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Would like to know if any warriors have any experience with the latest release of this website building software "fastfiresites(dot)com". I found a video on youtube that describes the software in action here:

Any reviews here will be highly appreciated.
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    I have tried to get review access, but it seems like Shawn Casey has been in hospital this week. Launch is going ahead on the 15th June so we should see some detailed reviews here tomorrow.

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    Hi Guys,

    I bought this software yesterday and have just given it a test run. It is very simple and easy to use and sure enough I had done my keyword research and created my first site very quickly.

    I chose to create a free blogger blog for my first test, but it works with Wordpress, which would be better I am sure. The thing is WP and Blogger are so simple to use anyway I don't know how much time it saves.

    I thought the software may post some auto content, but it doesn't. You do it yourself. It also doesn't cover traffic generation, unless you buy the one time offers.

    I will keep trying it out over the next week and see where it gets me, but so far feel it is most suited to newbies who would like to be walked through the site generation process.

    If you want to check out my full in-depth review of the software then feel free to check out my new blog in my signature.
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    Just to clarity a few things:

    1. Yes, setting up a wordpress and blogger blog is relatively easy without FFS if you know what you're doing, but even then, it's NOT easy to optimize everything for the search engines, which is what FFS does -- makes blog posts and sites that are SEO friendly. Doing a normal WP or Blogger setup outside of FFS won't help you all that much. So if you are experienced at SEO and blogs, you could spend hours on it by hand or have it all automatically done within minutes with FFS. If you aren't experienced at SEO and blogs, you can get a blog up within minutes with FFS that would normally take you days of research and practice ... assuming you get it right the first time.

    Then we also make adding opt-in forms, ads, etc. all easy on top of the SEO stuff.

    2. Yes, there are 3 upsells, but none of them are needed to use FFS -- they just can complement each other well. This is also a marketing forum so you guys should also use upsells in your own offer -- kind of silly that it would be an issue as long as they weren't needed to use the product.

    And some of your pricing descriptions are actually wrong above, but no worries -- nothing is needed other than FFS, but some can help with FFS or other non-FFS sites that you have. As for Traffic Zombie, we give an actual live demo of the tool to you in the upsell so you can see exactly how it works (and it's not just Twitter -- it's Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, etc. -- anything). A test is super easy to do -- takes seconds -- and if you don't want to promote it on Twitter, don't -- have a link show up on any site or blog even if it's only for a few seconds to see how it works.

    We just did a training webinar yesterday and got a ton of positive feedback from everyone. If you missed it, the training webinar is available now in the members area -- tons of useful info in there for you.

    - Brian
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    My favorite part of the sales page is how it says you can become a beta tester and you'll receive the Fast Fire Sites software for free. Of course, when you enter your information in it immediately takes you to a Clickbank Payment Page to pay $47 for the pleasure of becoming a beta tester.
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    Jabro, watch the video and it actually explains all of that. I'm guessing that you didn't bother to do that. It's a special deal we're doing to build up more case studies and get even more feedback before we turn this into a product that we'll probably sell for a lot more in the future -- we just ask for a totally risk free $47 payment to cover our support and server usage.

    Again, just watch the video and you'll see all of that explained.

    - Brian
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    Hi Brian
    What is the total price to get the maximum benefits from your membership
    Thanks Gords
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    Hi Brian
    How are Brian
    I am new internet marketer and like the idea of your product and think it might ,what upsells would you suggest to purchase to get up and running well.
    Once I join what support system do you have and what is the link to purchase the site.
    Do you have the past webinars people can watch to gain the knowledge of your system
    Many thanks
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    I just bought the product and I can say that this is a very good thing for those who want to learn how to get free traffic in good volumes and on regular base. But you’ll have to buy another 3-4 programs in order to have a complete working system, for example, Auto Magnet Blogs to fill your website with fresh content ... Each of the blocks (steps) is provided with high-quality video,… so, the system is easy to learn.
    On results of practical application I’ll write the full reviews.
    Good luck.
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    I am posting about the programs created by the FABULOUS Anik Singal, Job Crusher, 6 Figures with Chris, Bust to Business, and the marvellous Social Speed software you emailed me about!

    Thank you so much! My cup runneth over. Just which ones I will use I have to decide, but please, please continue to keep sending.
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    How would these plugins create content any different than the other curation plugins out
    there now for images, videos, and written content ?

    I don't want to hijack your thread so I won't name them, but just wondering if I would need
    this if I already have plugins that curate for images, videos, and content ... other than that
    this sounds very interesting ...
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    BayAreaSteve, FFS isn't really an extra plugin you add to a site, so you're trying to compare apples to oranges here.

    You can add any extra plugins you want to your Fast Fire Sites, so if you want curated content from a certain plugin, you can certainly add that. Otherwise FFS by itself can do many things like that including optimizing the new sites that it can make from the get go to get best results.

    Plus it helps pick the best keywords to go after at the start too.

    So again, I think you might be confusing FFS with just a simple plugin, which it's not. It's more of a site maker that also provides the extras after that as well as the keyword research beforehand.

    - Brian
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    Rufus, FFS essentially will do the keyword research for you and optimize the site based on that (title tags, h tags, etc. -- essentially all the on page stuff). You can, if you want, add other plugins and what not to it as it can work with wordpress or blogger.

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    Rufus, no, they're a bit different with WebFire giving more stats and info. Basically ideally I think FFS is great for building highly optimized, SEO friendly sites and getting some research done ahead of time, while WF is great for getting lots of traffic, rankings, etc. even more so on top of that.

    - Brian
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    Hey Linda,

    You can promote them just like you would any other website or offer online. But to give you a jumpstart, we have built in SEO features to help them rank, built in advertising and monetization features, etc..


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