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Hey Warrior Fam,

Hubpages sucks (even though they place well in the serp). I did a little test on them. I go and write a 879 word article for them, embed 3 of their amazon affiliate links via their amazon capsules into the article and they accept/approve of the article. Even one of the women who worked for them congratulated me on having done a great hub at the bottom of the hub comments section!

So anyways at this point, the article now has 4-5 of their affiliate links and their google adsense on the top, right-hand side, and at the bottom of it. Now later on I come back and switch only 2 of the amazon affiliate links so that I will earn the commissions and the next day they take my hub down claiming that it had the following issue with it:

Unrelated Links or Products
Deceptive Tags, Title, or Category
This Hub needs to be revised before it can be published.

Note that this was after it had already been aproved and I had been thanked by one of them for providing great, informal content.

The problem? Well it's obvious that they are hypocrites! They're basically doing the old saying of "Do as I say & not as I do!". I can clearly see their dirty little marketing strategy. They want writers to provide valuable, unique content to their site so that it can place well in the SERP's and they make their money by placing their ads to your content, BUT! and yes I mean a BIG BUT!, they don't want to reward or give any credit to their writers in return for providing the valuable content to their site! Now tell me that isn't some shady SHEE-ITT?

Wow this is starting to turn into an article of "How/Why Hubpages Sucks!". lol So the other thing that I did was wrote to them and made it clear to them that I acknowledge the fact that this isn't fair or ethical. I told them that I will bash them by creating videos/blogs all over the internet if they don't put my hard work back on their site and keep things fair.

The moral to the story is that 90% of the time you get rejected by hubpages when you try to link out to your own site and get credit and therefore you should stay away from them. I think that it's actually better to go with Squidoo at this point.

*NOTE* To the Warrior Mods. You can go ahead and remove this thread if you feel that it's a violation and you are affiliate with hubpages, but quite honestly, this is freedom of speech, not to mention my honest review of hubpages, and reality of what they did to me...
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    LOL... clearly trying to piggy back on Warriorforum's PR and authority to rank for "hubpage review - hubpage scam"

    You just forgot to put the affiliate link
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    I have found Hubpages to really "fussy" - but I guess it is all about them building a site with quality content rather than things just knocked together quickly (so they are down graded by google - as happened to Squidoo). If I felt the link juice and benefit from Hub Pages was worth it - then I would put more effort into my Hubpages.
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    Originally Posted by MarketingAce View Post

    *NOTE* To the Warrior Mods. You can go ahead and remove this thread if you feel that it's a violation and you are affiliate with hubpages, but quite honestly, this is freedom of speech, not to mention my honest review of hubpages, and reality of what they did to me...
    Oh, just stop already with the "free speech" angle. You are on a privately owned forum. "Free speech" does not apply.

    And HubPages are not NOFOLLOW if you are doing it right.

    Oh, also - have you read their TOS regarding affiliate links?
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    Hubpages are just a bunch of narcissistic, asinine hacks who collectively couldn't write a children's color-in book!

    And the circus clown that heads this bunch of retarded jungle monkeys is an arrogant liar who claims he's got some chummy relationship with Google engineers...... what a crock!

    After been totally screwed over on the Panda update on the site I asked for some specific answers. All I got from the ass clowns that are Hubpage admin was one word answers such as bad, unsuitable, unacceptable. The colossal morons can't even string two words together!

    Hubpage admin are about as helpful as an eighty year old hooker at a tea party!

    After politely and respectfully expressing my disgust to the incompetence and unprofessional ism, the hacks pull my account and gave some bullshit non-consequential reason.

    Since then I created another account and had that pulled and after a few emails requesting the reason they said my last account was 'bad'!

    Keep in mind both accounts sat on 92-94, so they must have been bad right?

    These second grade morons will cut their own nose off to spite their face, in short they don't give two shits about any of their writers on the site and in fact they treat the best writers that actually have the gumption to stand up for themselves with utter contempt because we make them look like kindergarten rejects!

    I suggest we create a Hubpages Sucks site and register users to LOIC their dumb assess!

    I totally agree with you Ace, never had a problem with Squidoo and that says a lot. Hubpages is a COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME
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    I have to agree with almost every comment on here. Hubpages does suck, I went from getting close to 200 views per day on their site to 10 a day. Not only that I am getting my top ranked hubs pulled down to nothing other then the same low quality, tags are deceptive (even though I cannot even find a section for tags anymore), title does not make sense even though it tells exactly what the article is covering!

    To top it off I published a new hub and like your experience had one staff member comment on how good it was. Then it started out performing another favored "hub" and it got yanked down right away and was told the same line of crap. Changed some items around it passed their editorial review and was published. Two hours later and a hundred visitors later it was pulled down again for the same reason after their own editors had just approved it.

    I am just glad to see it is not only my account that is being harassed in this manner!
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