Traffik-Buster... Any reviews or advice please?

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I need some help please?

I got sent this offer (yeah I know I get a lot too ) for "unlimited traffic" but for once it seems pretty real and I am very tempted...

It seems to do Twitter, FB and Pinterest all in one.

The video the guy shows seems very realistic for a change and they get like 10,000 seemingly real visitors clicking through per hour (vid is here: Traffik Buster) and I could really use that kind of traffic just now...

The problem though is the price. I am very tempted but it isn't cheap...

Does anyone have it or have tried it that can vouch for it before I buy?

Does it really generate that quality and quantity of traffic?

Any ideas how to monetize it would be welcome too!

I'd appreciate a straight answer please as cash is sooo tight just now.

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    Unlimited Traffic, but is it targetted? Is it real? Is it profitable?

    Note: You shouldn't really consider buying, if you dont know how monetize.

    Save your money build a list.
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    Classic example.....You are desperate, grasping at straws and are wondering if it works. YES it works, BUT it only works for the guy selling it. Step back and use common sense.
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    Sheesh u guys give the girl a break!

    I think you are correct TR it does look quite interesting and different.

    Theres a mbg and it's Paypal so you know what I am gonna buy it and fly it for 7 days and then I'll let u know ok?

    PM me for some outta da box ideas if you like?
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    Thanks I appreciate the offer
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    The price on this software is 500bux and no its not targeted. The software make 3 accounts and tweets 120 time then makes 3 new accounts and tweets 120 time and continues on and on and on. If software was a lot cheaper i would say go for it but at the price no way is it worth it.
    Twitter cracking down on software like this and it be a shame to spend 500bux on software that may not work in a month.
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    If you guys want to get more information about this powerful siftware you guys can check it out on our Official WSO thread here
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    OP - No, the traffic it generates is not targeted, but it is real traffic. I used to do something similar to what their software does, only I did it manually, which of course meant my traffic volume was much smaller than they report, but then again, automated vs. manual, and automated will usually win in a big way.

    Now, having said all of that - You really don't need targeted traffic to make money online.

    When I first heard about this software and read their page (plus based on my experience of doing this sort of traffic generation manually) the first thing I thought of was that I could basically attach adfly to this and it would in fact create some income.

    You could also try some content locking using trending types of offers... No idea if it would work or not, but I know that if I bought this software, those are the first 2 things I would try. (well, you could slap up some adsense pages as well too I guess)

    I think the big thing to keep in mind that most people tend to miss is that any traffic is good traffic as long as it is real people and not bots.

    I have made a ton of money over the years with so called trash traffic and cpa... The trick is in testing long enough to figure out what it is that converts the traffic you are getting.
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    Thank you so much for the "enlightenment" ! I will buy it this week and let you know what my details are. I appreciate your help a lot.
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    @SEOEnlightenment PM'd You
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    Great software and very fast updates!

    I will write a full review on Traffic-Buster very shortly as I already made over $300 with it

    Thanks to SEO Enlightenment for the help!
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    Wow, is it really that good? is it difficult to monetize the traffic? Trustedreviewer it would be great to read a complete review to decide if i should go for it!
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    Anybody care to comment? Why did this thread become so silent the past 2 weeks?
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    Did you made over $300 with that tool?

    I think Twitter have new filters now.
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    Hey guys-

    I bought Traffic Buster around 3 months ago. The traffic is from Twitter and is not targeted so how can anyone make any money with it? We'll here's how.

    After you buy it you get access to a private forum. The ONLY way you will make money with this is if you buy a second piece of software (sold by someone else). This software is very blackhat and costs an additional $650. If you don't buy this you will not make any money with Traffic buster. But he doesn't tell you this until after you buy. So now you've spent $500 for TB and $650 for other= $1150.

    I did buy the second software for $650 and used it with TB. I did make some money with it but not much. You have to keep using different subdomains because Twitter keeps banning your domain. I followed every direction given in that forum but after about an hour or so, the subdomain would get banned. Then i had to set up another one.

    I could only make about $2-$3 per day with TB. But only if i kept buying new domains but that wasn't really working. I ended up spending a huge amount of time to make a couple dollars per day. There are still people in the forum who say they still make $400-$700 per month with adsense but no matter what i did i just couldn't get that level of traffic. And i did follow all the video instructions.

    So in my opinion, i think TB used to work really good in the past. But there are just way too many people spamming twitter with this software now so you're not going to get much traffic.

    Can you use TB with Clickbank? NO
    Can you use TB with Amazon? NO
    Can you use TB with Adsense? Yes, but only with 2nd product

    On the other hand, i found a different way to make money with that other $650 software. So far averaging $20 per day in adsense but it can be scaled up. So not a complete loss.

    So i would not buy TB if i were you.
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    I almost had my credit card out for this, but I'm glad I didn't get seduced into the possibily of making huge amounts of money with this, as I don't think it will last because Twitter is clamping down on bots and this kind of account generation activity. I read that even HB II doesn't work anymore because of the api changes. I was interested in it for Adsense, but TheAdsenseguy answered my question on that. Gonna give this a miss
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    Guys instead of trying to short cut your way to making quick and easy money why not try and build a sustainable long term business. This is plain and simply a Twitter Spamming tool which provides no value to either Twitter as a whole or you and your business. The fact that the domains keep getting banned further proves this point, although it really shouldn't need that as proof, the whole idea is pathetic IMO.

    BTW by trying to game Twitter you are actually wasting a lot of time and money and there's no guarantee of anything even in the very short term at the end of it. Instead why not think about where your strengths lie, i.e. article writing, product creation etc. and focus on building that up.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Ended up as a scam. Domain expired.

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