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I got access to this system a few weeks ago, but my problem was that the graphs weren't easy to read. Has anybody had any success using MyBinaryCode?
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    Its one of those things that sounds too good to be true? Curious if anyone makes a deposit at one of the brokers and actually gives this a try...
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    The real money he makes is from people signing up for the binary trading brokerage accounts. The vendor gets like a $150 per sign-up. I know this because I am an affiliate at Global Options. Its a smart way to get CPA commissions for the sign-ups.
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    Guys, this is something nice to continue on discussing here. Of course, those sites dealing with trading will have an affiliate program and promoters will make money if we sign up under their ref links but this thing (which is so common by the way in our internet marketing industry) should not deter us to find more information and maybe later risk some money.
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    I was intrigued with My Binary Code too. I really thought of trying because it seems really profitable. Imagine earning $500 in one hour working from the comfort of your own home. That's a lot of money of course.. Thanks for the reviews guys. This is why I love this forum, I always get the right information at all times.
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    I also came across Binary Potions and jumped on WF to see what people have to say. stockette this sounds like you now what you are doing I would love to keep updated on how you go
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    Definitely not as easy as it is purported to be. Funnily enough global options don't provide a demo even if you deposit because they reckon it's easy enough to get into it, unlike normal forex apparently. I see not much difference other than the capped losses and winnings.

    I really think this was an exercise in the author getting people to sign up via his affiliate link to the reccomended brokers.

    For the record I also tried this out on a demo account with GFTUK and I'm faring no better than when I tried out "real" forex a few years ago. I will not try this with real money.
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    I opened a demo account yesterday with they give you $25.000 to play with,you don't have to deposit any of your own money. I also had no idea what I was doing but somehow managed to make about $2000 over the day. I just placed the up or down according to the graphs FrankieLee talks about. I placed about 10 orders some for quite a few "sizes"
    The interface is quite complicated and I have no idea when the options are sold or bought as I am in AU in a completely different time zone. Somehow I manged to win a few that paid out well. But I have no idea what I am doing!

    And I agree with James, the binaryoptions website is just a way for them to sign up as an affiliate, the rest of the links on the page don't even work!
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    i have been an affiliate for many years in binary options. LOTS of stuff to watch out for. Spreads, slow payouts, kiss your money good bye if you do bonuses. Also bbinary is not based in NYC that is a po box you can buy for $50 a month at trump tower.
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    I read the posts here and it does make me shudder! I trade forex and this sort of market is not something you can go into and without any experience do well. 50:50 is no good, you need at least 60:40 (win:lose) and even then in my books that is marginal.

    The reason I say "I shudder" is that the focus and discipline required to be a good trader is massive. Emotion has to be kept outside.

    If you want to trade options, someone who I have learnt to trust has an offer available and I can tell you you will be very well looked after. I am not an affiliate and I am not into options - forex is my game.
    Go and look at this WSO:

    Oz is a good man, very experienced in this area and a helpful son-of-a-gun.


    Mike F-D
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    Not sure if any of you know Steve, but he states unequivocally that
    binary options trading is a scam, both form a trading & affiliates

    I Quit Binary Options - YouTube (to mods: this is not my video)

    Buyer beware!
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    Thanks everyone for all the information. I have been getting so many emails about mybinarycode and after watching the simplicity of the program as advertized, it looks pretty easy to earn money out of it but when I saw this thread, I feel that it is not my cup of tea.
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    They will not accept an account with less than $500.00. This is a real program and is from the "scalp trading" used by currency traders. You should totally try it. It's safe I guess. Why did you asked? Are you planning to use this system?

    More power.
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    I have made $800 in profit using the binary code method since march. It is fairly easy to set-up and trade but I use eztrader which allows you to start trading with only $100. The video can be found here:

    There is a more detailed training video in video description and a link to start trading with only $100 with eztrader.
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    The whole concept of My Binary Code is quite straight forward. As suggested in the sales page, it is about making money from trading. Now, to be honest this concept is not new. But what got me joining this program was the fact the creator of this program guarantee that you WILL make money. Now, this is a very big claim – as we know, nothing can be 100% sure. Especially in this tough economical times. How can he be so sure? I invested $100 for trading.
    On my first day of trading I made $231, so I was very excited. Considering the fact that I must admit I was kind of skeptical of the whole thing, thinking it would be left to pure chance to whether I profited or not. But after learning the strategy by My Binary Code had allowed me to have some confidence when trading. The broker that looked after me is easy to deal with and explain things in simple terms.
    On my second day of trading, I made $342…. How good is that? Remember, I started with $100, so that’s a profit of more than $400 in just two days! My third day I made the lowest profit of $128 – but nevertheless a profit, so I wasn’t complaining. And I have continued to make a profit to this date…
    So does My Binary Code works? YES, from my one week experience.. and believe it will continue to work.
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    my account is now $13000 if you inquires skype me at tommmi88,please mention warrirorforum will add you in
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    I have an account with Banc De Binary and you can sign up for an account with less than $500 but you cannot withdraw until you have deposited a total of $500. I put $200 into my account and raised it to about $700 within a few weeks but couldnt withdraw as i hadnt met the deposit limit but once that was done it was simple to put it into my account with a bank transfer. The money made in this is purely for signups as someone here as already mentioned there is a hefty commission per sign up because 97% of people are expected to lose it all so its an easy $350 profit per sign up for Banc De Binary. No scam here just stick with currencies and you'll be fine just do your research on trending for the preceeding week or so to give you an idea as to where its heading by the close of play that day. The weekend options for middle east stocks are very volatile throughout the day and usually end up not far from where they started the day. Good luck to anyone who does this, i think it was one of the most exciting yet nerve racking things ive done to make money.

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