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Any opinions on that? in my opinion this is just another one of that scams..anyone purchased it?
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    I too am very curious on this one. I have been struggling to build my list to a point where I can start some real ad swaps. If anyone gets in on this please post a review. I'm going to give it a try and will post review soon. I'm very skeptic as well, but if it can get me a list going, I'm hoping I can leverage it into something I can build from. Any thoughts?
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    The 33% refund rate is your answer. Plus, they sales video never showed you an opt-in list.
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    I signed up this weekend. 4 optins by now. No opens of follow-up email. I will give it a month :-)
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    Yeah, I signed up the first day it came out. So far I have 14 subscribers and 8 squeezepages. I will say that it was very easy to setup, only takes about 10-30 minutes depending on whether or not you have accounts already. The instructions are very thorough and newbie friendly. I'd imagine the people who refunded were people who were looking to make some fast cash and as we all know building an email list takes time. It's true they didn't show an optin list and I too wonder about that, but I'm going to go ahead and put my trust in this system. Today at 9:00 pm there is a members-only webinar that aims to answer questions being asked like how long it will take to get a large email list. So I'm looking forward to that.
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    sounds interesting, please let us know the results!
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    7 subsribers. 1 opened my follow up email & subscribed to my "real" squeeze page of my offer
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    this sounds interesting, just signed up, lets hope it works!, if not well, we can always request a refund...
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    Ok, here is an update, 13 Squeeze Pages Created for me so far, 5 subscribers, no sales, added some follow ups emails, I can see 2 unsubscribed lol. Lets see if I'm lucky and it starts to work...

    There were 2 workshops in the members area, some good information in there, at least for me, (i'm new to email marketing).

    The 3rd one was actually a fishy one, was reading about it on some blogs, it was actually a webinar with a guy showing his "cool system" to make tons of money (yeah sure) saying 20 times it was live and that he never shared it with nobody, and that this was his first webinar (but still people already wrote about it a month ago, lol) and by the end of the webinar he says he will sell only 10 copies for 997$ each or something... I also read people complaining about it and never getting their money back... So well, I don't know, it just doesn't feel right...
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    yep that is the one... I mean, come on, they could at least be honest not telling you all the crap of, this is a live webinar, this is my first webinar, etc
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    the jury's out
    we'll keep our eyeballs on this one
    I hope it works.. I like auto pilot
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    If you opt out the first time, it comes to a page where the content is listed in writing. If you opt out yet again, you get a, It´s free! There´s no stopping you now!
    If you add you e-mail in the opt-in, the next page you get to says this:

    Grab the Sonic System Now & I'll Throw In Your
    Very Own DEDICATED ACCOUNT Manager...
    This Upgrade costs $297 but I want you to have it right now because I want to insure you reach your goals quickly.
    PLUS, I'll even top that by giving you an additional 30% OFF The Sonic System just for you!
    Get SONIC Now for Just $27
    AND get your very own...
    DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER (That's a $297 value you can't pass up!).

    I haven´t tried this yet, since I´m a bit sceptical about it and the refund-rate. Has anyone had any longer experience with this?
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    Did this as a total newbie (not even a working website). Just bought the basics without the multiplier upgrade nor the autoresponder sequence. Made a big mistake as I was thinking it was kind of hokey and didn't think much of it so I didn't follow through.

    My mistake was in not really following it through as I eventually received around 260 sign ups. Since I didn't pursue they were all wasted and have no idea of what I could have done with them had I believed and been ready to market them.

    It does take time for it to get rolling. I got 1 to 2 per day to start then around 3 to 5 after a month, the next month it kept increasing with a handful of 20 to 40 per day results. All the blame is on me.

    I'm actually thinking about signing up again and going with the multiplier and AR message sequences.

    Not sure what the current prices are or if it has changed since March. Hope that helps some of you. Do recommend you have a plan in place to begin your marketing efforts with the sign ups you get. Do this ahead of time before they start rolling in.

    Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Best of luck.

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    Want to hear a really sad story that updates my previous post. It's really too embarrassing to post but thought you should have the full truth.

    You probably won't believe this but it turns out the actual number of subscribers accumulated during my trial was 15,250 per GetResponse. Can't think of anything except how painful it is to realize that I threw all that away.

    GetResponse kept sending out emails (which I ignored) saying I had exceeded my 250 limit. They give you the chance to upgrade and unlock those over 250 for 90 days before being permanently deleted (well its way past that now).

    Sad but true.

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    Well, I've had Sonic List Builder for a month now and it's produced nothing. The system has performed as promised. They have set up three monetized domains - which have produced nothing, a list of more than 2000 has been acquired and is growing daily, and a good group of nurturing and follow up emails has been uploaded to the list. So on the surface, everything looks terrific.

    But if you'll look at the squeeze pages they use to get opt-ins, you'll see immediately that they're deceptive; luring subscribers by implying that they'll be looking at a work at home job offer.

    Since this isn't the case, the open rates suck! I've never worked a list with such lousy open rates. So very few clicks and no conversions.

    To me,this was five hundred bucks thrown into the trash can.

    Even though the system does what it says it will.
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    agree, i used it for 59 days and I got my money back from Click Bank, i built a list of 600 subscribers , not a single sales, interesting part is that names are so alphabetic follow each other that you wonder if the list is real people, my suggestion will be, do not waste your time with this.
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    I was also a part of Sonic List Builder. I stopped after my list was at 2500. I have been able to make some sales through this list. I do keep in tough with them and only market to this list when I have something I feel would benefit them. Basically the list is a make money online group, at least it is for me. I should have stayed with them longer to add another 2500 to this list but I didn't. There needs to be more activity with this list in order to progress further only after having a couple of operations I'm only starting to get back into the swing of things.
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    Originally Posted by chaoslinker007 View Post

    Any opinions on that? in my opinion this is just another one of that scams..anyone purchased it?
    I bought SLB. Five hundred bucks into the trash can. They do what they say they will: tie you to the major social networks, set up three "monetized" websites, generate a list that will average around a thousand a month for a year - to more than 12,000 names.

    So, the links were established, the 3 subdomains were set up on Hostgator (I had to buy Hostgator), and the mailing list was set up on Get Response (I had to buy Get Response) and the list was commenced.

    I received a steady increase in list names. My list from them stands at over 2,000 after roughly two months and it's growing daily. That's good, right?

    But the open rate sucks. My broadcasts average about 2% opens when I'm accustomed to about 13% opens. I checked a little deeper and found that the squeeze pages they're using to collect the names are deceptive. They imply a job offer.

    The "monetized" sites haven't produced a dime. In my view, Sonic List Builder is worthless
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