Chad Mureta App Empire

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The product looks wonderfull
What you thinking? Who thinking to buy it? Price is alomst $2,000

Interested to buy, if someone also interested pm me,I have secret
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    Anybody know who is offering the best bonus's for this product? I know Trey Smith is offering his Mobile Game program ($995 deal)
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    I'm in just bought it
  • Profile picture of the author steitieh
    Any actual reviews ? or a first impression?

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    Trey's and this program offer a great opportunity but there is at least an additional $3000 to spend after learning the program unless you already are a great programmer.
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    Thanks Shaliam, that the kind of info one needs to know ahead of time. Do they mention that in any of the vids, I thought I heard there was more than one. I haven't watched it yet, but Paul Clifford was offering free coaching to his list purchasing from his link and that's the only way I would even consider it at that price, but another 3k is prob too steep for me.
    What's their guarantee?
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      I must say it was one of the most professional product launch sequences I have ever seen and would be surprised that they never re-release the product again like they mention(as the work/effort into creating that launch looks spendy). Like mentioned above, it is pretty safe to assume that you would need to spend another $1500+ per app for software creation & design

      Also, when I looked up Chad Mureta, he has some useful videos/info about Apps on his blog
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    I did buy it too. I would assure you that you will need at least $3K if not $5K above your initial investment in the program to develop your app(s) ... You cannot expect to get success from 1 app as a rule of thumb. You'll eventually need to have several apps developed , maintained, modified, enhanced etc to get the ball rolling in this game.

    The launch sequence is extremely professional like 1lov1 mentioned and it was well done.

    They promise to ship 7 Disks which are already available in the member's area to watch the moment you join.

    The software they have is web-based and is more of a statistic script of the app. store.

    Conclusion: is it really worth it ?

    If you know NOTHING about the app. development and publishing business AND you have an extra $7k to $10K to spend overall, then certainly it is worth it and you should join.

    If you dont have the extra cash to spend, you shouldn't join.

    My 2 cents.

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    Yeah I was looking at this too. I expected the price tag to be around $2k but wasn't altogether prepared for the extra expense of development. I'm used to plugins which are a lot cheaper to produce.

    The way they have advertised this I think there may be some rather disappointed newbies, who believe they have bought a "complete business in their pocket" only to find they need to invest another $5k minimum once inside. I think they could have been a lot more transparent about it to be honest.

    I have bookmarked Chad's blog and will have to make do with reading his book for now.

    I already have experience of working with programmers so the next logical step for me is mobile apps. Better get saving my pennies so I can get some developed
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      I would Never purchase this product! There are so many loopholes in the so called testimonials it's pathetic. Firstly...where is this APP that this 10 yr old wizz kid built? Nowhere, because he didn't build one...where's a 10 year old going to get $2K for the product and another minimum $3K to get a programmer to code it? Secondly, This Chad character builds ONE app and is suddenly the expert on app sales on iTunes? His one app doesn't come up in the 100 if you search for it on the actual iTunes appstore...the other witness with is battery saving app? What a joke...he says he's making $1.02 per sale because he's getting 100 downloads a day right? Well guess what, the app only sells for 99cents. so from his sale of this app the most he can get is maybe 70 cents because iTunes does charge a percentage...they don't pay you a higher fee for 100 downloads a day! LOL..this is hillarious. Then, go check out the app he has on iTunes...results show there aren't even enough hits or downloads to provide proper statistics! What?? LOL...There is NO real value in this product. NONE. Creating one or two apps does not a app specialist make, anymore than owning an iPhone makes you an objective C programmer. I sent three of my coder buds over to view this, they couldn't stop laughing. You are paying $2K for a product that is available for free and unless you write very good code in objective C you will need another $3K at least to get a product out there. The other question I have is the crushed right hand story. There had to be some amazing surgeons that returned that hand to 100% usability without any scarring...even the fine motor skills are perfect. Amazing! Then there's the issue of 3 different 3 different states. I actually wrote emails to the support for this product asking to see this app this kid created. They sent me a link to a very different 12 year old kid on a video on TED who actually had programmed himself (not bought a product from chad) his own App. And to a link on AppSumo for purchasing a training course on HTML5. Not sure how either of these validate the BS on their videos...Last email I got they were banning me from a site that I was never a member of...LOL...Can't have people actually asking intelligent questions and calling you on all your BS.
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    hey guys ... you don't have to spend 5k or 3 k ...

    you can get a simple app that generates 1k per month just by inversting 200$ in odesk ( this is what I did)

    then you can reinvest the money!!!!

    Just go to one of those flash game's websites and look for a simple game and try to turn it into an iphone app


    the trick is to post several job post in all major outsourcing sites ( odesk, guru, elance, freelancer, ... ) and always look at the portfolio and get them to sign an NDA + tell them that they will be part of great project)

    Also chad covers in disk 7 how to sell or buy your app business ( flip you app biz )
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    I'll update once Ive gone through everything thoroughly....
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      I also purchased, I'm hoping that the physical DVD's have more content on them than what's in the member's area. The info on outsourcing is extremely short considering this is one of the major investments we have to make to be successful in this business.

      The software has no guide yet (The dashboard says they're working on it) and just has one short video that seems to be using a previous version of the software that looks completely different.

      I'll give it a few more weeks for everything to settle and hopefully get enough information to release my first app.

      Really it's too early to judge right now.
  • Profile picture of the author williamk
    This course is worth it, I am told. Apparently this is a new type of SEO for apps and the course talks about how to use them to maximum profit as well as finding clients.
  • Profile picture of the author williamk
    This course is worth it, I am told. Apparently this is a new type of SEO for apps and the course talks about how to use them to maximum profit as well as finding clients.
  • Profile picture of the author iwillbeontop
    Here is a list of videos...

  • Profile picture of the author marcuslim
    There have been a number of app courses recently from guys like Trey Smith, John Reese and now Chad Mureta. Chad's launch is the most polished yet in terms of presentation and production value. However, after a while, you can see that these courses all cover the same ground - do your research, work out popular apps, emulate them. Then hire programmers and artists on odesk. Release app. Then tweak and test. Rinse and repeat. To be honest, Chad's book already covers most of it. What you get from this course is the software to automate the app research process.
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    Quick Disclaimer: I am a friend of Chad's and one of his top affiliates right now. Found this thread via a friend (not related to Chad nor directly involved in the launch), and just want to chip in my 2 cents.

    I first met Chad months back at a charity event through a friend who attended an event organized by Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week / 4 Hour Body bestselling author). Chad was writing his book at the time (now a #1 bestseller), and we both had a love for travel and the 4HWW lifestyle, which is how we connected.

    Here are the facts: Chad's built 46+ apps with over 35 million downloads globally combined. He sold 3 of his companies (and I know this because we actually have the same business broker- sold one of our own businesses last year).

    Earlier this year, I ended up connecting Chad to Appsumo where we co-created a course (unrelated to the current launch). During this time, I got to see for myself what goes on behind the scenes of Chad's biz. Appsumo told me that when our course was featured it was one of their bestselling courses while it was up (deal now expired and currently no longer available for purchase) and people got ALOT of value from it. I happily work with Chad because I know he knows his stuff, and I wouldn't otherwise.

    Firstly, doing iPhone apps is NOT for everyone. Most people are looking for get rich quick and magic pill solutions and this is NOT one. If you think you will just submit your million dollar idea to the App Store and get acquired for a billion bucks, you better have something that has market demand and value, or you be walking home like any other wannabe appreneur.

    Chad teaches a proven system that he himself has made millions with. One of my own members who I gave access to the Appsumo course now has his first app in the App Store already getting downloads daily and earning revenue. One of my friends was interested in iPhone apps a few months back and with Chad's help he has an app now in the top 50 in one of the App Store categories.

    I'm also soon going to be doing a private Q&A webinar with Chad for my list, and another with an appreneur friend who just broke 10M+ downloads (11 million actually). So if anyone's interested, I'll give a few of you access to the private webinar to check it out.

    Feel free to ask any questions here or PM me directly, and I'll do my best to answer. I have direct contact with Chad, so if something you guys need to know but I don't, I can ask Chad.
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    his book has more than enough information to start off your Apps biz but what he offer is more advance that can save more of your time and hold your hand on step by step process. YOu may start work following his book but u may get lost in the middle before you can figure your way.

    it like walking & driving four whell car in the desert
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    Chad's AppEmpire charges for $2000, which is composed of 3 software. The third software called Pengea Squared Chad will not give it to any buyer of Appempire right away. The buyer needs to meet some criteria, 1. The buyer must have an App submited to App Store, and this app must have at least 1000 downloads. This means if the app download is less than 1000, Chad is not going to give you that Pengea Squared software. I believe Chad is unfair in doing this to his buyers. I guess 90% of buyers will end up having their apps download time being less than 1000, so that Chad will never give this piece software to them, and this piece of software will be a pipe dream to those buyers. At the end, those buyers will be like paying $2000 for 2 pieces of software, not 3 softwares.
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    What people like Chad and John Reese have going for them is a good grasp on marketing, and this gives them an edge over so many who have no idea about marketing. From market research (do not reinvent the wheel but follow the money) to properly doing keyword SEO so people can find the app, these are the two big key take home points. The course does a good job going over exactly how Chad goes about doing this. But like any course in internet marketing, nothing will happen if you don't take action. App courses like this one seem to be the next big thing circa 2012 and beyond.
  • Profile picture of the author jeffdurso
    Is anyone looking to sell their copy of App Empire? I am looking for it and there are currently no copies listed on eBay.

    • Profile picture of the author ZaneAbden
      yes i do have a copy for sell please PM me
      Originally Posted by jeffdurso View Post

      Is anyone looking to sell their copy of App Empire? I am looking for it and there are currently no copies listed on eBay.

    • Profile picture of the author Dogbite1
      Originally Posted by jeffdurso View Post

      Is anyone looking to sell their copy of App Empire? I am looking for it and there are currently no copies listed on eBay.

      I have the whole course if you or anyone is interested, just make me an offer. Apps weren't for me.
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    Was just wondering if anybody would suggest this program (app empire) along with Pillar Apps?
    • Profile picture of the author ZaneAbden
      App empire is just a blueprint with some software tool to help you research the app market and stay up to date to what kind of App to make will still need extra budget around $1000 or more to create your first app .. you can do so by hiring people from for example

      Pillar App does not create games App ..even if it does it will be one of those junk games that look like 70th Atari games with better graphic

      Originally Posted by seomarc View Post

      Was just wondering if anybody would suggest this program (app empire) along with Pillar Apps?

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