Reviews on Ryan Deiss #1 Book System?

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Has anyone signed up for the recently launched program by Ryan Deiss on getting your ebook published on Kindle? It is called the #1 Book System and has a book club of ebook publishers for a community support.
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    How much is the course? The 'add to cart' button on the video sales page doesn't appear when you view on an iPhone.

    I've been through the prelaunch material and really enjoyed it. Might consider depending on the price.
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    3 payments of $97
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    I bought the system and the OTO's. I think that everything was priced very low and I am really glad that I made the decision to go this way. I have been holding back on other options until I saw what Ryan was going to bring to the market. There are few things in the membership and the OTO's that are solutions to what was holding me back so the investment has been a very very very worthy one for me. But just the system without the OTO's looks to be execellent value. At the time of writing there is over 400 members and the community is quite active. I am not an affiliate with this honest opinion is I would say there is something for everyone from newbies to the most experienced.

    If you want to go in boots and all allow around $600ish and a very small monthly fee, but not all of that $600ish is payable up front. I think it was at a perfect price point and structure, espcially for my budget, but to be honest it is undervalued in comparison to other things out there.
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    Hi, Suellen...

    May I suggest the course by Geoff Shaw,
    "Kindling - Kindle Launch Formula"...

    It's gotten tons of rave reviews right here
    on this forum...

    It was $47 back in April when I bought it,
    so it may have gone up by a few bucks,
    but that's that's still a lot better than
    3 payments of $97, and I think you'll be
    a lot happier with it, too...

    "I will give you all you need to build a consistent and
    ever-growing, evergreen income by doing the right stuff
    to succeed with Kindle publishing. This membership
    will be your Kindle publishing one-stop library of
    information and advice."

    just my 2 cents...


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    Thanks Elizabeth, for the heads up on the other course, will definitely check it out. Inspired Writer, can you describe the solutions that Ryan's course offered that were holding you back?

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    I'd suggest Geoff Shaw's "Kindling". It gets great reviews from Tiffany Dow and Dr. Andy Williams - two marketers I trust. It's a very complete product and continues to grow with updates.

    To be honest, after looking at what Ryan Deiss is offering, and especially at that price, I'm unsubscribing from anyone's list who is supporting it. I've dropped three so far.

    You might want to look at Dr. Andy Williams' blog and his (partial) review of Ryan's course and the subsequent comments. Not flattering, to say the least.
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    I have to agree Doiron with this, I purchased the whole entire enchilada. I think it's way overpriced and so far there's only 1 video on day one, the rest are links to other people's articles on how to come up with ideas to write about. Weak information and overpriced.
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    Hi all,
    I followed the Ryan Deiss No. 1 Book system, and found it tempting if not for the 97x3. Personally, I think it is too steep a price for Kindle newbie. I'm using those Kindle WSOs by markmotts, Sam England, Matthew Rhodes and Rosa...and they are great and affordable! I'm in the process of publishing my first Kindle book soon! cheers, Bob
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    What are the OTO's (& prices) for this course?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You're very welcome, Eunice...

    Doiron's mention of Dr. Andy's review of "Kindling"
    reminded me of's very helpful,'s the link:
    Kindling Course by Geoff Shaw

    InspiredWriter's mention of the OTOs doubling the
    price of the Deiss course from $300 to $600
    also reminded me that Deiss does do that...

    At the end of the day, though, it seems to me
    that what really matters is how well a course
    helps you learn what you need to know...

    Speaking just for myself, Shaw's training method
    works better for me than Deiss'...

    If your business model involves product launches
    every few months, though, then modeling what Deiss
    *does* will probably help you get where you want to go...

    But following what he *says* may have you going
    around in circles, if you don't understand
    from the start what business you're in...

    Basically, no matter what business you're in,
    you're really in the marketing business...

    in the attention-getting business...

    the mechanics of writing a book and uploading it
    to Amazon's Kindle platform are a lot like the
    mechanics of writing and uploading an article
    to EzineArticles...

    no guarantee that it's even going to get seen,
    let alone read!

    the biggest mistake you can make

    is thinking of Kindle as a money-making scheme...

    self-publishing is a lucrative *business*
    with several profitable channels
    one of which is Kindle


    are you publishing for?

    that's the question

    the heart and soul of *marketing*


    are you accessing them?

    giving up on Google and turning to Amazon?

    where else do they hang out? Facebook? Twitter?


    are you serving them?


    are you putting the pickle!

    I'm okay with the idea of collapsing time frames
    by investing in quality instruction...

    I've learned a whole lot from the training videos
    over at, for example, where $37 a month
    buys me access to top-notch instruction on a wide
    variety of technical topics, including but not
    limited to constructing effective websites...

    But whether you pay $6 or $60 or $600 or even $6000
    for instruction to shorten your learning curve,
    the key is the ROI, right?

    And the only way you're going to get a return on
    your investment is to maintain a 1:4 relationship
    between study and practice...

    to study for one hour and apply for three hours...

    FYI, Geoff Shaw's training makes this easy to do,
    which is one of the reasons I recommend it...

    The other reason I recommend it is Geoff *specializes*
    in self-publishing on Kindle, and he is *committed*
    to keeping the members' site right up-to-the-minute
    as far as new developments are concerned...

    This isn't to say that Deiss won't be keeping his
    site updated, or that you couldn't also collapse
    time frames with his training...

    It's just to say that Geoff's course is a proven
    package that's well-respected in the IM space,
    and it has the added advantage of being very
    reasonably priced...

    warmest regards...


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    I got an email from Dr. Andy saying he has decided not to buy the Deiss course.

    He is, however, going to leave up his preliminary review of it, so visitors
    can still read the comments about it.


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    Thank you Elizabeth for your great review.
  • Profile picture of the author ElizabethAdams
    You're very welcome, a2z...

    I wish you every success in what you do...


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    I've no axe to grind regarding Ryan Deiss or his course. However, I'd be surprised at what he is offering at just under $300 is more comprehensive than Geoff Shaw's course - the latter covers top to bottom on writing for Kindle with regular updates.

    Look no further in my opinion.


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    Hello, Ian...

    To be fair, the Deiss offer includes a free ticket
    to a big event, "Pub East" or "Pub West"...

    and membership in an "Insiders" club...

    in other words, Deiss is offering you a chance
    to be part of his "herd"...

    and all that for just $300...

    er, $600 all in with the OTOs...

    but the thing about OTOs is,
    they make people feel bad...

    you start out feeling happily involved...
    and then your pleasure in your purchase
    is tarnished by these other things NOT
    being part of the package, unless your
    pockets are deep enough to get those, too,
    but even if they are, you still aren't as
    happy as you were before because of thinking
    of the unhappiness of those who wouldn't
    be able to afford the whole enchilada!

    by contrast...

    Geoff Shaw does actually recommend
    a particular novel-writing software,
    but not until after you've gotten your feet wet,
    and not in the most noticeable place on his site,
    but rather way down at the bottom where you aren't
    likely to see it or worry your head about it until
    you're experienced enough to take it in stride...

    as for the idea of an Insiders Club or Mastermind...

    well, we've got that right here, don't we?

    Alan might even agree to set up a Kindle forum...

    and wouldn't that be nice!

    warmest regards...



    I got an email late yesterday from Dr. Andy
    saying he is NOT going to buy the Deiss product...

    but he is going to leave his preliminary review of it
    on his blog because of all the helpful comments...

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    Originally Posted by ElizabethAdams View Post

    If your business model involves product launches
    every few months, though, then modeling what Deiss
    *does* will probably help you get where you want to go...

    But following what he *says* may have you going
    around in circles, if you don't understand
    from the start what business you're in...
    We have a winner.
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    Just an update on what is going on inside of number one book club. Well to be honest not all that much as yet.

    Ryan Deiss has said in many ways that "The Community" is really his product, not so much the how to write a book education. The content is rolling out each day so I will let you know my thoughts on it when it is all available.

    My only dissappointment so far is, that if the community is the product where is Ryan? I thought he would be active in the forum but he is a no show. Are we expected to drive his product for him? My only gripe really.

    I am personally happy with the upsells which are software for book cover creation and formatting. I have to admit though I am a control freak and like to do it all myself. I also am a perfectionist and have not really had the best expereince getting others to do things for me. I really do overcomplicate things for myself. But I agree. I hate upsells. How much can you flog a horse. It might make you money but it will not make many friends. Friends and reputation at the end of the day will be the most important thing in marketing. Some people are having glitches with the software but I have not had any as yet.

    I have not bought the Kindling course but will be. I think a few fingers in the pie of a few communities can't hurt. It just depends what your are trying to acheive with your book or books I think.

    I am pretty happy with the interaction of all the members that are over at number one. They are all giving it a go and willing to help others. There are now over 900 members.

    The OTO was not just software but 5 book promotions as well that could turn out to be invaluable. That is the reason most people took the OTO if they did from what I read. Not sure what Ryan Deiss has planned for this exactly as yet but at less than $70 bucks a book I am not going to complain.

    I still think overall it is good, but just a different level and depends if that level is what you need. Only plan to sell one book for $2.99 then it is not needed at all. Plan to expand in a big way and then I think it is a worthy investment. Hope this helps you make the right decision for you.
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    Hello, InspiredWriter...

    You wrote:
    I have not bought the Kindling course but will be.
    I think a few fingers in the pie of a few communities can't hurt.
    It just depends what you're are trying to acheive with your book...
    If by this you mean Geoff Shaw's course, then I
    encourage you to buy it. It's just a fraction of the
    cost of Ryan's course, and it has the added advantage
    of having all the training at the ready, including
    all the recent updates. I would love to hear how you
    like it, and how you think it compares to Ryan's.

    Like Dr. Andy, I have decided *not* to purchase
    the Deiss course. I bought into his "Subscription Empire"
    course about this time last year and wound up feeling
    both frustrated and disappointed.

    Myself, I hate it when lessons are doled out once a week.

    That rhythm is all wrong for wrong, in fact, that
    I will go do something else for awhile until all the lessons
    are uploaded, and then I'll dive in.

    Weekly Q&A coaching calls were supposed to be a part of
    that package, and they are...except that Ryan himself has
    long since moved on to other things and appointed a sidekick
    in his place...which is really all right, seeing as how his
    "substitute teacher" seems to know his stuff...but it does
    leave one with an odd feeling...

    Ryan may say that "The Community" is really his product,
    but that only works if his community's *perception* of him is positive...
    to the extent that it's not, his community will become what is known as a
    "diseased herd"...

    and you are already showing some of the symptoms of the disease!

    On the bright side, if you take your focus off of what Ryan
    is *saying* and put it on what he is *doing* then your $600
    will be money extremely well spent...

    In a nutshell, here's what he's doing:
    - Define a market
    - Go find out where your potential buyers hang out (forums, blogs, feeds, etc.)
    - See what they desire/need/want, identify the big "issues"
    - Find a first version of your "hook" (don't start anything without a hook)
    - Test your hook by buying targeted traffic to a dedicated page (not an open blog just yet)
    - Record feedback with surveys/polls
    - After survey, gather emails
    - Adjust hook if needed based on survey results
    - Start early communication(!)
    - Don't sell but ASK questions/interact with your peeps
    - Build product based on feedback from surveys and questions.
    My friend Peter Spaepen worked this up, but I concur, and
    if you keep it in front of you as you work through Ryan's
    course, you'll see just how closely he follows it...

    and you'll get two educations for the price of one!

    warmest regards...



    You wrote...

    "Friends and reputation at the end of the day
    will be the most important thing in marketing."
    I agree.

    In addition to which, it keeps the SaltyDroid off your tail!

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    From the outside Deiss' Number One Book Club looks like a high-end professionally managed membership site complete with all the necessary content and well thought out ways for members with common interests to communicate with each other to share thoughts and request reviews.

    However, once you get inside you find it is a poorly constructed membership shell with minimal content, no organized forum structure, zero interaction between Deiss (or his proxy), poorly written software, no support, and a large number of refund requests that have gone unanswered even after multiple requests.

    It is overpriced and overhyped, both the basic entry fee and the multiple OTO's.
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    Hello, espycameras...

    Thank you for sharing this...

    Deiss and his team do a great job of researching their market
    and identifying its "pain" and uncovering all its "hot buttons"
    that can be laid out in bullet points on sales letters...

    and they do a great job of crafting their "hook" and their "IFO"
    ("Irresistible Free Offer") which you can confirm for yourself by
    downloading their free ebook, "How To Sell 100 Books A Day,"
    which Dr. Andy says includes "7 tips you can use right now to help
    you launch your kindle books," and he gives the link to it here...
    The Kindle Publishing Challenge

    but when it comes to *perceived* value for the money,
    there seems to be some problems with Deiss products...
    » Search Results ryan deiss

    I'm not necessarily saying that the value isn't actually there...
    after all, that $600 includes attendance at an event, and Ryan
    comes across very well as a speaker, so that could turn out
    to be an awesome experience, if you're into events...

    but if you're not, then I'd say grab the free ebook, skip the pricey
    course, purchase Geoff Shaw's excellent Kindle training, and dig in!

    warmest regards...


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