Commission Junction Users - do they pay or scam you?

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Hi! I guess the subject/thread title says it all, but I'm basically curious if you've had any positive and/or negative experiences to share?

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    They pay me OK for commission on sales. I've had no problems with CJ. (to date)
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    When you make your link there is a pop up where you put in your affiliate ID...check to see that the affiliate ID is in the link you made.
    For is the CB product Top Secret Fat Loss Secret....

    <a href="http:/AFFILIATE ID" target="_top">Fat Loss</a>
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    If you go into the reporting section it will tell you how many "clicks" you have received. Just copy and paste the code a few times into your browser and make sure they clicks are showing up. The reporting can be a bit behind though. If you copy the aff link correctly you shouldn't have any problems, although testing is always a good thing.
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    part of that code they give you includes your affiliate info..

    I do some stuff with CJ, and here's my gripe:

    It seems you are at the mercy of the vendor, who can approve/disapprove your sales/leads. They can decide that none of your leads/sales were 'good', and simply cancel them - which means no check from CJ.

    I had one vendor who took several months to approve sales! I sent something to one of my lists, and it took MONTHS to start seeing them reported and having some money trickle in. The vendor took many months AFTER people purchased to 'approve' them and credit me!

    BTW - I'd be carefull of promoting any webhosting.. most of them only pay you if the customer signs up and pays for 1 full year of hosting.. but since most people sign up for monthly, the affiliate get's nothing.
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    Been using Commission Junction for years and have never had a problem in terms of getting credit for sales, leads, etc.. and have always been paid on time via eletronic deposit.

    My only gripe is that if you have alot of different sites using many of the different merchants that CJ offers it can be a pain to moniter the advertisers that constantly get deactivated or reactivated.

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    I have been testing split testing 2 competing companies on CJ.. this is for leads/CPA, and the user experience between the 2 is pretty much the same.

    So far, one has a conversion rate over 44% for me and makes me some money every day.

    the other one?? zero.

    something fishy with that second vendor
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    I am not sure if more people buy from my site then I get paid from CJ but I am their affiliate since last 6 years and I always get some kind of commission from them.
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    I agree that much trust is required on the part of the affiliate with the CJ setup. But that is pretty much the case with all the CPA stuff. If we really knew how many sales we lose, we'd probably all be ready to storm the palace doors.
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    I have been using commission junction for about 2 years now and I've never had any issues with them regarding getting my credit for my sales or leads. They've always paid me on time into my online account, although when joined initially they only offered payment by cheque. Frequently however, many advertisers may be deactivated or reactivated on a continual basis, so this can somtimes cause some problems when monitoring your merchant sources. Overall though, I'm very happy with them!
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    According to me CJ is the best affiliate providers.. can see affilite in all category.. payment taking time but no scarm.. I got a check on 160$ recently...
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    CJ scam me about a few years ago.

    I guess because my country has a low credibility. So, they always think I'm trying to 'fraud' their sales.

    CJ is the only one affiliate network who scam me. So bad.
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    I also had sales that never made it to my reports on CJ and I quit using them. One of the sales was one I made myself for a co-worker who didn't have computer access - I tried over and over again to contact CJ about it and never once got a response.

    There was also a report that there was some link hijacking going on that involved the company somehow. Can't remember where I saw it but if you google "CJ scams" you will probably run into it. Can't hurt to do that anyway - see if there are a lot of others with problems, too.
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    I joined CJ not so long ago,maybe less then a month. So far i have a lot of hits but no sales, so this thread turned on a red light for me. I probably should start checking them.
    Somebody know if they track clicks or unique visits?

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    We have 16 sales not commissioned by CJ. And as one of the posters said earlier, these 16 sales were purchased literately in front of our eyes. By customers who came to our office, using our affiliate links including tracking from their laptops.
    We reported them to various agencies, no results so far. Isn't it about time to form a global victims group?
    Actually, we just had one small success in going after them: Manufacturer of a radar detection device (speed traps, etc.) is not selling his product through CJ anymore after he learned that we were cheated out of 5 sales on his product alone.


    Toni Schaberick
    Venice, Florida
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    There have been a few threads about CJ problems. One that I'll remember for awhile was by tommygadget titled "you don't always get what's coming". Something like that.

    Plus I was reading this thread looking for a way to confirm that your aff link is working. That is really simple with CB or with a RAP script. So far the closest anyone has come to that is mentioning that 'your aff info is in the code that they give you.' What I really want to know though is 'Is it working?'

    If there isn't some simple way I can check like seeing my paypal name come up when I click the buy button, I am just not gonna get into it.
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    I had CJ not pay me around $500 in commissions from one particular merchant. When I wrote them they told me I would have to contact the merchant directly to try and get the money. Well isnt that CJ's job and why we use them in first place?
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    Yea, I've always wondered about CJ kind of. It's made me kind of hesitant to promote through them. I made a hostgator sale that I watched in front of my own eyes and it showed up fine in my account for 45 days, which that's the amount of time they give you to finally credit the commission payable. Well as soon as day 45 hit it all of a sudden disappeared I was like what the heck? I contacted them and it was kind of a back and forth thing and finally they responded and said to contact the merchant directly so I did and I didn't get anything back forever so I decided to contact hostgator every way I could and finally I got a response back and they said this person has been a user before so that's why I didn't get credit for the sale. I told them the exact story behind the whole thing and that it was my mother who signed up for the hosting, well they were pretty much set on not giving me my commission until I told them that if that's the case then she would like a refund and we would take her hosting somewhere else and as soon as I said that they asked me for my paypal address and the commission was payed to me directly by hostgator within a few minutes lol.
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    i think clickbank and commission junction both are good affiliate providers and can be trusted upon
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    Although I am not earning much, they pay on time. I had no problems with CJ.


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