Anyone heard of payday automation

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This has some stupid loooong boring sales video that I could not possibly watch so I came and searched here for it but it's not listed anywhere here so it may be fairly new.

I hope I don't get in big trouble. The video says this is 100% confidential information and I can't share it with anyone.

How stupid are people to fall for this stuff.

Anyway if you know what this is all about how about letting the rest of us know. There is not one word in the video on what this thing is about.

If you have tried it plese give the community a review.

PayDay Automation
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    There was a post on it awhile ago and I seem to think then that the person selling it was someone else
    The one I got today was Phillip Mutrie.
    I seem to remember the product was free you just had to pay for it to use his server because it was top secret and he had his life threatened by the "Gurus" if he told everyone about this
    I seem to also recall there was some doubt about the testimonials as well
    something to do with who they said they were and where they came from
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    Did anyone make any money yet using this software?? How long did it take to make money with it???
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    It looks like this involves MY CREATIVE SITE, if I have that correct.

    That's the "free" website that you have to spend about $50 on...

    The rest is a mystery to me.

    I just remember My Creative Site, costing that much, possibly more.
    If anyone knows any different, pls post...

    I can't help but think, if it's all the sales vid claims, people would be posting their success - and of course the product would no longer be available!
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    So basically, it just gives you backlinks? I can see how that would help a site, but everything else is still unclear to me. Why is it called Payday automation? Is it REALLY free? Or is this one of those things where down the line, you get an email that says: "Oh, by the way..."

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