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Hello warriors! I just came across this plugin called Loki Link Builder that guarantees authority backlinks on auto-pilot.

I personally think it is kind of impossible. The video on the sales page does not demonstrate how exactly the plugin will do this so I am hoping to get some feedback from you guys.

Has anyone tried this plugin and does it really work? Thanks!
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    Hi mediasme,

    I also have similar question like yours.
    The plugin features seem great but I want any reviews from warriors who have used it first. Hope somebody will share..
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    Hello there!

    I just made a Loki Link Builder Review myself and published it on YouTube.

    I haven't tested results yet, but Sean Donahoe is one of the most trustworthy people I know.

    Here is my review:

    I also found another Loki Link Builder Review video on YouTube that shows you the inside of the members area and the plugin!

    I will get back to you, when I test some results
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    Just bought it. I don't quite understand what it does. I haven't had a chance to look at the videos because they are streaming and I can't access the stream during the day (I wish people would go back to doing downloadable videos or manuals .... ). But I watched a webinar from profit.fm and it looks like quite a bit of setup is involved.

    From the webinar, still don't understand exactly how it works. I do understand the basic SEO methods they are using.

    I'll be working on getting this on two of my blogs this weekend and will post thoughts after that.
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    I bought it, and I think it's pretty cool in the way that that it works, and protects your sites at the same time. But the videos listed above are from affiliates trying to make a sale, and because it's so new, there really isn't much data available yet. I've got about 100 sites that got slapped by Google in the Panda / Penguin updates. I'm in the process of installing Loki on all of them. I'll report back in this thread what happens..
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    Seems there are a few positive reviews - any negatives before I cave in a get my piece of this action.
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    Saw some walkthrough videos on the plugin and it is a waste a money.

    There powerful backlinking tactic is to link your links to Who.Is and Statistic sites.

    Ive been using those for months and only for the sole reason I even use them is to help my sites get indexed faster (and sometimes that doesnt happen).

    I have not seen any SEO benefits from using those links.

    The only good part of the plugin is it lets you import as many HelloTxt accounts as you'd like (which you can outsource) and itll submit to it.

    Overall Im not impressed, and i suggest moving on.
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    Gosh i can't believe that people are still living with the dream of getting their rankings back with this "magic plugin" that will solve all the problems in the world (or even to use the plugin on fresh sites). There are reasons why google chose to penalise these sites and frankly these kind of plugins won't help in the long run. Another thing do you think google isn't able to work out what you're doing when it can read the plugins installed on your site in a matter of seconds.
    Please keep away from this kind of junk and try and focus on building a real sustainable business. I accept i will likely be told i'm jumping to conclusions etc. but since i gave up on that junk my business keeps growing and going in the right direction. Coincidence? You decide.

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    Hi there,

    Just to add in some comments as the creator of the plugin. This is no magic bullet, but what it will do is help you build up authority the smart way. It is based on many years of testing and refinement and I put my own personal strategy into a plugin and shared it with everyone.

    Although this can create a wide range of automated backlinks and a multi-level series of link pyramids you can use it to create backlinks to your own backlinks that you have already created to increase their value. You can even feed in your RSS feeds and have this system pull in link from your article feeds, web 2.0 sites, social media and video feeds and have it create backlinks to those as well.

    The aim is to use this plugin to create your own high-authority, ever growing authority link network.

    The way it works is very simple. It creates the second level of links first, as the links above are discovered they are created on the fly. These sites have a lot of inherent value and authority and link back through a range of do follow and no follow links.

    Not only that it creates an infinite number of these growing naturally over time. This is based on many years of putting this EXACT strategy to the test and has actually been made stronger due to Penguin in our tests.

    This is just one area of authority backlinking and should be used in conjunction with other methods as we say in the training video that accompanies it.

    Thanks for the feedback and please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

    All the best

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    Joel, we are in agreement. This is not a business model. It is a tool that should be part of an overall plan for the future. One thing we always build into our SEO strategies is a level of separation. We do that by creating multiple levels of links that filter the link juice and pass it up the chain to the destination site.

    By spreading the load, creating natural looking links in a random manner then you have a level of protection not offered by many tools.

    Again, there is no magic bullet but as part of an overall SEO strategy it is very powerful. We also added a special tool called the Stealth Loki that you can deploy on remote sites not connected to your main site for those that want extra protection and to magnify the power of the tool.

    However, again, it is just a tool, a very powerful means to an end. Building up your business naturally is one thing, scale and automation is key to long term success...

    All the best

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    I bought Loki Link Builder last week and now have it installed on 2 of my sites. I don’t know about anyone else, but I detest the time I need to spend building links. I am either building them the wrong way or not nearly enough of them. I suspect the latter. The only way to get a website to rise to the first page for people to actually see it is to build links to it.

    Personally, I would much rather write articles or design my sites. Even researching keywords is a much preferred activity! And we all know that is a very time consuming occupation to do it thoroughly.

    Loki Link Builder is not, nor is it designed to be, an instant “page one getter” unless you strike it lucky, and this could safely happen so as they say, one should never say never.

    Loki Link builder is a tool designed to follow Google’s rules for long-term link building. It is easy to install and it is a very sophisticated and layered system that can be implemented in stages or all at once if you want without raising Google’s ire and getting your website sandboxed, deindexed or any other nasties.

    Personally, this is the answer to my problems with building effective back links safely and “zoo” free. The ongoing benefits will show up gradually and continue to build on themselves. Benefit on top of benefit.

    While all this is happening automatically in the background of each website it is installed on, I can get on and do other things.

    So for anyone who would like a helping-hand with the essential back linking side of website building, this is the tool I highly recommend.

    Having a website without traffic is like owning a Mercedes without Petrol/gas. It just sits there taking up space. Loki will build the necessary life force it needs to be found automatically and effortlessly.
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    Hi there,

    We did have a problem with the API activating yesterday but that has been resolved. Please try again and it should be good.

    You are right this is not an Official thread but please do let my support team know of any issues you have at ADD Marketing Group - Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software

    Just as a note, tickets are automatically closed on response. However they are reopened automatically on response from customers too.

    All the best

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    Sean, is there a forum for Loki? I have some general questions that others will have too and this is not the place for it. Your FAQ's are limited to say the very least LOL

    Can I PM a list of questions for you to incorporate in the FAQ's please?
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    Sure PM and I will see what we can do....

    All the best

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    Hi there,

    There are so many things this plugin can actually do in terms of SEO, link building and boosting other links that I am going to record a couple more videos for the training area to go into more detail in some areas so you can get the most out of it.

    For example, what are the best practices to use Stealth Loki (which you can use as many times as you want for any domain...). How to create your own massive high-value private blog network.

    The thing is that you can just keep it very simple and it works very well or you can supercharge everything and take it to the next level if you want to get your hands dirty

    I will send out an email to all customers as soon as those videos are recorded. Give me a couple of days on those...

    All the best

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    I'm a big fan of Sean, so I bought this right away. Installed it on 2 WP blogs.

    It creates the feed as advertised. If that is all you are looking for, it works great.

    However, I wanted to build link pyramids using the post by email function. They work off of cron jobs.

    I verified that the cron jobs are working. I also included one of my personal email addresses and I receive the feed every 12 hours.

    Unfortunately, the email posts to hellotxt and twittermail produce nothing. I can email them myself and they post just fine, but they do not post from the plug-in feed.

    I have placed a support ticket, but the techs keep closing it without even looking into the problem.

    I have worked with Sean for years and this is so unlike him. His customer support has always been outstanding. However, he has become very successful and grown his business incredibly. That means hiring or outsourcing and these new people don't seem to want to fix what is broken.

    Very disappointed...
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    Hi there,

    The support system automatically closes the ticket on reply. We are going to change that as it can be confusing. The tickets automatically reopen on reply.

    To answer your question you can post to HelloTxt, Your own blogs (self-hosted wordpress), wordpress.com, tumblr, blogger blogs and many other sites that accept email posting.

    You can also use Onlywire, LinksAlpha (one of my recent favorites) and get your content out there...

    Hope that helps...

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    Going to address some of these in the videos I am going to record... Will see what we can do to make sure everything is 100% crystal clear... like I say, a lot of power under the hood here and want to make sure everyone can use it at the level they want

    All the best

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    Hi there,

    This is really not a support thread per-se but let me see if I can help with a couple of suggestions;

    1. Enter your own personal email and see if it sends to you
    2. See if your wordpress is sending out notice emails (have you received them before?)
    3. Check with your host, see if they are blocking emails from your wordpress

    All the best


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