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This is a new product by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker, the creators of Commission Black Ops which was a pretty good program. Does anyone have a review for Commission Killer?
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    watched a bit of the sales video. the guy slams paid actors and fake screenshots and then proceeds to show screenshot "proof" of earnings which look just as as suspect as the fake screenshots.

    there is NO magic button in internet marketing.
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    Chuckles is spot on. What astonishes me is how endless these launches
    are, like clockwork, every Sunday to Tuesday, as dependable as sunrise.
    They were called 'The Ghosts', he calls it 'The Bridge', trying to make
    it sound all covert and subterfuge.

    Unfortunately, judging a book by it's cover goes far in the IM world
    Either way out of morbid curiosity, like to see a review. Even the most
    useless programs sometimes have a kernel of value.
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    No reviews yet? Surprising considering how many emails I've been
    bombarded with.
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    I bought this about 10 hours ago and have been having a good look at it.

    I'll be honest, at first I thought it was just a tweaked version of Craig K's last product (which is "ok" btw), but it's actualy way better. As ever the sales page is way over the top but if you forget that the product looks pretty cool to say the least. From what i can see in the tutorial videos it's a auto WP blog creator with some very cool features. It's got a built in SEO optimizer ("it's not google" in the sales video" LOL) which I think looks like it "could" work.

    The best thing about this so far is that it seems to populate your pages with high converting recurring builing ads - this is a very clever tool tbh...

    I had some trouble activating it too but did get a response within 15 minutes and they since added a video so on the whole I'm a happy bunny - it's definately worth checking out but it aint gonna make you a million overnight...

    I give it a 7 out of 10 so far.
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    Was looking at purchasing this, anyone else have any feedback for it?
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    Here's how you could get $10 off the price... leave the sales page after watching the video, then there's a leave or stay option window, choose to stay, you'll be prompted with another sales video, again click refresh or X on your browser, again click the stay button and walla! you'll be sent to the discount page

    I'm not sure whether it'll worth the investment...will be waiting feedback from others.
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    I have fallen victim to stuff like this FAR too many times. Drawing from psychology, it plays on the feeling that EVERYONE has that someone else out there has it far easier than they do; that there is something which they are missing that a select few are getting and their lives are so much easier. When you start tapping into people's fears like that to get them to take action, I call that playing dirty. He says he doesn't care about the money, but I call BS.

    Whenever I see something like this, I ALWAYS check the Warrior forum (ok, almost always), seeing how there is a lot of skepticism, I'm in good company. If you want something that WILL change your life and has ACTUAL PROOF (not PhotoShopped clickbank screenshots), check out Tristan Bull's coaching or Alex Jeffrey's coaching. Alex's program (which I bought along with the OTO) looks AMAZING so far. There is a literal TON of information that he's just giving away for $27 *2 (original coaching +IM Mastermind Newsletter).

    I'd rather spend $564 on something from two guys that I KNOW will absolutely take me to at least $100k this year than risk a tenth of that on something which will, with 99.99999% certainty, not. There is no such thing as a free lunch, never has been, and never will be.

    Just my $0.02

    God Bless!
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    nice thread squating... this thread's about commission killer not what you're posting about...

    anyway I found a site (not mine) with videos of the plugin and all that...

    seems interesting thought the images have nothing to do with the content...
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    Thx. Great review.
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    Great review. Do you used the system?
    Do I need to install wp with the system or can be used on already installed?

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    How you ended up with that domain/keyword?
    Used they kw software?

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    Never know, could actually be an easy button
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    Thank you so very much for your patient replies. I'm still kinda on the fence but it certainly is reasonable. Might as well give it a try. You have been very helpful--please keep us posted. You say you've done 4 already? Is it too early for results?
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    appreciate your review. Let me know the traffic part. I think you have to go for it.

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    The theme used in this software is one I created/customized personally. Because I offer PLR to my "blogs", and I say you can "sell the theme", they "incorporated it" with their software which I don't specifically say you can/can't do. I definitely don't say you CAN include in software as I own copyright to work involved in customizing the theme IMO. However, it is a customized WooTheme which WooTheme themes come with GPL but, that's WooTheme's licensing terms, not mine.

    Look at my sig, you'll see the blogs I create and sell as WSOs. The current version of the theme is much more robust than the version they use in the software. The version they use is an older version. They may have customized it though, not sure.

    I guess I should be "flattered" they're using my theme though, right?

    I was discussing with someone on skype, known to work with guys who run Clickbank launches, about using my blogs to create a Clickbank product VERY similar to Commission Killer (from what I can tell) but I never heard back. Now, there's this product and it's using my theme. Hmmm.

    Anyway, live and learn.
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    oops, looks like my sig links aren't showing - to me anyway
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    Hi all! I am using this software and it is amaizing!

    is really simple to use and it delivers great looking websites. the clickbank Ads looks awesome... i would never do that nice myself lol..

    the other awesome thing this have is the internal spinner... so you get articles scraped from Search Engines first.. and then it make it original. and also it have an AutoPost from the articles the softare scraped...what better?

    the only bad thing, i dont know if i could fix this on the software(i can on the wordpress admin area)

    the images that post for the article are not close to related... its like the soft post an article about "xbox 360 console" and the image that post along with it, is a football game pic(???) for example...

    so the product itself is awesome ... it just the sales page that look like scam

    This is one of the few products i wont ask for a refund

    that my honest review !
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    Images don't relate because they're random and do you know where those images are pulled? Are they on their server? Pulled from Google images? The fact they don't relate should tell you something right there.

    Be CAREFUL as you can get into serious trouble and pay big fines if you don't have the right to use these images. "Newbies" often have no clue about image licenses but that doesn't mean you still can't get sued or pay big fines because "I didn't know" won't cut it.
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    I've been debating returning this. I've messed around with it for a little over a week with a bunch of tech support requests and hacks to get it to work the way the programmer intended.

    Here's what I like and don't like about it...


    1. Nice site designs -- Great work promo_guy! LOL
    2. "Mostly" automated (explained below)
    3. Does automatic research to find CB affiliate products to sell
    4. Puts ads on site automatically and embeds your CB hoplink
    5. Pulls articles from different places that you select
    6. Posts however many articles you want
    7. Inserts related YouTube videos it finds by the keywords you select


    1. Using it with the optional (separately purchased) "" spinner seems to jam it. It crashes most of the time during the spinning process, so I'd have to manually spin them using the desktop version of "TheBestSpinner" software, then either post the article manually, or save to a PLR folder on my computer and upload all the spun articles at once (has an import option).

    2. It inserts weird numeric keyword tags like 02, 06, 09, that I have to manually remove.

    3. It does not work with HostMonster. Only HostGator, so I had to get an account there. I set up a domain name with the word Forex in it and got a call from them basically questioning me in an annoyed tone what I was planning to do with the domain as they don't allow Forex software to run on HostGator. Fair enough, but pretty surprising as I've hosted hundreds of domains at HostMonster and never once got questioned on anything. HostGator's cPanel isn't nearly as nice. HostMonster's done a great job customizing it where it's easy to use with more shortcuts such as for installing WordPress blogs. So, I prefer HostMonster and have been with them 12 years. Sorry, didn't mean to make this into a HostMonster commercial. I just LOVE THEM as a host compared with the many others I've tried throughout the years.

    4. Their keyword research tool didn't run. Came up with an error message. Others reported this too. But, they said there was an update to this. Haven't downloaded it yet, so hopefully they fixed it.

    5. Like others have mentioned, weird random images inserted in each blog post. They may be copyrighted and they definitely make it look like a spam site.

    6. Had site up for a week. URL itself got indexed by Google in a day, but trying to find the keyword phrase the domain name was made up of showed it didn't rank. I went all the way to page 20 in Google results. No results for "What is Forex Robot" or "What is a Forex Robot" even though domain had those words in it and all articles were geared towards those words. Other, less-related sites came up though. My sense is Google might know the articles are spun somehow and won't give it the time of day, or maybe the site's just too new yet. I don't know.

    7. I was concerned Google would not only ban this site because it's a "spam site" until I ad my own original content to it... but also ban other domains I own, because from what a leading SEO trainer once told me, they know all the domains you have because of some relationship they have with INTERNIC I believe it was (don't quote me on that, though... might have been Network Solutions). Maybe I'm sounding paranoid there, but this guy is a top-notch, long-time SEO master who helped program the first search engine for the military.

    8. Customer service provided "cut and paste" answers to my inquiries a couple of times that failed to address the issue I posted to their help desk. Kinda like they didn't even read my support requests.

    9. It feels like they probably won't update the software to fix the spinner, keyword tags and 1 or 2 other glitches I found. Maybe they will, but response was not affirmative that they would when I asked them. And, almost 2 weeks later, those issues remain.

    10. This software feels like it is probably just their "throwaway" low-cost front-end product to get as many people in the door to upsell them to the $1,000 "Non-stop Commissions" software they've been HAMMERING me daily with emails on. I feel used, lol.

    11. It does not cloak the Clickbank hoplinks as it says it does. I think it cloaks the text ads but the banner ones don't get cloaked so you have to do that manually.

    12. If I select to include the original author's bio box then the software ONLY includes that and fails to post the actual article.

    13. The blocks of ads only showed on the homepage with the article blurbs, not on the actual full article pages. I believe only 1 ad showed up on the article pages.


    Not sure if I'm keeping it or not. I probably will. It will make it easy for me to throw up quick blog sites for my local marketing clients if I decide to do that. If I do that, then one site will pay for the software.

    There are good and not-so-good things about it. Some may truly find it worth their investment. Others not so much. It is not going to make you a thousand dollars a day overnight, so don't believe the hype. But, it's an interesting bot. Maybe consider it if you can deal with a few glitches and have use for a fast, automatic blog building software.

    Oh, one more thing, if your ads aren't showing, check to see if you have something like Adblock Plus running in Firefox. Someone mentioned their header wasn't showing. I had this issue, too, but then figured out it was being blocked.
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    I am using it too, I found that as soon as I loaded the articles then I just did a bulk tag change and the weird numbers went away. The cloaking thing works sometimes (glitch). They need to add other plugins into the package like ping optimzer and sticky post to keep your own review or whatever at the top of the page. I do not see anywhere to put my best spinner api credentials into. It is still better for a newbie then nothing I think, especially the article adding for content.

    I use both seperate domains and sub-domians for each clickbank product.
    Main for micro niche and sub for clickbank affiliate products and I am making sure that all the related products links are grouped on the right for internal links and additional sales.

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