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Has anyone signed up for the recently launched program by Ryan Deiss on getting your ebook published on Kindle? It is called the #1 Book System and has a book club of ebook publishers for a community support.
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    How much is the course? The 'add to cart' button on the video sales page doesn't appear when you view on an iPhone.

    I've been through the prelaunch material and really enjoyed it. Might consider depending on the price.
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    Thanks Elizabeth, for the heads up on the other course, will definitely check it out. Inspired Writer, can you describe the solutions that Ryan's course offered that were holding you back?

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    I'd suggest Geoff Shaw's "Kindling". It gets great reviews from Tiffany Dow and Dr. Andy Williams - two marketers I trust. It's a very complete product and continues to grow with updates.

    To be honest, after looking at what Ryan Deiss is offering, and especially at that price, I'm unsubscribing from anyone's list who is supporting it. I've dropped three so far.

    You might want to look at Dr. Andy Williams' blog and his (partial) review of Ryan's course and the subsequent comments. Not flattering, to say the least.
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    Hi all,
    I followed the Ryan Deiss No. 1 Book system, and found it tempting if not for the 97x3. Personally, I think it is too steep a price for Kindle newbie. I'm using those Kindle WSOs by markmotts, Sam England, Matthew Rhodes and Rosa...and they are great and affordable! I'm in the process of publishing my first Kindle book soon! cheers, Bob
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    From the outside Deiss' Number One Book Club looks like a high-end professionally managed membership site complete with all the necessary content and well thought out ways for members with common interests to communicate with each other to share thoughts and request reviews.

    However, once you get inside you find it is a poorly constructed membership shell with minimal content, no organized forum structure, zero interaction between Deiss (or his proxy), poorly written software, no support, and a large number of refund requests that have gone unanswered even after multiple requests.

    It is overpriced and overhyped, both the basic entry fee and the multiple OTO's.
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    The content is absolutely pitiful - there is almost none of it.

    He promised that he would share his "proprietory secrets", but all this really amounts to are things like buying press releases, Facebook ads and posting on freebie sites (most of which seem to be spammed to death).

    In his sales presentations and interviews with some of his affiliates he told us that we would have access to his social media platforms to promote our books, but when you go to pay that is actually part of the OTO. In other words, he has low-balled us - isn't that illegal?

    Furthermore, the book on vertical gardening that his launch was focussed on is now about #55,585 in the overall paid listings. Furthermore, it is only #5 and #8 in a couple of very low-level categories. Not very impressive at all.

    I honestly don't think he and his team know very much about Kindle book marketing at all. Yes, they were able to get their Kindle Publishing book and the one on Pinterest up high in the rankings, but I suspect this was only because of the size of his lists.

    Regarding "The Community", it is disorganized and quite chaotic. There is limited involvement from his team. They are basically just letting everyone sort things out for themselves. And there are a few people who complaining about this.

    Overall, I would say there is little value in his training, but there will probably be some from "The Community" (although most of this value will be coming from other members - he is only facilitating it). For nearly $300 though, I don't think it is worth it.
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    Back again for another update. I would have to say that my feeling on the program is that it is money well spent for my personal situation. There are problems for sure and members are pretty vocal about it so hopefully they do something about that soon.

    At the end of the day I could be upset about how much Ryan is making from the almost 3000 members when he is not playing an active role in the business model. I could be upset that the framework is clunky and so old school that it frustrates me to tears. But I am choosing not to focus on those issues and just focus on making it work for me. Ryan is just a business man who happens to have a long reach in the internet community. If he can use that to bring close to 3000 people together then I will make the most of it.

    I have found a lot of the course info to be general but there were a few pearls in there that I believe were well worth the money to know. I agree, drip fed content is not my choice for a learning platform. I like to get stuck in as soon as possible as do others, so there is a marketing tactic behind it for sure.

    As mentioned I bought all the upsells and I am still happy with them.

    The membership is now closed. As there is a member counter it will be interesting to see if that number goes down a lot over the next month. I just hope they get to fixing the issues that will drive people away. All in all it looks very much like this was as Rydan Deiss said "A Rushed Job" Hopefully ironing out the problems will be a quick job also.

    I understand all your comments easyrider7 and agree that the community is the glue for now. If that starts to unravel well then there is very little value indeed in the main product. Time will tell I guess as to the long term value.
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    Going by how well InspiredWriter is pushing the product in this thread, I would not touch the 1 book system even if it was 17$. 90% refund rate for this product is what I forsee.You don't fool people with false marketing for long.

    Thanks to Elizabeth and others for suggesting good alternative products.
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    Thanks to Elizabeth and InspiredWriter (and all other input). I'd love to see an update now that there's been time to implement. InspiredWriter, any results to share?
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    Someone else asked about this system in another thread, and someone suggested another WSO to check out. I've looked through all the comments, and so far they seem pretty good:

    UPDATE: The thread that I got this link from has been taken down. Wonder why...?
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    May I suggest a system that isn't as pigeon holed. How To Write an eBook - Pays 51% to affiliates at a $49 price point and you get ALOT OF VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. In the meantime I will check out these others.
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    99.999% of WSO's and courses on the Warrior Forum are useless junk, no matter how supposedly reputable the sellers are (most of the glowing reviews are done by affiliates anyway).

    However Geoff Shaw's,'Kindling' is a proper course with no holes - full of details in all contexts - from someone who's genuinely making money with writing. It's $70 or thereabouts and is constantly being updated with useful snippets. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
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    Just sent my 4th refund request email ...

    Lets see what happens
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    I just want to leave my two cents . . . I have Ryan's course and love it. The teachings are complete, the services great, and the customer service excellent.

    I bought the whole program, and while it was a piece of change, I feel the value is there. The Number One Book Club is very active. I am a recent member so it may have taken a while for things to warm up. But there are about 5k members and it's a great opportunity to connect with other writers/publishers in your genre.

    I am going to the free ePub course in LA and bringing a guest with me (for free). I haven't fully tapped into all the assets the program offers, but I am pleased.

    BTW, I am a best-selling author (my current book has sales upwards of 250K) and I am a professional writer. I'm only saying that because a lot of people leave posts when they haven't yet crossed over into their success.

    I hope this helps as people make their decisions about how they want to invest in themselves. I also just purchased Geoff's program. It's a great price and can only add to my knowledge.

    Hope the best for you.
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    I bought the course a little while ago and just started digging in. I am not sure why because every time I buy a Ryan Deiss course I end up feeling frustrated and ripped off.

    He over promises and under delivers every time. I guess it's my fault this time, was kind of dumb of me to think this time it would be different. I bought his upsell too and it didn't do what he said it would and when I asked for a refund, his support refused.

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