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Hey Fellow Warriors,

Have you guys come across Vick Strizheus and his new High Traffic Academy? Your opinion on this latest traffic product would be appreciated.

I've watch the 3 free videos and there's one more to come before Vick opens the doors to this product. So far I have to say the guy has this unique energy and style. He knows how to win his audience with some free strategies and the live pay proofs from some PPV companies. His ROI is over 200%.

It looks impressive but it's always great to hear different viewpoints.

Thank you
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    I watched the first 2 videos and didn´t found anything I didn´t knew before. Making a profit with paid advertising is always hard and you must be prepared to lose money. I didn´t find a magic trick in the videos that can guarantee an average 200% ROI.
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    Hey Affiliated Survivor,

    I agree videos 1 and 2 were basic, however, video 3 is impressive as it shows more advanced strategies. What do you think?
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    I'm kinda disappointed. Was looking forward to this but stopped getting emails after video 2.
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    @ Ross Petal

    Even with a 100% ROI for making a $ 1.000 you need a $1.000 to invest in traffic buying. If you want to have 250,000 visitors a week (I believe that´s what he said in the first video) you need a lot of cash.

    @ Joseph7384

    With "magic trick" I mean that it´s not easy to make a 200% ROI and not something that even experienced marketers make on average per campaign. You need a magic trick to achieve something like this.
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    Hello Fellow Warriors:

    I just finished watching Vick's Marathon Video #3 at 1.52 hours. Its rather majestic that he can off the cuff it for that long and maintain focus, energy and enthusiasm.

    I suggest you watch it if you can see yourself as an arbitrage marketer and have the wherewithal to really test the waters. What I mean is you are going to need some bones in the bank to make this work because nothing ever works out as smoothly as the mastermind behind the method makes it looks on the surface.

    Unless you are already stuck into PPV or Solo Ads let Vick march you through the basics here. You will pick up enough info nuggets in videos 1 thru 3 to give it a go on your own if your ballsy but you may blow your stash so I'm waiting for video 4 to see how affordable HTA's entry price will be.

    In considering HTA I will be thinking about how whether I will be able to set up persuasive landing pages, craft ads and adroitly manage campaigns more than how many different sources of traffic I will have at my finger tips..

    Either way you go internet marketing has it s frustrations, rubicons and disappointments.

    To me it boils down to which business model you believe you can best execute. Is it Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Rolling Your Own Product, Mobile Apps or Vick's PPC + alpha?

    I wish there was a real online marketing EQ test to really sort this out.

    Your comments appreciated,
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    I watched the 3. video by now. At least a part of it. I stopped when he started about solo ads and I realized there was nothing new for me. I don´t mean that buying traffic does not work, but infos on where and how to buy traffic aren´t something new. Knowing the rules of the game doesn´t automatically means winning the game. Making money with paid traffic is always difficult and it comes down to having a product/sales funnel that converts well. And at the moment I don´t have a product I can believe in. Just picking some products from Clickbank will probably not work.
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    keloland.com/videoarchive/index.cfm?VideoFile=082409insurance. Judge for yourself. just remember that he is still serving his probation until 2014.

    Maybe being on probation and having the courts check all his financial dealings will make this honest.
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    Thanks Mattie,

    That certainly dampens my enthusiasm and confidence in laying down the cash.

    cheers, Patrick
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    I got in. Not saying it's bad, but just basic beginner stuff, settimg up landing pages, autoresponders, creating sales funnel strategies etc.

    I keep hearing more is coming... I'm not seeing it. I'll keep an open mind another few weeks, then I'm bailing. Anyone have better insight, I'm open to it
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    I watched the videos expection the "Magic Button" then when I saw the price I changed my mind and went elsewhere
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    He basically hustled you (if you bought it). There's a video on youtube that shows him buying ADFLY traffic in order to get those extremely high numbers he posted about. I guess he had the video on his private server (that was public) and moved it once some guy started posting about it.
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    I'd hold my money if i were you. The only diff between this and all other courses is that some things that he talks about he just elongates.

    He tells you about the campaigns and shows you the stats but hes not doing anything real time. It's merely just a lot of talking and shows you how to get started.

    There is no real deal in the trenches kind of teaching. Just a load of talking.

    He does reveal a few exclusive things that I never heard of but besides that its just him talking about what he did and not showing and LIVE things hes doing at the moment.

    In simplest terms he just does a lot of talking about what and how he did things, what to look out for and how to get started.

    It's all paid traffic so if your not willing to spend money on advertising don't even bother with it.

    One thing i learned from this course is that some people can take one strategy and turn it into something long and boring.

    No I am not knocking or in anyway insulting Vick. Im just stating my experience with this product.

    If you want to learn how to get traffic and do it effectively you need to follow someone that "shows you the inside" of their traffic strategy rather than just "talking" about traffic.
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    I learned a few things I didn't already know....
    but seems most people already knew this stuff
    and I"m coming late to the party...
    Video #4 seemed to be a constant pitch from beginning to end.
    I passed
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    I got the course and to be very honest, I have never done PPC or media buy but this has been the start of positive things. I also want to mention, i didnt care what past life he had done because everyone deserves a second chance, depending of the level of guiltyness.

    He does walk you through from A-Z in setting up website, landers and email automation. The positives are, he provides website landers templetes, click tracker and url scrsper. All the traffic methods he walks you through are live ( be prepared he does ramble a lot), email solos, google image ad, msn ad, banner ad, ppv, email marketing ezines (I may have missed 1 or 2 extra ones)

    I first tried out google image ad, I followed his exact steps and my image ad in the IM nice promoting a high conversion product, but it kept on getting rejected. I guess there are a number of reasons why. Google pointed out the display URL didn't match, well, Vik did the same thing In his video. That method didn't work at all.

    I tested banner ads, $30 for 30 days, so far 15 clicks and 2 optins in 12 days, crap conversions. Now, based on Vik's theories with a banner ad you should get a .05% conversion, well, more like .004% (using a click bank product banner that has proven results)

    I am trying out solo ads righ now.

    My honest opinion is this, the information IS VERY basic and can be found cross the web. He doesn't mention remarketing.

    On top of that, his traffic section is dated, I think 2 or 3 years old. For $500 it is not worth the price. I did infact get a refund and reinvested in another course that actually teaches PPC.

    Hope this helps you out
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    Yea that's what I thought... He's full of himself!
    He scared me off right away but I watched his videos then checked his background.

    You have to admit if you checked into him it's a scary purchase
    But I'm like you, you have to give people second chances... But at that price
    it's way to scary... maybe if he lowered it to maybe 100 I would have went for it!

    Anyway what's the other course you decided to invest in?
    And how does it differ from Vic's and are you making any progress?

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    I've been a an HTA member for a few months now, I agree there is a lot of basic info, however for me, I was a newbie so the way it was taught was very step by step and easy to follow. I took one of his methods and ran with it, and today (about 2 months later) I'm making atleast $200 /days. His method works. There are many wso's that are out there, that works perfect, but as someone mentioned here on WF, once you buy, print, turn off the computer, read through atleast 3-5 times, so you can get back online, and jump into it, and do every step of the way, for 2 week, and majority of the time, you'll profit. Since a member of WF, I've done this about 15 times, and I've found some golden nuggets to use in my arsenal of IM. Theres a lot of good stuff, and fro reviews and such, you'll know what ones are to stay away from.
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    Thanks for the little review...
    At least you're learning something from him, and if you're making 200 a day now your on your way!!
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    Yes, traffic is equal money. This is the lesson we learn from this video.

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