Dot Com Secrets Local Review

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Im sure many if you have seen the webinar. Sound all good to me except for a few things which i'm currently unsure of and so ive sent them some questions.

Has anyone used this system and can you comment?

There is another thread here on it.

But please lets try keep the reviews here. Cheers.
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    Hi still wondering if anyone has used this or knows someone who has?

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    I think you could probably do this on your own as you look like you've been around long enough to have a firm understanding of the services you'd be providing, meaning you could probably do a pretty good job sourcing the services to mark up and sell to your clients.

    What interests you about it?
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    hi guys
    i do alot of outsourcing, my pick is odesk so far. i love controling my employees with feedback. NEVER......NEVER.....NEVER.....WORK OFF ODESK TO SAVE MONEY. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. A AMERICAN GUY LIVING IN THE PHILLIPINES DID HALF THE JOB ABD DISAPPEARED. so, never leave odesk adn pay odesk fee.....feedbacy is their life nad they will always do good work..
    i am with dotcomsecrets now, my 4th coach.....not confusing....just enough info...
    i was with chris farrel, too much info
    nicheprofitclassroom.......way too organization.....
    online coahes: got scammed by johnmoney (cpa coach). stay away from him. he is a crook.
    good luck
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    Are you in yet ? There's an OTO of $1997. Just wondering what they are? Do not want to be caught with any surprises once we've paid
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      Listened to the webinar, he certainly likes the sound of his own voice and blowing his own trumpet. Verbal diarrhea springs to mind, he took about an hour and a half to cover what could be presented in 10 mins.

      Wouldn't it be great if all these so called gurus could just cut to the chase and give the price right off the bat. That's an hour and a half i'll never get back.
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    i did not like it at all. He is starting to sell low end products.
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