objective review & open would be appreciated from anyone that may
    have purchased.
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    I have it. It's 2 software programs. One for clickbank products and one for amazon products.

    You give it a product name or keyword, it returns a list of products. You click one, then you click another button, insert your affiliate ID's. It gives you html code for you to copy and paste into a Facebook Note. Publish it and you drive traffic to it to make money.

    If you want more info, send me a pm as I don't check up on the posts that often.

    Proof of me having it? Sure, here's a screenshot of the download page and of the software:



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    Thanks for all the reviews guys.
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    Yeah, I was skeptical too, but I kept watching because of the pretty actress!
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    Anytime I see/hear "copy a single line of code" I close the page. The BS meter goes off instantly on most of these anyways, but always curious to at least get an idea of WHAT their BS angle is. I don't know why anyone would want to be an affiliate of crap like this either.
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    I just received an email about this from one of the big name marketers here who is always reminding you how much they "care" about you and your success.

    First, thanks to all of you who took the time to review this both directly and logically, which reinforced what I was thinking. You guys are golden.

    Secondly - big marketing "dude" - thanks for getting me to finally hit the unsubscribe button. Oh man, that feels better already...

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    Bombarded is right! The guy I was referring to sent me at least five different emails on this product in the last two days. That's on top of the ones from everybody else.

    With the big emphasis on a quick buck these days, through another IM related email promo, I came across this Seth Godin commentary on Short-term capitalism. Fairly short and to the point.
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    I swear, this won't make you money.
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    I bought quick click commissions and really like it.

    been trying to make money online for a few years now and have finally found
    something that seems to work.

    it's not much, but i already made $20 in commissions. maybe that's not a lot
    for some people but I'm happy.
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    I TOFTT and got this questionable piece of software. Yep all it does is make a piece of code with your Amazon affiliate code embedded and you past it into a note in Facebook and it is supposed to be indexed higher in Google however the 3 notes i have done over the last few days have NOT even been indexed yet. This will be short lived once Facebook see's this spamming the search engines. Just my 2 cents
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    Well, guess I'm one of those suckers born every minute. I will look it over an see if I can fathom the mysteries of marketing and how not to get ripped off in the process.
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    Thanks to everyone for your honest thoughts. The term, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is' comes to mind. I was interested 'just to see'. But I'm glad I didn't.

    Thanks again.
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    I love how the good old boy from Texas in the 2nd testimonial logs in to his Amazon account and shows his commissions in pounds instead of dollars.

    He must have relocated or using a proxy. lol

    Wait - the other 3 amazon affiliates who have thick american accents must all live in the UK too! lmao!
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    I think the main problem is that many big marketers are promoting this to us!

    it makes me so angwwwyyyy

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