Neucopia?? Your thoughts

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Hi all,
I have been approached by a very reputable person to join her team in Neucopia. Evidentally they are in Pre-Launch and causing quite a stir.

Has anyone here heard of them??
What are your 'honest' thoughts?

They talk about 100% commissions as Empower Network do, but is it all just hype? It looks good but start up companies scare the hell out of me.

I look forward to getting some feedback.
Thanks Warriors.
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    I would pass on any of these types of businesses. I was in MLM and online MLM for years. A top recruiter...but really a major headache more than anything else.

    My advice would be to start your own business in a niche you are excited about. You will be in charge of your future...not an MLM company.

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    Neucopia is the type of affiliate program that is definitely
    not for everyone.

    The CEO is Rich Cook a young guy out of San Diego California
    area who has a very successful track record in affiliate marketing
    and is in with a group of other top affiliate marketers some of
    whom earn 7 figures a year.

    I learned more at this information site (not the corporate site, not an affiliate link):
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    Thanks for the information.

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