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Does anyone have any information on this product? I see lots of reviews for it on youtube and listed in the search results obviously to try to sell it, but I don't see any valid reviews on it. Seems like there was something here on it (as it came up in the search listings with warrior forum next to it), but I could not find it. Thanks.
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    I noticed this site last night and the sales copy is pretty bold...
    interested in some reviews here
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    Dear Warriors:

    Just a note of caution, when I went to purchase "One Minute Commissions" the payment processor displayed was "Click Sure" not "Clickbank".

    This immediately raised a red flag for me. Also, if one of the upsells is a backlinking system at USD 195 this also concerns me given recent Google trends and the rise of social signals.

    Overall, the claims made here are fanciful. However to be sure some one should try it out. I just won't do it with Click Sure as the payment processor.

    Best wishes to all,
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    I purchased and created a video using the one minute commissions software. It generates a video with background music and creates an affiliate link using tinyurl. When using a video image url be sure it is no wider than 200 x 200. I initially used one that was 300 x 250 and software couldn't generate video. A copy of the video can be seen here:

    Overall, software seems to work but the income claims are definitely outrageous. Video quality as you can see from above video leaves a lot to be desired. If you are a newbie to youtube videos or are afraid to be in front of a camera, this could work for you. There is an amazon product video creator bonus software which I have yet to use. Once I get a video up with a product, I will post it here as well.

    edit: 1st video was deleted because of another raunchy "booty poppin" video i had placed on same channel. It had nothing to do with One Minute Commissions software. Those who know youtube know that only 1 video can terminate your entire youtube channel.

    edit: I posted a second live video above using One Minute Commission software
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    There is a video on youtube which describes how software works. One Minute Commissions Members Area Software In Action:

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    Have a quick look at the affiliate page here One Minute Commissions and you will get an idea of the flavour, motivation of this product. T G 2 B T in my book.
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    I reviewed the product fully, including the up sells. I would say if your new to YouTube marketing, or looking to get into it, then give this a try. I was more than happy with the training inside the members area.

    I think this type of system is perfect for newbies, or people just getting started as it costs nothing to set-up. I got started with something similar to this, and I can confirm it works, and I still use the same system with a twist today. YouTube has excellent traffic when targeted correctly.

    Obviously, you won't be making the type of income shown in the videos, I believe at one point they made something like over 90k$ in 3 days? Yeah right. However when using the up sells, the system is more advanced, so you will make more than just with the basic system alone.

    To see my full review, including members area tour use the link below (Not affiliate link)
    One Minute Commissions Review
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    Thanks for all the replies. This definitely gives me a better idea of what this does and what it is about.
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    Dont look at all at this product! I got it today for free and it was a complete piece of JUNK! Their training doesnt have any substance at all, (they teach you how to create a Youtube account for ex.), and there software is crappy as well.
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    I have purchased the product to see what is indeed capable off. Based on reviews, the whole concept is good though there is room for improvement on the videos and the presentation for the product as a whole.

    I am looking at my purchase positively as the tutorials are sufficient even for the basic product. I have not bought any of the upgrades yet as I would like to take it a step at the time. When I did contact them, they said that you can start earning with just the initial purchase even without the upgrades. When i do get substantial results, I would then contemplate on getting those upgrades.

    As for now, the best way for me to find if indeed this product can produce results is if I give a bit of an effort into using the product. At this stage, I would like to be more of an optimist as I can see some promise with their system.

    Will keep you updated on how things would go.
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    If you notice from the video, the Clickbank sales started coming in on January 23, 2012. Guess what else happened on January 23, 2012? A product launch for one of their other products called "Quick Click Commissions", which apparently made it to number one on CB with a gravity over 600. In other words, the junk they're peddling now had nothing to do with the sales in the video, they were generated by affiliates promoting this January launch. Talk about fraud, lies, and deception. That's probably why this product isn't on Clickbank.

    But don't take my word for it, do you own research. You can start here: One Minute Commissions

    After you've verified that I'm correct, the next thing I hope you'll do is scroll down on that page, take a look at all those confirmed promoters, and then unsubscribe from their lists if you're on any of them and they actually promoted this misleading garbage to you. And then, if you have a little spare time, send a note to the FTC letting them know what Mr. Auton has been up to.
    If this is true, I'm not surprised... Stuff like this happens all the time.

    James Scholes
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    I found it to be quite nice ..

    I did 4 campaigns for amazon products.. after 4 days they got to page #1, and yesterday I made my first sale for $27.89

    So I am happy about it
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    I bought one minute commissions out of curiosity... it works pretty good.

    I like that you don't need be technical to use it.

    I got a few videos onto page 2 of google in just a few days...if I get any more
    results, I will let you know.
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    Thank you to all my fellow Warriors who have participated in this thread. So One Minute Commission can work, and can earn you money. Regardless, I'm not impressed with this product. It looks & feels amateurish and spammy to me. imo, the sales video is deceptive with their claims, and even if the figures of earned commissions are true, it appears they were made predominantly through affiliate sales. As it seems every major IMer [and their mother :-)] are promoting this! Disheartening that so many marketers show such disregard towards their trusted subscribers. Think I will pass on offering this to my own lists.

    Thanks again everyone...the Warrior Forum is a Godsend!
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    Thanks to Eric for the thorough review. That is good that those of you who purchased are getting some results -- definitely not the type of success they are suggesting in their sales video, though.
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    Thanks guys for your feed back on the one minute commission system. I see it in my inbox from a trusted warrior and since it wasn't a WSO I had to check it out on the forum first before I pull the trigger. Thanx again guys for all your feedback.
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    This is just another reason why we as sane marketers need to speak up. I got this in my email with a curiosity headline. I watched and was appalled at the "blind copy" video they were hawking. I immediately Googled " product name + warrior forum" and landed here.

    It seems like so many good-hearted folks are suspending rational thinking in light of financial pressures to buy products like this. That video never tells one real feature of the product--although it is heavy-laden with benefits that assault the pain triggers of desperate buyers.

    Thanks Eric for "taking one for the team" and thoroughly reviewing this product.

    Looks like someone can take that $46 and
    1. Get a pro version month of Animoto (its against TOS to use the free version for sales)
    2. Find a product they like
    3. Get pictures or video and use screenr or screen o matic (both free) to record video of the highlights of the video
    4. Make a 1-3 min video and post on YouTube wth a link to the bonus page
    5. Send traffic to a landing page with a 3-5 page free report about the product as your bonus (and to not violate TOS of YouTube) and you will build a list in the process
    6. Use to mask the affiliate link and send them to that page. Place the link on the landing page and in the report.

    I am not saying this will work, just re-interpreting what this product claims to do using a legit way.

    Thanks again everyone and I am very thankful for Warriors on here doing the right thing and letting folks know about the possible dangers of Internet marketing.
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    OK, maybe this system works but they should have explained in the beginning it's a black hat method. The lady in the video is probably just an actress but she is cute! (lol).
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    Hey...what da ya know...I just purchased the product to try it out and I got a sale in just 3 days. It may not be the amount they promised but I'm looking forward to more sales in the coming days...
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    The idea from this product is good , but the execution is poor and if you use this, your account will be closed ( as the example in the fifth post prove), using one image as a video alone will not do the trick. I also had quite success with promoting products on youtube, but you have do some work, setting up a nice video that gives some BENEFITs from the product, or a little educational video on how to use it. Nothing hard pushing, since it's mostly educational videos that convert best on youtube. Of course if you have a bit of technical skills a squeeze page to an autoresponder wil work best on the long run, since it will build you a business asset instead of just sales, but if you are lazy, just hide your links behind a redirect like - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL or or if you already have a blog use the pretty link plugin to hide your redirects in a pretty way. At this moment Youtube is a very easy way to get traffic if you put some efforts in it, and if you have the chance your video can become viral also!
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    Wow,my first sale with the program! Wasn't expecting anything from this but, what the heck...a sale is a sale and I'll take it.

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