BEST Internet Marketer?

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who's your favorite internet marketer? can you tell a few internet marketers making $1,000,000+?? let's make a list? what say?

i start with frank k.
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    I'd say pretty much all the 'big players' you see on most of the JV leader boards.

    Andrew X, Jamie Lewis, Adam Horowitz/Tim Donovan, Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Ronnie Montano to name just a few.

    EDIT - just re-read your post, and im sure most of the above have made over a $1,000,000 at some point, not sure about a year unless they have a huge product launch im guessing.
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    John Reese he made $ 1,000,000.00 in 18 hrs.
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    Is there anyone above who doesn't sell make money guide?
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    When you see a big launch it will involve weeks of work and sometimes hundreds of affiliates. Huge sums of money may be made but much of it goes back out to the affiliates and JV partners. That said it does make the creators bank balance look good as well.
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    I know this is an old thread, so forgive me for that - but I wanted to say that LATELY I've been learning a TON from a few people: Alex Becker lately as well as Dori Friend

    Both GREAT people if you're into SEO and making money either by ranking your own affiliate sites, or offering SEO services to others.

    Since most people on this list seem to be 'guru' types - I wanted to ad my $0.02 and give them some

    As for the GURU types - I've always enjoyed Learning from Anik Singal as well as Jamie Lewis and Ronnie Montano
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    Alex Jeffreys !
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    Mark Ling and Andrew Hansen! My two favorite marketers, but I like Mark more because he seems to the type of marketer that loves to learn anything that interests him. Almost like me in way in real life. I love to learn and I am good with numbers!
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    For those asking how to make big money, one advice I can give you as a fellow WF member is to resell online services offline. You have no idea how much profit you can make

    During the past 3 months, i've already made $100k from only one client/company. I approached them and told them that I could code something for them to make their business much more productive. I built a requirement specification free of charge and presented it in a powerpoint presentation with wordings similar to the sales copy you find on WF. They ended up loving the idea (which btw i did not think of but got it from a free online poll) and I charged them $100k for it. The app only costed me $750.
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    Mark Ling.

    He delivers value in both his free Affilorama and paid AffiloBlueprint, AffiloTheme, AffiloPremium and AffiloJetpack courses, tools and resources.

    Most marketers come and go since their main purpose is to make money out of people like us while Mark constantly finds ways to improve his methods so as to help them continue to earn passive income in spite of Google updates.

    Though there are other established marketers as well like Andrew Hansen, Matt Carter and Mike Filsaime, Mark stands head and shoulders over them in that he not just makes money from internet marketing but from other niches as well.

    Am also impressed by all his sites which not only looked good but the content is well-organized and optimized exactly the way Google and his audience wants.
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    I think the guys in charge of the internet marketing at PayPal, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and others like them are worth listening to. I am pretty sure all those little outfits meets the criteria of having made a million online.

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    Nah I know mark just playing around but I don't think that's what the op intended
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    Trey Smith's stuff works if you can afford it. Plus he really seems to apply and make money with what he sells. I also heard mentioned Alex Becker. I used to like him but, apart from his botched SEO Zen plugin launch, I really feel that he does not apply and make money with what he teaches. Rather he makes money only with what he teaches like most Internet Marketers selling to internet marketers.
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    My favorite internet marketers are Neil Patel, John Chow, and Pat Flynn.
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    i like eric louviere and Chris farrell !!! both great teachers !!!
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    Just to add to this - someone asked if there was anyone named who is not just in the IM niche. Every big name I ever wrote for (John Reese, Rich Schefren etc) had real niches that were in no way related to IM. A HUGE variety of topics. John was great - he would cover all research fees and buy resources - he was always in many niches. They were in some really unique niches too - not the "dog training" everyone wrote about, but stuff they dominated easily.
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    Jason Fladlien - or the IM world's answer to Quentin Tarrantino, as I like to think of him...
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