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Hey everyone,

Ok so the past few days I've been inundated with emails promoting Social Commissions by Adrian Morrison. At first glance, the emails all promoted the same thing, make money using Plenty of Fish advertising and start with small budget of $5 and put up some campaigns and make money overnight.

So I finally clicked the link to his product and watched the video on the landing page. Maybe some of you have already watched this video. If you haven't seen it, then this is a recap.

It starts off with Adrain, ( a kid who is pretty polished at speaking in front of people) who talks about his company and how the family works for him....blah blah.. He then goes on to show how he randomly selected a group of people to participate in his Social Commissions product.

So he has these people sitting around a table at his office as they log back onto their computers to check their clickbank stats 3 hours after putting up some campaigns (placing ads). And of course to our amazement, 3 hours after they check their stats, ALL of these test subjects have made money. And over $100 each. One lady made over $300. Immediately in my mind, red flags popped up all over the place.

So then further in the video, Adrian checks back in with these same folks, 24 hours later now, and they log in to check their clickbank stats again live on camera. Wow, now these guys have each made serious money, Like $700 in 24 hours on clickbank.

So as you're watching these videos you say to yourself wow, that looks so easy I could do that. Right? So you buy the product at the $47 low ball intro fee expecting to learn how to create campaigns and then make money like these regular folks did in 24 hours.

HA. Are you kidding me?

So I purchased Adrian's product to see what his sales funnel was like and to of course see the product.

Holly crap man. 5 OTO's after purchase. That's One Time Offers.... to upsell the living crap out of you and squeeze the most money he can from you. I really despise this tactic. Yeah I know how OTO' are crucial in making extra cash and they do work, but 5?

OTO 1= Software to help you with campaigns $147
OTO 2 = Discount on that previous page software, now $69
OTO 3 = Outsourcing module $147
OTO 4 = 3 campaigns of Adrian proven to work, $247
OTO 5 = Discount on those 3 campaigns, $197

After you get through those 5 OTS, you are now in members area.

I have to say first that this Adrian guy is slick and his membership area is high quality and videos are slick too. However, the content that you get for that low intro price, is well, in my opinion, not worth it.

This is because you are left hanging as to what works. He shows you how to log into POF ads and set up campaigns and use their targeting feature and uber basic stuff like that. Really?

And after watching the videos and listening to some of the things he said, well they were totally misleading.

For example, he says many times over and over that you can start with $5 to test a campaign. Wrong, the minimum daily spend is $15, you cannot even put in $5 or you get error.

He also shows you stats and shows you the 20 thousand plus impressions that one of his campaigns is getting and then in the same breath talks about how you're getting 20 thousand eyeballs to your site or basically giving the impression that you're getting a ton of visitors and traffic to your site from your ad. Really?

Impressions mean nothing. It's the clicks that matter. Or how many people clicked on your ad and THEN were taken to your offer. He completely interchanges the two concepts like they're one in the same. Totally misleading.

Now I'm sure he has successful campaigns and is making money. However, I know for a fact that he is promoting his new product to make money. Duh right. But seriously folks, having been in the IM game now for a while, isn't this type of sales funnel and tactic getting a little annoying? It is for me.

Because really when you watch the video and see how these regular folks are making instant money to their brand new CB accounts, you are left in the dark as much money did they spend in advertising to achieve those sales? How many campaigns did they run? How many offers? Etc. So in the end, how much money was left over after you factor in ad costs and refunds. Of course that is left out of the video. Because the reality is not so sexy and will NOT make you want to click the buy now button.

I give this product a 2 out of 5 stars based on the little value for the money.
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    If you really want to make money as an affiliate using FREE methods, then I recommend Mark Ling's AffiloBlueprint.

    Look, I know this is not related to Social Commissions. But Mark walks the talk and delivers more than what is expected. Though the course is now $197, believe me it is worth the price.

    Mark not only teaches you but gives a list homework and what needs to be done if your sites do not make you money even after following his entire course. There is also a forum like this one where members help one another and can put their sites for Mark to comment and pinpoint what needs to be improved.

    I know because I bought the course at launch price $67 and am making money from it after following his proven blueprint.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing and tight on budget, I won't recommend paid methods whether they are PPC, PPV etc.
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    In regards to the $5 campaigns, at the time he shot the video I can confirm it was correct. It seems like POF changed it to $15 not long after the influx of new advertisers signing up after buying the product.

    What you said about OTO's unfortunately will now become th norm. Get ready to see nearly all products offering over 3 OTO's then relevant down sells etc.

    I have both used the product and promoted it and I will say this. it's made me money, Nd I ave had over 30 emails off people who purchased via my link who can co from the same for them. Yes the training may be a little basic, BUT how any many people would be using POf right now if it wasn't for this course?

    If I was Adrian I would be making sure I was getting some sort of commission from POF for all the new revenue they will be now making since the product has launched.
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    I was given access to the social commissions product. I watched all of the videos and it seems very basic to me. At least if you have been in the game a while and done any kind of marketing with Google Adwords.

    If you are thinking about buying the product, tyler basically sumed it all up in his post. It is about buying ads on POF. I have been promoting on POF for a while and have a couple successful campaigns. You just have to think about what type of audience is there.

    Don't try to pitch make money online there. I haven't found any successful campaigns. What does work? Promoting CPA dating offers, and weight loss info products epecially geared towards women.

    That is my two cents, and with that info you should be able to make your own two cents or more on POF.
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    I also purchased Social Commissions and in 3 words "save your money". Its a pure waste of time and money. His big secret Plenty Of Fish ads. Furthermore, I was an affiliate of this program and everyone of the people who bought this from me refunded it. 100% refund rate in my Clicksure account. On top of that Adrian Morrison had my Clicksure account blocked for posting his members area intro video on youtube. I am in the process of getting my account re-opened. I guess he was pissed that I revealed too much to prospective purchasers on youtube about what the product was really about and as a result his sales suffered. Stay away from Adrian Morrison. He wouldn't dare chime in here on WF to defend his product like other open vendors here have done. Warriors are just too keen to slickster gurus.
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    This product sounds watched the video and wow his big secret is POF Ads after those gazillion upsells and oto's. I've been doing POF ads on and off for over a year and done fairly well on some of the campaigns. Its been my main earner through clickbank affiliate and the odd CPA but I think CPA is really the way to go with POF. Its my favorite place for Pay ads and a system I can just about get my head around after many campaigns and testing. You just need to keep an eye on your campaigns as one that doesn't work after a few days can get pretty expensive if you dont check on it.
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    I tried to purchase Social Commissions yesterday. The checkout page ClickSure did not provide Paypal option, it only can be paid by credit card. In fact, i was very reluctant to provide my credit card information online but that was the only option. After 2 times trying the payment was not gone through. Then i start checking who is ClickSure as this is the first time i heard about this company. And i found this About ClickSure | Scambook

    After reading all the above comments, i'm very sure i'll not go back to this product again.

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    Legit or not the minimum daily spent is already increased and so does the bid. Every time some marketers put up something said it is a cheap traffic source, one or two days later, the cost of advertising will be increased very soon.

    • You are trying to advertise a FREE dating website. PlentyOfFish does not advertise these websites under any circumstances.
    • You are trying to advertise a gambling website. While we do approve many gambling sites, we do not advertise gambling websites within the USA
    This so called gurus will do something like that. You pay for them for their secret information, but they hide from you the most important information that will make them money.

    If they can make that good money, mostly they will NOT tell you all the pictures. So why I stay away from the make money online niche, because many of them are trying to make the products owner money and not yours.

    So do your due diligence before you trust these so called "secret" information.
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    This product comes with live training. Adrian claimed he has 900 members here, I tried to ask some questions, but he seemed to ignore me.

    The live training is basically going through the video on his member site.
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    I viewed his sale pitch ( Social Commissions ) then viewed POF and their TOS. I decided that I need not buy SC because I can set up an account directly on POF.
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    Something you may want to take a look at is their privacy policy. Their are some issues which should be addressed:

    According to their Privacy Policy you give them permission to:

    - use your phone number for telemarketing and SMS marketing purposes
    - contact you by phone even if you are listed in the "do not call" registry
    - use your postal address for marketing and promotion
    - and if that's not enough you give them permission to share your information with third parties. Those parties can also reach you to promote their products via phone, e-mail, or direct mail.

    Consider this along with the other comments before you hit that Buy Button!
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    I have seen this guy Adrian Morrison scam people on more than one occassion and your rating of a two is way to high for him.
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    It seems to be a mixed bag of reviews for A Morrison; I have promoted some of his offers and they did ok; his promos are pretty slick, so you need to do your due diligence beofre committing to anything. However, I've been told everytime anything uses Clicksure or is associated with it always encounters problems.
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    This thing seems to work. I only made 2 sales back then. But I am surprised to see my affiliate account gone.
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