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Has anyone got access to this product yet?

As soon as it comes out I'll be purchasing myself a copy and posting a video review below but until then I'm just wondering whether anyone has had an experience with it already?
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    I'm getting bombarded with emails -- sure sign this is another jv notify pro launch.

    Here's the direct link: Commission Shortcut

    The video is slick, amazing actually. I know the main guy is an actor, but all these people from the street? That must have been a lot of money down the tubes if those were also actors.

    Any reviews? Its a 60-day money back guarantee, so I'm guessing it is worth loaning them the 34 dollars or whatever it is, to find out?

    Color me skeptic, sorry, but my red lights are flashing and all, with the NLP manipulations in the video that make me ... edgy
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    Red Flag #1 $100 Dollars isn't exactly common nomenclature for a bunch
    of random Brits walking through the market place. I believe they use the
    British Pound or Sterling.

    Just an observation, Actors, acting badly
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    One review copied to a couple of locations says it's a Chris Freville production? and wonders if it's being sold through Clicksure because he's been banned from Clickbank?
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    Well, I guess we will never know and I'll leave it at that. BTW it's not the the affiliate link it's - should I buy or not buy.That is why I write IM Product reviews (without affiliate links). I'm still look for the ones that live up to its claims and report on them.
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    This product hasn't actually launched yet.

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    Hey guys, I was able to purchase this product a couple of days ago. The program was fairly easy to use and at the onset, I was able to set up 8 of the done for you campaigns. After rebranding, the PDF's have indeed gone viral (Instructions are quite easy to follow in their video guides). However I have not reached the $100 as presented. . . However I was able to get almost $30+ at the onset . . .Which is a positive development for me. The product is showing potential and though I have been burned before with a number of programs out there, I am seeing potential with commission shortcut. . . and at least I'm seeing that the product is paying for itself already.
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    Another spam fest I see. You guys stick links to your blogs to get backlinks pointing to your review....How transparent can you

    The moderators should not let anyone point to their own site for a review.

    If you really wanted to help people find out if the product was good or not you would state it right here on this thread...instead of pointing the backlink to your review.

    Shame..shame..shame...on you..transparent
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    I just purchased the product yesterday but have not had time to
    set anything up yet.

    The instructions are more understandable and indeed easy to follow.
    Based on what I have gotten so far, I am optimistic about the program
    and i could say that I am seeing a silver lining with this.

    At this point, I would like to get the feel of the program and see if it can produce results,
    not the results as being advertised though as I would not want to set myself up expecting too
    much at this point. I have not purchased any up sell yet and as I would like to see if this product
    can stand with just the basic program. One thing I could say is that the product is worth a try specially with the standard 60 day guarantee. :-)

    I'll see and keep you posted in the couple of days if I can get substantial results with the program
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    Do not post links to outside reviews on your sites. If you can't write the review inside your post here, just don't bother.
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    Thank you moderator! Thanks for removing the obvious spam posts that were linking to reviews on their own sites. Good to see the moderators are keeping an eye on these spammers.

    Great job...keep up the good work.
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    Don't believe all this crap...

    Yes, maybe it is a good system and you may actually make money, but it WILL require lots of work. Definitely do not expect to make $100 today from this today... That income is all from blasting their email lists and from product launches. Open your eyes
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    I don't watch a lot these videos these days so I don't know what the latest tricks are but I gotta admit...This is a goodun'! It would definitely pull me in if I was starting out.

    Still reckon it's total BS though.

    James Scholes
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    The video is funny when you look at it form this angle...

    A millionaire walks down the streets telling people they can make easy $100 in just 15-minutes, and to FOLLOW HIM INSIDE (somewhere), so he can show them how (!!!)

    "Oh sure, where do I go? Down this alley?..."

    Another thing -- maybe the volunteers ARE genuine. But, what if... the coaches show them step by step, then, after the person leaves, they (the vendors of the program) BUY THE ITEMS themselves using the volunteer's links? So, the "profit" they made overnight, is $$ the program creators PUT THERE by buying the affiliate products themselves!


    -- TW

    PS: Why tell brits on the street that can make DOLLARS (not pounds)?
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    I have nagging the feeling, as my finger hovers over the Buy Button, that I have to be one of those suckers born every 60 seconds. This guy and the entire pitch is REALLY good. Still...
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    Commission Shortcut is about viral marketing. They will give you PDF files to customize and distribute.
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    I bought this and it looks pretty interesting. I didnt get the upsells. The basic program comes with 20 rebrandable ebooks/campaigns where you can get your clickbank and clicksure affiliate links embedded in them. The ebooks are of good quality however, with everyone rebranding the same ebooks and uploading them to the same document sharing sites I wonder how effective the campaigns will be. Nevertheless, I have uploaded ebooks to various document publishing sites and will give this 30 days to see if I can generate any commissions. I will report back if it does generate commissions.

    Edit: This is a similar concept to Chris Freville's "Limitless Commissions" he released about 6 months ago.

    Here is one of the rebranded ebooks which I uploaded to scribd:

    The Power Of Positive Thinking
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    Nice videos, but sure the product and method even if it does get some results for a while..will eventually become saturated and wont get any results. Just 15 minutes for a newbie & the next day they have $300 in a new CB account...please..Another thing. I live in the UK and can tell you noone in their right mind would ever quote dollars to a person on the street in England, so they messed up there right from the start. Also with those stats maybe the owners of this just purchased through their own links to show the CB account next day.. Im sure if we could all just do some work for 15 minutes and login to our new clickbank accounts and find $300 odd extra in there the day after this would be like a dream..But people who have purchased this hope it works out. Definitely some actors in this though. One of the better videos for IM products.

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