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I think WebFire is the best internet marketing tool ever created and I really love this web-based tool.

Before using WebFire I was jumping from one website to another and using some software to research keywords, see competition and finding some good search terms to target and write about. Then after writing the blog post I will go through other websites and software to bookmark, and build links to my new post.

And I could succeed generating some fast traffic to my new post but after 3 or more days it's over. mainly because I was working on another content and another search term. (it was a bad idea)

now with WebFire, I spend less time on researching keywords, niches and competition and I could find really better keywords and niches. And after creating my content I keep working on Webfire to create fast traffic to my new posts.

WebFire help me not only to create fast traffic, and sales, but also it build good strong traffic channels that keep driving traffic to my post even when I move on to my next post. and they were honest to claim getting Google first page using their tool for low and medium competition search terms.

The price is a joke, honestly

The video creator worth more than their $49 membership, The same vedio software is sold online for $97 by (EC) and for $147 by (VEq) (I cannot share the names)

Also the commenting platform that allow you to find related blog posts and post comments to get high quality backlinks is a unique tool that worth a lot more than their fee and I think you cannot find a similar tool online.

So my recommendation to you is to test it and try for yourself.

I know that one of the team who created this software is a member here, so Just want to send him a thank you.
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    how does software work? what are features? can it help with my offline clients?


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    Hey Thomas,

    It's actually a bunch of software tools (all web based) -- over 20 of them and growing. Basically they help get you free traffic, higher rankings, more leads, and more exposure.

    But in a nutshell, we have tools to help find recent forum threads and blog posts in your market, article spinners and an article submitter focusing on the top article sites instead of a bunch of crap ones, a video maker, an article to video maker, a video submitter, several keyword tools (a fancy one that does a big analysis of tons of keywords in any market and spits out the best ones, a local keyword tool to get local keywords, a buyer keyword tool, a review keyword tool, etc.), several SEO tools (analyze your site, change tags, etc.), a few domain tools (keyword domain match finder where it looks up related keywords and checks for matches, as well as an expired domain finder that looks for ranked sites with expired names), a way to piggyback off already ranked sites with lots of traffic, and a ton more (and more coming too).

    So yeah, it can definitely help with offline clients. We have many clients using this for their own businesses and services.

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    Originally Posted by briankoz View Post

    ...It's actually a bunch of software tools (all web based) -- over 20 of them and growing. Basically they help get you free traffic, higher rankings, more leads, and more exposure.
    Simply put..it's an affordable TIME saver for most IM folks (both newbies and oldbies..lol).
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    Hey Brian,
    is there any backlinking tool in WebFire?
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    queen777, there are actually quite a few backlinking tools inside of WebFire (as well as tons of other tools). For instance, there's one tool that gets leads of all the new forum threads, blog posts, etc. in your market that you can leave a post or comment on. Then there's another tool that looks for sites that are already ranked on page 1 that you can leave a post or comment on.

    Then of course there's the article and video makers and submitters, as well as a quite a few other tools that are very beneficial when it comes to getting rankings, more traffic, etc..

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    Hi Brian,

    is there a warrior special for the software?
    Also, I'd love it if you choose which google to search from (ie .com.au)
    And to search for .com.au domains

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    The Video Firestorm tool does not work correctly. I've gotten very little to no response from their Support Department (Ticket: #FYA-996-25537). I wasted my weekend trying to get it to work. They claim to give you a refund within 60 days. Well, it's been less than a week since I started my subscription. I submitted a new Support Ticket demanding a refund. Let's see if they respond quicker to that.
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    Hey buzz, thanks for your post.

    I'm sorry that you were having an issue with one of our over 22 tools. I actually checked the video tool on my end and it was working fine for me (and we've had tons of uploads from our clients today that have worked from our records), but I'd be happy to look into your issue personally as there could be any number of potential browser settings or potential mistakes that could have happened that we can easily help resolve for you. If you could e-mail me either the video file or text that you were trying to use to brian@webfire.com, I'd be happy to personally look into it or have one of the programmers as well do so.

    I also checked into your ticket and you indeed were replied to within one day on all your tickets like we aim for with all our clients and one of our support staff was asking you a couple questions so they could look into your case more to see if it was a simple user error or something one of our tech guys could quickly address.

    I also had them go ahead and refund your $49 already, but would still be happy to personally help you if you want to give it a try (and would still like to know more details so we can look into it). And you can certainly go use other video submitters out there that will cost more than double what all of WebFire costs (not just for our video tool which is one of over 22 tools as we do a lot more than just submitting tools) and don't have all the features.

    I look forward to your e-mail to help resolve this for you.

    UPDATE: Buzz later sent me the video file to look at, and we found the issue right away -- the file size was too big. So to fix it, we just adapted our code a little to accept larger file sizes and change it if needed. Easy fix.

    - Brian
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    Andrew, you must have been reading our minds.

    We actually coded in a couple changes to allow that before you even posted that. We're testing it out internally before making it live, but very soon you'll be able to see local results from anywhere you want as well as check on a variety of other domain names with our domain name tools (there's already a ton of other domain types you can check on but we're adding more in within the next few days or so). So effectively every feature you asked for is either done or will be done shortly.

    As for a WSO, we already have a special deal with the current pricing going on where it'd honestly be hard to go too much lower with all the high costs on our end (not only does it cost a small fortune to maintain it coding wise -- we have several full time local programmers -- but there's a ton of technology costs and deals we have in place to do what it does), but if we did roll out a WSO in the future, it probably wouldn't be for a discount but for some other kind of bonus which we'd be happy to retroactively extend to our current Warrior members.

    - Brian
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    I just wanted to update this thread and let others know that Brian responded to me privately and professionally and that my refund was processed.

    In my response to Brian I mentioned that I bought WebFire with the primary purpose of using its video submission tools as it seemed like a good/inexpensive alternative to the $99+ for a service like Traffic Geyser. I'm sure that the other 21 tools work fine, but those were secondary to me. Having to wait (3) three days to try to submit (1) one video to (3) sites (YouTube, DailyMotion and Blip.TV) made me very frustrated and it obviously showed in my previous post.

    Maybe down the line I'l try WebFire again, but at least I know now that it isn't primarily a video distribution service but a comprehensive tool for doing many different things.

    keep movin'

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    Buzz, as I mentioned in the e-mail, normally the video submitter goes out every 10 minutes so it's very quick to get your videos out. If you e-mail me the original file (not something up on YouTube) for the video, I'd be happy to take a look so we can test it out to see if there's some issue or simple setting missed.

    And as any of our WebFire members can vouch for, on the rare occasion that there's an issue anyone experiences, we try to resolve it fast as long as we have enough info to troubleshoot it.

    UPDATE: Buzz later sent me the video file to look at, and we found the issue right away -- the file size was too big. So to fix it, we just adapted our code a little to accept larger file sizes and change it if needed. Easy fix.

    As for your other comment, you shouldn't view WebFire as a video distribution service, as our focus is on tons of tools to get you free traffic, better rankings, more leads, and more free exposure through any legit, white hat means out there. But we definitely do have tools in the video area like the ability to easily create videos, submit them, etc..

    We purposely only submit to the top video sites instead of dozens of other video sites because we find that it gets us and our clients better results. It wouldn't be too hard for us to submit to a lot more, but especially after the panda update, Google is coming down on sites that have unnatural links and unnaturally mentioned all over. We've seen this even with just videos too.

    If you show up on a bunch of crap article directories or video sites, it can hurt you a lot more, but it can help you a lot to just be on the main ones. That's why we do what we do. At the end of the day, we want to get results for our clients from our tools so we focus on the results rather than on the number of sites to submit to.

    - Brian
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    :confused: In your salesletter you indicate that after only 7 minutes your software will give exposure to my site in Googles and that after 24 hours it will be getting traffic. Even for a newbie.

    Did I understand that correctly?

    Isn't that an over hyped offer?



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    Does webfire build links using social media sites or sites like Pixelpipe or Ping.fm? Does webfire automatically set up accounts on the sites that are used?

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    Here's a video pn youtube that describes what Webfire does. WebFire Members Area Software In Action:

  • Profile picture of the author Antonios

    Can this program be used for other languages besides English?

    For example: Spanish?



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    Antonios, the sales video actually shows one of the ways to get instant exposure from page 1 incredibly fast in minutes. Other methods to actually rank can still get done fairly quickly.

    Several of the tools can work great in other languages as well.

    Bashworth, WebFire has tons of different tools that do all sorts of things from getting instant exposure, finding you relevant places to get backlinks and traffic find, lots of keyword tools, video tools, article tools, domain tools, lead tools, site analysis, site submission tools, etc.. It's far more than a way to build backlinks (although we certainly have tools to help there).

    If you have specific questions, you can feel free to e-mail me at brian@webfire.com, but I would suggest watching the whole sales video first and checking out the site as it gives a lot of details there too.

    We're also always constantly updating things, adding new tools (a few more are right around the corner), etc. so it changes all the time. We have a decent size coding team dedicated to this.

    - Brian
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    Looks like the lowest price now for Webfire has been increased to $500.00 for 12 months (not the $349 mentioned in the video above).... and get this, if you go for the mothly payment it comes out to $1,200.00 per year. Geez...No Thanks ;(

    Even though it would be nice having all the tools together like this, for that price I'll just stick to my individual software tools that do the exact same tasks with one payment and lifetime updates. And yes, the tools I have are from very well established marketers also who follow through on constant software updates even though they charge low one off payments.

    Just search the warrior forum people
  • Profile picture of the author briankoz
    Gary, jeez, that's quite the statement from someone who apparently doesn't know what WebFire is all about, the discount links / prices mentioned in other review threads even on the Warrior Forum on it, etc..

    It can range from $29 to $49 / month which is an absolute steal considering everything that it does. The raw cost just to get a lot of the stuff that we have and maintain it is well over $20,000 / month (no joke).

    And with well over 20 tools inside it, it's physically impossible to find individual tools that do everything WebFire does because several of them only exist inside of WebFire. But if you're not a member, you probably wouldn't know that. It takes well over an hour just to do a quick demo of half the tools, let alone the entire thing. And even in the above video, there's new and different stuff since that too.

    So again, if you check all the reviews of WebFire, you'll see everyone from newbies to experienced marketers praising it because not only does it have new stuff not seen anywhere else, but it has every other possible traffic, ranking, SEO, lead, and exposure tool you'd possibly need. Some of the tools cost an absolute fortune to do the deals that we have in place, while others involve manual work that we do included in the price (like press and news release reviewing before submitting them to top places out there -- the only way to get the kind of exposure at the places we do).

    There's a reason why we have so many success stories, and it was incredibly difficult for us to work this all out to offer it at such a low price considering everything it does, the constant work going into it, constant updates, new tools, all the ongoing training, etc..

    - Brian
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    Hey Brian,

    I was a beta tester a while (last year) back but cancelled due to not being able to get anything to work. I was interested in getting back in there but I'm in that twice shy mode. Any major know issues at the moment?
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    Fred, there shouldn't be any issues. The beta period, which was several months back, was just that -- a beta period -- where even though then it worked for 98% of people perfectly, there were 2% that had weird browser or computer issues that we wouldn't have been aware of without having tons of people in to test it.

    The team was pretty quick of discovering issues and fixing them in usually a day or less from that, so you should be good to go. If ever you do run into any issues, you just e-mail the support, tell them what's up, and they usually have anything fixed up in a day or two tops. But again, we rarely run into anyone having problems now that it's out of beta.


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