AVG or Zone Alarm?

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I am not sure if this is the proper place to post this but here goes.

I am trying to decide which is better security suite Zone Alarm or AVG?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I use Avira which I believe is better than either of those.
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    I've used the free version of AVG for years and never had an issue.
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    Kaspersky 2012 internet security.
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    AVG as an antivirus and ZoneAlarm as a Firewall works almost perfect without any problem.
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    Zone Alarm is good for Firewall. But AVG comes with both firewall and anti virus along with several other security tool. So AVG is better if you are looking for all round security for your computer.
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    Thanks angel1987
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    If you have an older computer stay away from Zonealarm.... it will slow your computer down to a slow crawl... I used them for years but had to switch to something else because of it on an older computer of mine... I also used AVG for years but found it to be too much of a memory and CPU hog and gave that up also... I use Avast on one of my computers and Commodo Internet Security on the others... both free and work great...

    Hope this helps...
    Linda =]
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    Thanks guys. I got all the info I need.

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    I recently got a virus on my pc that was the ukash virus, i was runing a full version of avg that did not remove it or stop it. Even though the software data bases were updated on a regular basis.

    I searched the internet and came across Zone Alarm antivirus and firewall free adition, I installed this and ran the pc in safe mode and did a scan, this found the virus and stoped it running and quarnteen it and i have not had a problem since.

    This free version has other fetures to. and ever since i have installed it i have had no issues with any virus or malware since.

    So i can only say from my experiance that Zone Alarm is for me. I must admit i had avg for 2 yrs before geting the virus.

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