Hyperpress Site Builder by Bill McRea

Profile picture of the author musiclyons by musiclyons Posted: 01/26/2012
Anyone buy this product? What are your thoughts? I am thinking about purchasing it, but it is a little pricey. I look forward to everyone's reviews.
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    I think it might be valid I know Bill McRea is well known name and I believe he is credible.
    If I was going to spend $1000 bucks I would maybe go for this it does have a money back guarantee. He is not a fly by night guy so I think if it's not for you that you will get your money back no problem. This is just my opinion I have not tried the software just trying to help out on what I know about him.
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    issues I have are:

    1) domain costs (you need to build a lot of sites - you need a minimum 100 sites)
    2) Adsense account may get banned (these basically are made for adsense sites)
    3) Site Ranking (I am not sure if interlinking sites, rss feeds, pingback are enough to rank)
    4) ongoing hosting and API costs

    He offers a 30 days money back guarantee. You can check it out but can never really test the program. Even if you build 100 sites in 30 days, you can't really see any results that fast? We are talking about SEO afterall. If you ask for your money back, you are still out the domain fees which is around $1,000?

    Anyone agree or disagree?
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    I look interesting and I want more reviews.
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    I purchased Bill McCrea's Massive Passive Profits last year. I swore after that product that I would never purchase anything from Bill McCrea ever again.
    To be honest, I was so pissed off with that product that, even a year later, when I saw your question, I felt compelled to come back here and warn you. MPP was that bad.

    Here is the WF thread about Massive Passive Profits.
    Massive Passive Profits

    My advice: Run away and don't look back!
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    @Dailybread , Thank you for your view.

    If anyone want to try 30 day before that you can refund, there is a payment plan as below.

    Special Payments | HyperPress

    Three payments at $397 each and total $1191.
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    Hi Everyone,


    I bought Hyperpress and now my Adsense account has been deactivated by Google


    The lack of support by Hyperpress on this issue was outstanding -
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    Good Advice,
    I wish I had taken heed of it in the first place
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    Chronic IM

    Why don't you research more about it and try if you can get any further reviews about it from the ones who already purchased it. Try if you can see more testimonies and info on this product then try it. I hope that helped your question.

    Best of Luck!
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    Hi there,

    I purchased MPP about 2 years ago but haven't used it for a while because of a family tragic. When I wanted to start again my passwords where gone.
    I tried to contact him, but no response so far.

    The software might me good but to get a good ranking you need the right keywords. How can you do that when the sites are changing????

    I had about 34 sites on-line and never made a dime. His reputation is good but I'm not too sure if I would buy another product from him. The forum does not work and don't expect to get a response.

    That's only my experience with this product and I might be wrong.
    All the BEST
    Dr. Udo Moss / Durban:confused:

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