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Has anyone bought/tried this $997 software? Sounds like it might work but awfully expensive. Promoted on webinar by Anik Singal.
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    I missed it. Do you have the link for the webinar replay?
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    1. URL scraper software with bells and whistles. Software make sense.

    2. Think paid traffic like PPV, CPV, media buy, social mobile, etc regarding serious traffic.

    3. Steep coaching price in today's world of info accessibility.

    4. Do some homework on keyword smartness and traffic generation methods.

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    The only drawback I saw to the techniques shown was that they did not discuss how much money the average traffic for the day would really cost to make a difference. The $5.00 example = 333 views at 0.015 per view in cpv. On a big site that would be gone in probably an hour or less which would be ok if the conversion was enough within those views 333 based on the PCV offer you are paid to promote. That is the key
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    What I don't understand how can all 'free' sites send free traffic to he's site???
    Also he's CTR is 0.5-32% + With the huge traffic he's cost is like $1-$2k You have to have reserve to cover that kind of traffic and payout...until you get paid.
    Very risky and need some capital also to start with, I think.
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    this software sounds like more overpriced garbage put out by crappy coders and software designers.
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    Actually this program make only problem is the $995 price tag...
    What kind of software they give for that price?
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    I'm astounded that some were charged $5 to attend a sales webinar. I saw it for free.
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    Just got off the webinar they tried pulling off as live... they had the google Valentines day logo.... its the 19th and no one responded to questions. Too boot they recorded the same last few sentences of the webinar and replayed them for about 10 minutes.....

    This seems to have truth to it, but iv seen these $997 products too many times and have been let down by them to many times....

    IF ANYONE, does take action on this, please let us know what you find and if it works/worth it.
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    Looks like a scam. Very disappointed in Anik with this.
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    No thanks.
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    If the main function of the software is to get a bunch of keywords and then pick up the URLs for the first two pages of results, aren't there are lot of cheaper tools around that might do this already, just without the training and the hype? Maybe programs like listed in this warrior forum post
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    I am posting a thread in the "Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum" in a few minutes and calling it "So Does anyone know what this big announcement is tomorrow at noon". So drop on by. You might have got the email about this from Anik today. I think we should stick to the Mass Traffic X topic in here instead of Anik comments, or the mods might get pied off.
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    hey guys..

    Just my 2 cents - I am also attending Anik's training and yes i did see this masstrafficx webinar.. To me the concept was good.. i mean i had no idea that we could actually rip urls fr pages of google and use them to get traffic to our site using cpv.. so for me the idea was good but of course after researching online further, the price of 997 (even with 3 payments) was crazy

    as for the idea, i have started off with some cpa offers and it's ok.. i have been seeing conversions at a rate of up to 3% (approx) but the only this is we need to have stanby cash to pay for the cpv services and wait till our cpa earnings reach.. i use directcpv and set my budget to 3.00 per day with max bid of 0.015 per view. I scrape urls fr google , bing using a free software - Free URL Scraper Script (for CPV targets and display placements)

    It may not be fancy or anything but it does the job.. )

    For scraping youtube videos i use this

    CPVDen Tools - YouTube Scraper

    Just a small reminder guys... No tool or software or anything out there that works miracles right away.. we should be aware of merketing hype by now.. similarly, with this concept, it takes a while before we know which cpa offer to promote on which sites before we can start making big buck..

    Hope this was useful to u guys.. cheers..

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    Thank you stormyweather for pointing out that this already exists, the only thing he offers of value is you can use his exact campaigns hope that helps someone save $1000 dollars.
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    I signed up. Immediately got a refund afterwards. Broken links, same old videos from previous product, and literally ZERO value for money. Unsubscribing from Anik permanently for now.
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    Unsubscribed from Anik long time ago .... and lot's of other "gurus" that promote crap products. Too many to name
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    Its an ok product but no where near the price being charged, plus the support is non existant almost.
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    So only one actual review from an actual customer? I appreciate all of your opinions, but shouldn't this thread be about the software and its value rather than complaining about the price without actually having played with it? Tons of programs cost a lot of money (SeNuke X anyone?). That doesn't necessarily mean that it is crap.

    Yes, you can easily use ScrapeBox to do the URL scraping in the same amount of time for $920 less ($77 total for the math challenged). But I think the real problem is that they did not structure the webinar very well.

    They showed a manual method that can easily be duplicated with cheap tools and then said "buy our stuff!" Most people don't understand that you also need specific knowledge about a few key things to make PPV work for you.

    Do you know how to iFrame an offer so that it looks like the ·Best Buy gift card he showed? Would you know how to redesign a landing page so that it converts better, still gives you credit and is accepted by the CPA network?

    That's the part that they glossed over in my opinion. They made some hints about the software being able to do those things but never showed it in action. They tried to make the whole method seem "SO SIMPLE ANYONE CAN DO IT" in order to get people excited instead of positioning it as a complete system to justify the price tag.

    I am not an affiliate, nor did I purchase the software. But then, I know how to do those key things. Over the years, I've also bought the tools that will help automate the process to some extent.

    For those of you talking about needing "deep pockets" to make this work, that is pretty much the reality of 99% of the CPA game. Net30 will kill you if you don't have a strong budget. The good news is that many networks will re-negotiate payment terms with people that produce $10k+/month.

    Paid traffic costs money ladies and gentlemen. Money for ads, money for tools, money for outsourcing, OR YOUR TIME (which you need to start thinking of as money if you ever want to make it in this game)...

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