Experts: Has anyone used Adminder's new targeted clicks service?

by TerranceCharles 7 replies
Aye Warriors

Has anyone tried Adminder's new targeted clicks service yet?

I know they offer 2 types of services, Guaranteed Visitors and Targeted Clicks.
However, I'm only interested in the Targeted Clicks which they offer for $49 for
1,000 clicks. There are testimonials from people claiming that it works. But,
anyone can create a testimonial. You can see which service I'm talking about
here, Guaranteed Traffic from AdMinder - Get Targeted Internet Traffic This is
NOT an affiliate link of any kind. I'm thinking about purchasing, but need feedback first.

Anyone had any luck with their service? Thanks...
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    this one is new to me - but we shall give them a try - i will will get back to you after we see what happens - thank you for bring this to our attention

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      Originally Posted by topkat13 View Post

      this one is new to me - but we shall give them a try - i will will get back to you after we see what happens - thank you for bring this to our attention
      I have just come across this service and came here hoping to find out if any one was using it and with what results.

      Anyone used it?

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    I'm wondering about the guaranteed clicks part of this service as well. Anyone have any real life results?
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    To add to the above, the "guaranteed clicks" is interesting as opposed to random popunder traffic, but what are people clicking on? How targeted it is to your offer? That seems to be shrouded in mystery...hope someone can shed some light, don't want to waste money.
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      Still hoping for feedback on this product, Adminder guaranteed clicks.
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    Does AdMinder provide guaranteed clicks for specific niches or is it just real GEO targeted clicks?
    This is not very clear on the sales page. One of the testimonials talks about just providing url of the landing page.
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    Yes they claim "geo targeted" clicks but ... don't know if they convert
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