Has anyone used SiteSell's SBI ??

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Just wondering if anyone would mind sharing what your experience with SiteSell's SBI! (SiteBuildIt) has been. I'm thinking of trying it out. Many thanks.
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    Hi Roger, SBI is used on more than 30,000 websites.

    I own sites built with it. I've published a couple of SBI case studies on AssociatePrograms.com, written by a student I hired, Rupert Farrow. When I hired him, he knew nothing about affiliate marketing. I just gave him SBI and the instruction manual (there are now videos too) and told him to go for it.

    One of its major strengths is the comprehensive business-building education that's included. The system is now taught in about 30 colleges and universities around the world. You'll be hard pressed to find an alternative that can make the same claim.

    Some people find Ken Evoy's educational style too wordy. He tends to repeat important points to help make them sink in. Also, it's a definitely not a "get rich quick" system. It's all about learning how to do things properly for long-term, lasting results.

    I use SBI for affiliate marketing, but they teach you a variety of other ways to generate revenue from a website.

    SBI seems to be polarizing. People often either hate it or become raving fans. If you're reading reviews, you need to be aware that it has been around for a decade or so and many reviews are way out of date.

    I'm in the process of interviewing an SBI user who gets more 30,000 page views a DAY to her site. She earns more than twice what she used to in her old job. Your mileage may vary considerably.

    Disclosure: I earned about $100,00 in affiliate commissions from SBI in the past 12 months, a considerable percentage of it from residual commissions from SBI users who keep paying the annual fee because their SBI sites work well for them. If they weren't getting value, they'd stop paying, and I'd stop receiving those commissions.

    Summary: If you're looking for a comprehensive online business-building education and all the tools in one place, I strongly recommend it.

    I've sold AssociatePrograms.com - to an old friend

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    I used it a long long time ago.

    I'd recommend just reading his ebook and not buying SBI. However it is not a bad tool to help you get started and teach you a lot of good stuff (learning by doing) if you want to get started but don't really know what you are doing.
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      Originally Posted by JGrill View Post

      The most you could lose by trying it is $300, with an upside that you can launch a new career.
      You don't even have to risk that.

      There's the monthly subscription option of $29.99, and anyway there's a 90-day guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

      I've sold AssociatePrograms.com - to an old friend

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    The ebook is good that comes with SBI.

    <a href="https://www.fiverr.com/articlesucces...ting-in-72-hrs" style="color: #0000ff; font-size: 11px;" target="_blank">I will write 10, 500-word articles on Internet Marketing in 72 hours</a>

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    SBI is really for people that are new to IM and need step by step help setting up a site and marketing it. For these folks, it's a good product.

    If you have any experience at all, SBI is probably not for you.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Stacy here, from SiteSell answers. It's been awhile since we've had a discussion here, and I need to clarify some things.

    @doclind1 - The earnings argument is impossible to debate for many reasons. First example, there are 1000s and 1000s of SBIers, most of whom aren't on the SBI forums. I personally read the forums daily, but I never post. And I am not an exception.

    There are people earning great income, with 10000+ visitors a day. You may only hear from them on occasion, but you will find their posts if you look.


    It is true that some SBIers were hit by Panda and Penguin, but not everyone. (I was not hit.) The traffic loss overall was roughly 8%, I believe. I would have to check the post-Penguin numbers, but I know that post-Panda, traffic rebounded to all time highs. And the majority of sites were not hit, either.


    You have to know what kind of business you want to do before you subscribe to SBI.
    This is actually a good idea in some cases. A lot of people come up with good ideas right away. Others, it takes time to develop one.

    Some fair to poor earning sites can earn $600-$700 a month on a regular, near-passive income basis. That's not staggering income, but boy, it sure comes in handy!

    It's important for people to undertake SBI as a business and do their due diligence, research etc. If some people need to take more time to make sure they're ready to commit before they start, then that's a good idea.

    Also, the Brainstorming tools are invaluable when it comes to choosing a site concept. So that's why waiting is not always the best idea. Without that analysis, a person has no way of knowing if any idea is viable.


    As far as everyone doing the same thing - that's because SBI is an ebusiness building platform. They aren't doing the same thing at the same time, but they're using the same system.

    It's kind of like a group of people following the same diet. Some people are at the beginning, some further down the road. Some people have lost their 80 pounds, others can't stop cheating and have actually gained weight.

    If that is something that turns one off, then SBI is not for them.

    But for most people starting out (or people who have been around for awhile, but still haven't "made it"), SBI is a good option.
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      I was a member few years ago. SBI is great platform and perfect for newbies because it teaches patience and gives resistance to "get rich quick" scams. I think it's good place to start.
      Do what you want to do!
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    Thanks, everyone, for posting your opinions and experience.

    It's designed for newbies and instructs them on how to build large content based websites with Adsense (and similar) as the main monetisation strategy.
    This is not true. While many SBIers use Adsense as a monetization model (it's one of the easiest to implement), it is not the only monetization model used with SBI!. Infin It!, for example, allows SBIers to plug in an Infin It! number of 3rd party solutions (shopping cart, ecommerce site, for example. But those are only two examples, the possibilities are infinite).

    And SBIers are being encouraged to spread their wings and move away from Adsense. The most financially successful SBIers don't rely upon Adsense, by the way.
    Some of them don't even use it.

    Which even though l am barely making, $5 a month with adsence, (after trying everything else) am still holding onto the site, as l have put about 2.5 years, (full time into it) and always suspect that one day l can somehow make it cough up!
    I'm sorry that you have put in so much time on your site for that kind of return. But hearing those results, I can say that something is definitely not right and I'd encourage you to get an SBI site review to help debug it.

    I personally would never have kept renewing a site that performs like that after all that time. ;-) And nobody wants you to. A better answer is to fix it or learn from your mistakes and drop it. Sounds like you've made some pretty fundamental mistakes.


    Folks, again, my job is to help correct wrong information about SiteSell and SBI, but so many responses on this forum end up being issues that are not debatable or can be easily construed into even more misleading issues.

    Therefore, this is my last post on this thread and I leave you with this -

    For those who are truly interested in SBI, I recommend reviewing our urban myths page, that covers most of the common misconceptions about SBI:

    The SBI! Urban Myths

    The bottom line is, SBI does have verifiable proof of success and a money-back guarantee. So those who don't find it to be for them, can give it a try with no risk. For every person here who says it doesn't work, there are thousands of SBIers who will say that it does. Those folks just aren't here.

    Those who are interested, can check it out. Those who aren't can carry on.

    As I said in my last post, if you're already successful, you don't need SBI. If you are new or have been around awhile, but haven't "made it," SBI can help you. But SBI is not for everyone and it's up to each person to decide.

    Take care, all and good luck with your businesses!

    Stacy Holmes
    SiteSell Answers
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      Originally Posted by StacyHolmes View Post

      Therefore, this is my last post on this thread
      Originally Posted by StacyHolmes View Post

      So it's time for me to end this thread. I won't be coming back to this,
      My sister used to do that when she was five. But she'd always come back.
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    Originally Posted by rogernelson2244 View Post

    Just wondering if anyone would mind sharing what your experience with SiteSell's SBI! (SiteBuildIt) has been. I'm thinking of trying it out. Many thanks.
    I'm subscribed to an internet marketer by the name of Lisa Irby of 2createawebite.com, and she is a huge fan. She puts out quality stuff, so you might want to check out her channel. Just put in her name.

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      I have been a customer of sitesell's for over 5 years. I do not recommend this company. I wish I had moved YEARS ago, But it is a lot of work to move out of their system. Don't listen to whatever crap they tell you. You have to move everything page by page, and the system encourages you to create lots of pages. I have nearly 1000 pages to move to get to another host. Learn from my mistakes. I feel like a fool for staying there this long. Yes, I have made money, but the LOST OPPORTUNITY COST is tremendous. Here are just some of things you need to know about Sitesell:

      Sitesell constantly announces that they have new improved tools and upgrades on the way so that you will keep renewing your subscription and not look elsewhere. However, in the 5 years I've been a customer, they have never put out a new release on time. Their new improved block builder, (which IMHO is not even close to being as flexible and simple as WordPress), was over a year late and contained many bugs. The release was so late and so disruptive to so many customers that now, with their next update (the Mobile update--currently none of the templates that come out of the box are responsive), the owner refuses to set a date as to when Mobile responsive templates will be released so that he won't have to deal with complaints when it's late.

      Their proprietary system is not at all compatible with other web hosts. To further aggravate the situation, in order to upgrade to the new improved system, old customers have to copy and paste each page you created into the new system. For the time invested for those doing that, like myself, I'm choosing to go ahead and copy and paste my pages into WordPress. Their new system (just like their old block builder) does NOT have a SAVE function. I'm not even talking about an autosave! I'm saying a plain old save button! they have you do will work around where you post the page, but check several boxes so that the page won't be indexed by search engines. However, if you have a power surge or an error message when you “build” the page, you'll lose all your work. The owner has the audacity to suggest that everyone should copy and paste their work from a plain text editor as a workaround! Why in this day and age should there be a workaround for a SAVE FUNCTION?!

      If you want to host a decent number of audio or video files, host your own shopping cart, or have a standard blog (their blogIt module DELETES your posts after a certain number and is not at all like a regular blog), you will have to pay for hosting elsewhere and use the infinIt function. It would be more cost-effective to just purchase hosting elsewhere and never use SBI.

      The tools they have for collecting e-mail addresses to build a list are antiquated and not as effective as a Weber. For instance, if you want to set up an autoresponder series, there are limits to the number of auto responses you can use. Although site so will tell you that you can just ask for your customers to sign up again. They also do not allow you to add additional messages in a series. You have to create the entire auto responder series 1st.

      You cannot do 301 redirects with site build it. The workaround presented in the forums is NOT the way preferred by google. Forget about changing domain names. Forget about renaming your pages. You cannot do it there with a simple redirect. They do not use C panel, FTP, WHM. If you are like me and learned how to put up a site on the Internet with SBI, you will have no idea what to do when you go to a new host. You will have to learn everything over again. In addition, they use their own terms for their proprietary system in their education. Much of what you learn only works within site built its tools Educating yourself with the universal product like WordPress, will allow you to learn how standard hosting works.

      If you are successful, they will put your website on their “results” page without asking you. This page is used by sitesell affiliates to promote SBI. Think about it. You find a successful niche, and then your hosting provider notices that your site is getting great traffic and they give you free promotion for your site. When I was new to the Internet game, I didn't realize how harmful having a successful niche advertised as successful to other people could be. I was never asked, and several friends of mine had to fight tooth and nail to get their sites removed from the results page even after they transferred the site out of SBI.

      If you plan on having multiple sites, you are best served elsewhere Site build it costs $300 a year per domain or $30 a month per domain.

      I would never recommend site build it to anyone again. I feel horrible for ever having recommended it in the past. If you are a complete newbie to the Internet, then I would recommend if you feel compelled to start with site build it (although I think it's a HUGE mistake) then promise yourself that you transfer your site out at the 50 page mark or when your site is getting 500 visitors a day, whichever is first. By then you will have maxed out on the benefits, and be more subject to the downfalls of this limited, proprietary and antiquated system.
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      Princessleia seems to waging her own version of Star Wars with us. We have no problem with criticism, but much of that post is unfair. Quickly, point by point...

      1) We're glad that Princess has made money with SBI!. Moving a site is pretty straightforward actually, and you do not "have to move everything page by page." Basically, you use (free) software to suck the entire site and then FTP that to your new host. You will have to get forms working, of course. Some modules are proprietary, such as the user-generated Content 2 module (where visitors create content for you), so would likely need to be de-activated since there is heavy back-end programming behind them. It is only normal that you can't take things Content 2.0, Brainstorm it! and other tools with you. Support provides full instructions on this.

      Moving ANY site is not easy, but it's not nearly as hard as portrayed here.

      2) BlockBuilder 2 was our largest development, by far. 4 years and $3.5 million in the making (including hardware and a new platform), we were indeed way over-budget and late. The complexities of an entirely new sitebuilder, a new platform and the need for BB2 to "talk" to all other modules, was much greater than initially anticipated.

      Any senior tech who has led a massive development like this knows that over-runs happen on any major development that includes a platform change (and said so in the forums). The unforeseeables are, by definition, unforeseeable. That goes for the launch, too. That was a painful time for all. We worked 16x7 to fix bugs. It was an unhappy time for those impacted.

      Now, though, folks love BB2. And, now that BB2 is up and running, we have been very productive with new releases. Over the past 10 weeks, we have made 20 releases, including BB2 enhancements, several social launches (from Facebook and G+ to Twitter and Pinterest), the compete open-graphing of every site (OG tags)...

      ALL on time. We learned from the BB2 experience, but it was a hard way to learn.

      3) Yes, after BB2 was late, Ken Evoy no longer sets dates for larger projects such as "Mobilize It!." Few companies do because unforeseeables do crop up.

      Princess, however, has not understood the concept of Mobilize It!. BB2 templates are already "responsive," as are iDesign3 templates for those who upload their own html.

      Mobilize It! will enable folks to deliver a "responsive design" version of their site to smartphones, using the same URLs. This is Google's #1-recommended way of "doing mobile." Prototype presentations have been very exciting and Ken has announced that they are ahead of schedule.

      4) Regarding backward compatibility with BB1, Ken also announced and repeated several times (starting about a year before launch) that automated migration from BB1 to BB2 would not be possible. The architecture and platforms are so different that it became impossible. Most SBIers are taking the opportunity to update their site and do a fine-tooth combing of it to head off, or correct, for Panda and Penguin. But this only has to be done when changes are made to BB1 pages, and a large percentage of SBIers are actually looking forward to the transition. They're eager to gain the ability to make sitewide changes with the click of a mouse, which is useful for many things, including monetization.

      5) Regarding "save"... It is quite easy to click the checkbox that adds a norobot-nofollow tag into it and then build the page. That keeps the page out of the Sitemap file that SBI! automatically creates. Since there is no link to the page, there is no danger of it being discovered. Remove the check when ready to "go live."

      The storyboard method (saving in a text file) is a suggestion for planning a page before using BB2, more than a workaround for "save." At any rate, this is on the dev schedule, but is lower in priority than other modules.

      6) Infin It! enables an SBIer to plug any 3rd party product (such as a Wordpress blog or a store) into SBI!. This made more sense than developing those excellent wheels that already exist.

      Princess ignores the fact that we do not charge extra for sites that generate tens of thousands of daily visitors. Also, we are not a video host or storebuilder or blogging software. A minority of SBIers need these additional functions. They understand the value of SBI! and do not begrudge paying an additional $10/month for a host to park their blog or store, for example.

      But, while talking about cost-effectiveness, Princess chooses to not mention all the tools that, bought separately, would cost many times the price of SBI! (see tools.sitesell.com). A far more common reaction to SBI! is amazement of all that is included with it.

      6) MailOut Manager works well for most SBIers' needs. Some do need more sophisticated tools and choose to use products like aweber. The first quarter of 2013 will see an overhaul of MailOut Manger (using the BB2 engine and offering unlimited lists). We are not trying to match aweber, a company dedicated to this one function. When your business grows and YOU need greater sophistication, you can move to aweber, which costs as much as SBI!.

      Until then, it's included with SBI! for free.

      7) As for being different than regular web hosting, yes. We remove those complexities so that people can focus on building their business, not mastering technology or learning by a long, difficult trial-and-error process. 301s have not been high on the Wish List created by SBIers, whereas functions like Mobilize It! have been much higher. That said, 301 is on the schedule for 2013, both at page and site level.

      8) As for the misrepresentation of the "results" page. Princess seems to think that, if your site is successful, your competitors will not notice. She also knows that the announcement of a new results.sitesell.com brings about an energetic, positive and fun forum thread that congratulates sites that "made the cut," and that look forward to making the next edition.

      Sites must, by the way, have the traffic to back up the Alexa count and are virtually unanimously delighted to be on that page filled with quality sites. It is basically a super-high-quality directory page, organized by category.

      For anyone who wants off, "tooth and nails" are not required...

      The new results.sitesell.com page is announced both in the forums and our weekly SBIX newsletter. Anyone who wants to be taken off is removed immediately. We retain a list of sites who have asked not to be on it. After 10 years, there are 5 domains on that "exclude" list. On the flip side, there are tons of delighted comments about being selected.

      Each time we release a new edition of results.sitesell.com, by the way, the selection process gets harder. What you see is a small subset of those who could have made the list. And, while we screen to make sure that there is traffic behind the Alexa count, we are unable to consider some tremendous sites with high traffic but which have an Alexa score that not good enough to be considered.

      In short, this is an under-representation of some of our successful sites. They can be taken off at any time. Almost none want to be. But if and when they do make a request (there have been only 3 in the past 5 years), we take it very seriously.

      9) AS for this...

      "If you plan on having multiple sites, you are best served elsewhere Site build it costs $300 a year per domain or $30 a month per domain."

      People planning to build an e-business should focus on ONE business at a time. Even with SBI! and its all-in-one approach (process, tools, guidance, etc.), building a business is hard work. Yes, SBI! makes it more likely that such effort will bear fruit. But you still have to work.

      Once an SBI! owner DOES build a successful site, about half choose to keep building that one business. And approximately half choose to start a 2nd SBI! business, recognizing the value in SBI! and that $299 per year is a small price to pay to build a profitable business.

      Finally, a small percentage do what KenJ does. He "learnt so much that [he] can now run [his] business solo."

      We are honored by that.

      And that brings us to who SBI! is for...

      1) those who are just starting out -- the proper presentation of information and process and tools, constantly updated (ex. social is an important part of SBI! now) is invaluable, saving a ton of trial-and-error, costly bad tools and other mistakes.

      2) those who have tried Wordpress, eBay, etc., and have yet to succeed

      For both of these groups, SBI! remains your best chance, economical for all that it offers, to succeed online. Most people "get this" (especially once they start and use the Action Guide and tools) and see the large, positive forest.

      Some, unfortunately choose to focus and make a few trees (that are not yet perfect or present) out to be of far greater importance than they are. The forest of delivering the greatest probability of online success outweighs the few trees. Nothing is perfect.

      I'm sure Princess will return with yet more, but we'll leave this here.

      We hope that people who can see the much larger forest are not dissuaded by this attempt to hurt our business in the name of "warning" people who would, in fact, like KenJ, greatly benefit from SBI!.

      Stacy Holmes
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    The ebook is good for IM starters. But I'd recommend Wordpress rather than pricey Site Build It programs. I also notice that they hate Wordpress I'm not sure why... :confused:

    Other thing I found that I can't unsubscribe from their mailing list, I forgot my login to member area but when I contact support they never reply my emails.

    Been several years trying to get rid of Ken Evoy's emails with no luck and I'm very annoyed with it.
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      Hi CustomDevo

      Other thing I found that I can't unsubscribe from their mailing list, I forgot my login to member area but when I contact support they never reply my emails.

      Been several years trying to get rid of Ken Evoy's emails with no luck and I'm very annoyed with it.
      Hmmmm, something is not right. The main reason this could be occurring is because you are an active SiteSell affiliate. You may have unsubscribed from the SiteSell ezine, but your affiliate account is separate and affiliates receive weekly newsletter. However, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of that email that will deactivate those emails for you. If this is not your issue, please PM me and I will help you get off our list. We don't want to email you if you don't want it, and if there's a problem I will help you debug it. Support always responds to emails. If you're not getting an answer, there is a reason.

      PM me and I will help you.

      SiteSell does not hate Wordpress. That is a misunderstanding. In the past, we have tried to differentiate SBI! from Wordpress as they are often compared as apples an apples. We have tried to show that Wordpress is apples and SBI! is oranges.


      Good luck to you! Some people like you, do move on. Others prefer to stay once they are trained because they don't want to give up certain tools or the forums. It's all a matter of personal preference.

      Stacy Holmes
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    Great methodology, but outdated designs. I would stay away unless you need step by step, even then, there are better and more relevant info here for FREE. I like to think of SBI as a way for a geriatric person to get into online markting.

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      Did anyone else notice that the site sell representative actually provided the ridiculous workaround they have instead of the save function?

      "5) Regarding "save"... It is quite easy to click the checkbox that adds a norobot-nofollow tag into it and then build the page. That keeps the page out of the Sitemap file that SBI! automatically creates. Since there is no link to the page, there is no danger of it being discovered. Remove the check when ready to "go live."
      WordPress has an autosave! They've had it for YEARS. They actually think that checking several boxes and waiting for the page to build as something equivalent to save and don't even address the concept of autosave!!!! Can anyone imagine checking a few boxes and building a page saving your work from a simple power surge or a page timeout. Seriously? Save as you go is STANDARD in a web or non-web computer program, but they have you check boxes and they think that is good enough is INDICATIVE of their out of touch thinking. And this is in the new-improved just released a year late updated version. Can you believe that?

      There is a "wish list" in their forums dating back over three years for a save function and this is the kind of response they give customers. Just for a SAVE function that exists everywhere else in world.

      Also where they say you should only build one web business at a time is condescending. Since when does one web business mean ONE WEBSITE??? With all the Pandas and Penguins diversifying over several domains is NOT bad business.

      What marketing professional here only has one website? Why does SBI bother selling 2-for-1 specials every holiday season and one just a few months ago if staring two sites in one year is a bad idea? (You only have nine months to activate your second subscription, and you pay full renewal when it's done).

      If you use another host you can host unlimited domains and can start at anytime. Having more opportunity for growth while paying less is just good business. Their rebuttals are ridiculous. I am so fed up with this company I am typing this for no other reason than I feel like no one else should make the mistakes I've made. Just look at their reply.

      They have a vested interest in taking your money. I have no affiliate products, no links no nothing. I'm just ENRAGED by their condescension and product. IT wasn't until I started using other systems that I realized just how BAD SBI really is. Don't do it. If you feel you must, stay for three months, learn what you can and leave, but don't build hundreds of pages and use it as the fundation of your business. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. I have NOTHING to sell you like they and the many affiliates reviews you will read online. Read the response they wrote here.

      Ask yourself? If their new sitebuilder system was over a year late, how long will it take them to do mobile? If they haven't and don't plan on an autosave function, because it's no big deal, what other things are they going to leave out? Why didn't she she mention anything about the lack of 301 redirects? Just really read what I wrote and what they wrote closely.

      Write to hostgator and see if they'll transfer an SBI site to their host for free like they will other webhosts? They won't. Ask around. They can nitpick all they want, but you can get more for less elsewhere in my opinion. And if you go to: Sitesell.com - Recent name server activity - DailyChanges.com you'll see that may days more domains are being deleted or transferred out of Sitesell than going in so perhaps more actual customers feel like I do than they would have everyone believe.

      I DO NOT recommend SBI at ALL.
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    SBI is a good tool if you don t knwo anything about IM. But you don t have any freedom. So if you can build a wordpress site, add all in one seo, etc... Then I d say you should rather go with wordpress.
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    Princessleia – I just built numerous pages on my site over the weekend. It was smooth, simple and yes – for one page, I used the "build workaround" because there was no save function. But it worked perfectly and did the trick. The save function will come out on the dev schedule when there's time. There are other projects in the pipeline and these are prioritized in terms of what is the most helpful to the most SBIers.

    Your concern about unlimited domains at other hosts has been addressed numerous times in this forum. Your concern about deadlines and promises was answered above. The concerns from others about being free is an age-old issue, but it too, has been addressed numerous times in the past.

    The purpose of encouraging the building of one website at a time is that many/most people need to devote attention to one project before moving on. It is very easy for people to get involved in too much at once and never see light at the end of the tunnel. Keep in mind, SBI! has a broad client base and strives to adhere to principles that benefit and is safest for the widest range of clients.

    If you have outgrown SBI!, Princessleia, it is perfectly okay to move on. But you are beginning to resort to inflammatory (and contradictory) accusations. So it's time for me to end this thread. I won't be coming back to this, because from experience, I know it will not get any more productive at this point.

    It's easy for you to complain about dev schedules and save function workarounds, Princessleia, because your site is established and making money. But for those people who have tried for years to earn an income online, who have tried and failed, SBI! helps those people. For as many people who complain, there are 10x who praise it and would rather see the programmers focus on projects like Mobilize It! to help them expand their business and increase their success.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying SBI! is perfect, because nothing is. But what I am saying is that it SBI! has helped many people, including Princessleia. And it is not possible to make every single customer happy 100% of the time.

    Good luck to all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Stacy Holmes
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      I am not hired by sitesell being paid to type replies. I'm an actual enraged customer doing this on my own time. The original poster asked if anybody's used sitesell. I have, and I'm incredibly unhappy with my experience.

      AND, I'm not the only one ...

      Here are more thoughts from others many of whom have also used Sitesell's SBI:

      Why I Moved My SBI Site - Joe Trent (he has three great posts on his experience.) Here's some highlights.

      From his post:

      "This goal of this post is to get rid of the lingering anger I’ve had pent-up over my experience with Sitesell."
      "Ken Evoy (Sitesell President) used to love saying things like “where will you be in a year” or something close to that. I can tell you where I was after the 1st year with SBI. Broke and sleep deprived."
      from the comments:
      ... My biggest disappointment with SBI is that it simply has not kept up with the changes in the web world. ... SBI is seriously overpriced for what it offers. Many of its services, like the MKL, can be found for under $50 with an online tool. I now have as good a site, if not better, than I had before, at a fraction of the cost. ...
      Seems SBI and Ken Evoy are on the Google War Path « Sheseo

      A few highlights from the comments section:

      This company is a wreck waiting to happen, sadly the trusting blinded customers will pay the price while he sits on his Anguilla mansion enjoying margaritas at people’s expense and failure with their businesses...I have one thing to say to anyone considering to buy SBI, “Stay the heck away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      There are the golden few who actually made it who are paraded in front of us like lottery winners. But so many SBI long time subscribers are like gamblers losing at the table, reluctant to give up, blame themselves for their lack of success, and they keep plugging away at their sites while Ken Evoy admonishes “build more content” “content is gold” “keep it real” as a fix for all that is wrong. And BTW pay me my $300 when you pass go. But actually it is not the loss of money, it is the loss of time, that could have been spent pursuing a real opportunity.
      Site Build It Scam? A Site Build It Review From A Former Customer Here are some highlights:

      From the post:

      "All I can say is…get out while you still can! I (and many others) firmly believe that SBI! is a sinking ship. Don’t let them take your website down with them!
      From the comments:

      "I’m an ex-SBIer and was fairly sickened by the attitude of people in their forums and just the whole experience."
      "Kudos to you for not bowing to the considerable pressure that SBI seems to put on those that dare to leave the cult and, *shock horror* CRITICIZE the great Ken Evoy and Site Build it! "
      "WordPress to SBI is like Porsche to the Flintstones’ vehicle!
      He will go to great lengths to manipulate the unsuspecting noobs."
      I’m an ex-SBIer and was fairly sickened by the attitude of people in their forums and just the whole experience.

      There's more. Way more. Check out the links.

      All the functionality that this company offers AND its "in development" promises are already available elsewhere along with many other tools. No lines. No waiting.

      Hopefully, some of the things I said here will offer a counterpoint to be marketing materials, affiliate promotions, and hired hands that all have one goal, to get you to buy their product so they can make more money “helping” people. Ask yourself, just how angry and fed up does a customer have to be to waste this much time writing about how much they dislike a company? Remember the guy who made the music video about his guitar getting smashed by baggage handlers? Think of how many opportunities a company has to miss out on to improve customer satisfaction, to make someone want to go this much out of her way to warn others to stay away. Then make your decision with eyes open.
  • Profile picture of the author StacyHolmes
    Hello Oven Key,

    Yes I'm back. But I didn't come back to debate. The "critics" are NOT here to debate either, they're really just here to blast. It's the "same old, same old" merely said with different words. There are a couple of new twists of late, like carefully taking a few out-of-context words from Ken's forum posts to make them sound terrible, but leaving out all the positive things that have been happening and ignoring the strong, helpful voices that have emerged.

    I sent the above posts to Ken and he said, "same old lies, myths, half-truths and distortions by folks who prefer to hide behind personas." He respects, at least, folks like Kristi Linauer and Joe Trent. He doesn't agree with most of what they say, but at least he respects that they stand behind their words.

    Rather than repeat the same answers that have been given before, here are just of few replies from the past...


    In regards to the few new falsehoods being created, since you ARE following the SBI! forums and already know that our sysadmins have reported that those numbers (of domains) are not accurate, it's obvious you're promoting these new myths for other reasons.

    Instead of addressing your self-interested myths, I have a suggestion: why don't all you SBI!-haters get together and debate Ken, personally and directly?

    Here's how...

    1) Step out of the shadows. Sign your name to this debate. If you really did have an SBI! site, name it so we can cross-check your statements for the truth. If you never did have a site, well, I guess we won't be seeing you.

    2) Make a list. A real good solid, documented list of all the things that you find wrong with SBI! such as Ken, the approach, the tools (all of them), etc. I'll offer a word of advice and I offer it only in the spirit of saving you time and embarrassment...

    Drop the ridiculous speculations and accusations that you really have no way of knowing. Like this example by "effervescent".

    They - By 'they' I mean Ken. To follow the SBI system is to follow Ken Evoy. Period. Sure, there is a staff to keep things moving....sort of, but the Action Guide, the newsletter, the emails, the marketing materials, and every instructional post, report, and audit for you to follow is written by Ken Evoy.
    Ken oversees operations, but there is no way he could do all that. He focuses mostly on new product development and participates in the forums as much as he can. As the team has grown, he has gradually been limiting his role to product development and overall direction.

    So regarding content (aside from his posts in the forums which most people seem to value)....

    1) He assembles the SBIX (the weekly SBI! newsletter with news and launch announcements, etc). He will probably let this go soon, since Theresa could do it just as well.

    2) The Action Guide is constantly updated by the Content team, as are the articles in the various HQs. Ken may suggest certain topics to cover, but content is mostly driven by the staff, who have a great deal of autonomy.

    He was heavily involved in the Panda Audit and Recommendations, which reversed an overall 8% loss in traffic to Panda with a 26% gain in the 4 months following its release. Ken jumped out, very front and center, and organized an exhaustive study on that issue.

    The resulting Panda report was based on an objective study of over 200 SBI! sites, some hit by Panda and some not, comparing them for over 65 variables which might conceivably have had an impact. Because it is an analysis based on statistical data, it remains one of the best articles on dealing with Panda. The results more than recaptured lost traffic.

    Similarly, since Penguin, average site traffic grows month on month.

    In short, we're back to normal.

    3) As for the "marketing materials," the affiliate team writes the 5 Pillar e-zine. Ken may or may not suggest topics, but he is usually pretty hands-off. He may suggest directions for a new page or an idea for an AB-split. But he never writes them. In fact, Ken recently appointed someone to oversee the 5 major, non-product-dev teams. That person reports to Ken weekly, reviewing the important projects that are going on with each team.

    That frees up Ken to do more important things than write everything SBIers read, while still making sure that the big picture is correct and incorporating what is new and important.

    So that statement is just silly...

    A more accurate description would be, "Oversight and high-level direction, as we gather information from both the forums and external best-of-breed coverage in every area of online business-building.'"

    In fact, Ken's main role nowadays is prioritizing product development, setting the specs and then letting an outstanding team of sysadmins, UI experts, and programmers do their thing. They, too, have much more latitude. Many years ago, Ken set the specs in detail. Now he sends high-level specs for a new tool, the team lead returns a proposed UI and may revise the specs. Ken approves and off they go to build the tool.

    SBIers have been delighted with the speed and regularity of all the new features since BlockBuilder 2. And yes, BB2 was a "difficult birth," but since the bugs were fixed, and with the continuing release of new features, many SBIers who have tried many sitebuilders including Wordpress, now call it the "best sitebuilder in the world."

    There is no way to measure that, I agree, but it's a sign that BB2 is a beloved core of SBI!, yet is only one of many modules included for free, that you would otherwise have to pay for. And it is only going to get more and more powerful.


    But there I go again. Rather than continuing on,

    If you are so sure of how terrible SBI! is, why don't you...

    1) Unmask yourselves and build a list of complaints, weaknesses, etc., and sign your names to them and add your true history (or lack of thereof) with SBI!, including sites.

    2) If you've left SBI! and have complaints, please do include real examples of your sites/blogs as examples of how extraordinarily well you are doing. If you are worried about revealing your niche, that's just immature thinking combined with a lack of confidence in your ability to stick.

    If you truly think that someone who knows nothing about breeding Siamese cats is going to start competing successfully against your knowledge-and-passion fueled site and social presence, you really can't have much to begin with.

    If you are successful, believe me, your REAL competitors have already discovered you. Some free exposure in results.sitesell.com is not what is going to do you in.


    In other words, it is impressive to see Princess's continuing rage at SiteSell (by the way, are ALL your posts here only going to be about SBI!?) and it's great to know that she continues to earn income with SBI!, but it's not so impressive when she hides her accusations behind a pseudonym and dedicates herself to finding new ways to twist whatever is happening at SiteSell, ignoring all the great stuff that has been happening, including the weekly, on-time releases.

    I know Ken would love to debate claims such as...

    If you want to host a decent number of audio or video files, host your own shopping cart, or have a standard blog (their blogIt module DELETES your posts after a certain number and is not at all like a regular blog), you will have to pay for hosting elsewhere and use the infinIt function. It would be more.

    To anyone reading this, there is almost ALWAYS an excellent answer to these. And Ken will be the first to admit where there are weaknesses with SBI!. The problem here is that there seems to be no limit to the creative twisting by haters (you can tell by their tone and the BIG RED remarks) to make matters seem bad, when in fact SBI! delivers amazing value and no other company anywhere has documented nearly the type and number of success stories that SBI! does.


    So put your names where you mouths are and make a really good list of complaints and accusations. I expect answers such as "Ken will be mean to me" or "I choose to remain private."

    No, Ken won't be mean to you. And if you choose to remain private, I trust that people reading this will give anonymous criticism the regard it deserves.

    Please, do get together and let's settle this once and for all. Include complaints like this one...

    If you are successful, they will put your website on their “results” page without asking you. This page is used by sitesell affiliates to promote SBI. Think about it. You find a successful niche, and then your hosting provider notices that your site is getting great traffic and they give you free promotion for your site. When I was new to the Internet game, I didn't realize how harmful having a successful niche advertised as successful to other people could be. I was never asked, and several friends of mine had to fight tooth and nail to get their sites removed from the results page even after they transferred the site out of SBI.</
    You'll know how foolish you sound after Ken answers. And please, DO include the names of the "several friends" who had to "fight tooth and nail to get their sites removed." Facts count because facts make it easier for Ken to expose your distortions and exaggerations. The rest?

    It's just hate. The fact is, Melissa, you got into a disagreement with Ken and you've held a grudge ever since. So go ahead...

    No need to hide behind names. Get together, name your names and your sites, make a well-documented list and Ken will be glad to publicly answer and then debate you ALL in public, once.

    I mean...

    ALL against Ken. That seems about fair.

    The transcript will be posted on a third party site which you can gladly post to, as evidence of how bad SBI! is, whenever you want to slam SBI!. Just post to it... or not.


    Yes, I have run this past Ken.

    He would be very interested to actually FACE the cowardly hate-mongers and falsehood-spreaders who hide behind pseudonyms, face to face, ONCE and reply to every complaint and objection you can come up with.


    On a happier note:

    It's nice to see there are others with positive and balanced points of view. I know this is not "home field advantage," but the fair voices do have a calm and factual tone, with a good, simple suggestion...

    "Try it." You may hate it immediately. You may love it and see the value. You may try it for a few months, learn a lot and then decide to move on. But please don't let the angry fool you.

    SBI! is not perfect (what is?), but it really is the best way to start and build a successful online business.


    The ball is in your court, haters. I look forward to hearing if you are ready to come out from the shadows, work together publicly and openly, the way that several of you work together secretly already, except that you're going to have to be much more rigorous and do away with the so-easy-to-do mud-slinging that can't be backed up.

    You know by now that if you don't, that Ken will expose your accusations with a very bright and clear light, for all to see the truth.


    To the fair-minded, I really have no more to add but I'm sure the haters will. I ask you to post a link to this post as my reply to whatever else they sling in the future. I have tried, but there is no end to what can be made up. Ken invites the haters to come out of the dark land of make-it-up and twist-and-shout, join forces with Joe Trent and Kristi Linauer and Lis Sowerbutts and do your best.

    Have one, complete debate with Ken. You don't have to attach you names to PAST posts that you have made here, since you would be embarrassed, knowing how irresponsible many of them are. But you DO have to step forward and stand behind your statements going forward.

    We will find a mutually agreeable moderator so you can rebut, as can Ken.

    We will both then have a place to send people to when the wild mud-slinging recurs. It's the facts that count - hard, documentable real facts.

    If you refuse, well, that pretty much speaks for itself, no matter how you try to justify it.

    I do ask the fair-minded here to link to this post when yet another hate party gets going. It is the only answer that is needed from here on in.

    Warm regards,

    Stacy Holmes
  • Profile picture of the author Zacman

    I was doing a search just out of curiosity to find the best host for a large WP site (high traffic) and this thread caught my eye in search results.

    I've two SBI sites the first about 7 years old now. The first site I sell my own line of products on and have been more than moderately successful doing so. Although recently other projects have led me to neglect my SBI sites a bit.

    This thread seems to me to be a bit of an exposure of some of SBI's short comings and those whom simply weren't a good fit for SBI type of sites. And of course testimonials from those like myself who've learned much from SBI and also have developed those skills using other resources online.

    Is there any chance SBI will ever integrate wordpress as an alternative? My latest site I went with it simply because my developer was much more skilled with WP instead of coding a PHP site from scratch for me. (not to mention all the plugins for WP are really handy)

    I'm going to bookmark this thread as I'd love to see Ken interact with some of the detractors, and even some of us who might have some questions/suggestions etc.


    Almost Done With My Mobile Friendly Skin & Scalp Treatment Site Feed Back Welcome http://flakeffree.com

  • Profile picture of the author princessleia

    SBI does not have an autosave like WordPress does. They also do not have a single button save solution aka (a save button). Building a page and marking it no follow no index is not saving a page. It is building a page and marking it no follow no index.

    You cannot change your domain name with SBI. if the better domain name becomes available or you want to split your site into 2 domains, you cannot do it with SBI. This is also tied to the fact that you do not have 301 redirects with SBI.

    If you want to add a store, a dedicated blog, host PHP scripts, media heavy files, or have a podcast, you will only be able to do that if you purchase additional hosting elsewhere.

    SBI costs either $300 a year per domain name or $30 a month per domain name. There is no discount for multiple domains with the exclusion to the occasional by one get one free promotion, however, the free is only for one year. Each subsequent year he will have to renew at the 300 a year or 30 a month price.

    SBI sites are currently not mobile responsive. Yes, with considerable scrolling you can view their sites on mobile, however, unless you purchase a mobile response of template and learn to uploda your own HTML, your sitse will not be responsive until their mobile module is ready. No release date is given for that in progress development.

    The recent upgrade for their block builder was indeed over a year late and contained many bugs.

    FYI: You can do all of the things above if you use WordPress as your content management system and get a simple basic account at host gator. You can buy a premium WordPress theme for less than $100 that you can use on multiple sites that will allow your site to be mobile responsive. Installing WordPress is easy using host gator or any number of host services.
    • Profile picture of the author effervescent
      Zac, I'll take a shot at answering your question only because it's been raised in the SBI forums many times. Why not make WordPress part of what SBI offers. Ken has spent many hours and much effort comparing SBI to WP. There is a whole marketing strategy where the spin is to make WordPress the competition and then to show how WP is a rip off compared to SBI. There is no way to turn around from years of that and remain credible.

      Not that Ken hasn't contradicted himself countless of times before. Google +, and the Google petition are just two examples.

      But, to bring WP in as an SBI offering would mean to back pedal on the "WP is bad" mantra. And it would also make clear that WP is a much better CMS for people who are not tech savvy.

      With regard to your hope that Ken comes in this thread to participate?
      I would pose that you indeed have already been "speaking" with Ken Evoy participating in this forum as Stacy Holms. Why do I think this? Ken's writing style is unmistakable. Also, Ken's lack of self control when there is a negative review about SBI anywhere he thinks it might get some traction is legendary. He has to reply to justify and defend....again, and again, and again.

      And then one more time.

      He is also known for resorting to name calling when people post reviews about the less than desirable aspects of SBI. "Silly", "Hater", "Debater", "Hatemongers", "Falsehood spreaders" are all names those of us with SBI experience have seen countless times in the forums and all over the net when Ken doesn't like what you have to say about the product.

      Honestly, at this point having Ken tag you with a "nanny-nanny-poo-poo" name is a badge of honor for those who have seen the light and escaped the proprietary trap that is SBI.

      "Stacy" I skimmed you rather verbose post. I'm sure I didn't catch everything, but here is what stuck out to me.

      How do I know that Ken writes everything at SBI? Well, as you wrote, Ken participates heavily in the forums.

      The newsletter template simply links you his latest forum posts. Now, in all fairness, he will also provide links to forum posts of his choosing called Pearls written by other SBIers. These Pearls are posts that praise SBI and usually are accompanied with links to his replies to the Pearls where reinforces the praise and preaches to the choir.

      You could easily spend hours going from link to link and be convinced that SBI is great but not have learned one new internet marketing skill in the process.

      The Panda/Penguin/252 audits and such I know for a fact were all written by Ken because he said so. Over and over. He told us repeatedly in the forums about all the sleep he was losing because he alone was doing the analysis to make everyone "Panda proof for the next 20 years." Yes, for everyone else reading this, he really said that to his customers.

      And of course, Ken wrote the Action Guide along with all the other "Make Your fill-in-the-blank Sell" ebooks. For everything else that lands in your inbox you can read Ken's voice clearly. It's not a secret.

      The SBI system is Ken's baby, he wrote it and he directs in from within. There doesn't seem to be anyone whose differing point of view he respects or listens to. My point was that simply that anyone considering SBI be aware of this going in.

      If you don't succeed with SBI, he will claim it's because you did something wrong. Coincidentally, in much the same manner in which earlier in this thread "Stacy" presumed that Tagiscom has made "some pretty fundamental mistakes" with his SBI site and that must be why it's not earning. That's a big assumption to make sight unseen.

      To "Stacy's" discounting the validity of these entries based on their anonymity I say, I am posting according to these forum guidelines. Unlike the SBI forums, that does not require that I reveal my identity or my urls. I've moved on from SBI and am not on any vendetta. My original post was a review. Like billions of others for millons of products across the net. No more. No less. I don't really appreciate the name calling in response to it, but it's not the first time that tactic has been used in the effort to belittle posters and discredit negative reviews of SBI.

      I personally don't feel it's necessary to resort to labels like cult leader, narcissist, megalomaniac, control freak, ego maniac, bully, tyrant and toddler...as has been done in countless other posts across the net when describing Ken Evoy.

      Whether or not there are hints of truth, those people are speaking from anger at feeling ripped off and tricked. They speak from the frustration of dealing with a product that simply stopped working the way it was supposed to....if it ever did.

      Hopefully, as I stated at the end of my original post, those considering SBI will read EVERYTHING that's available and then make an informed decision.

      Oh, and one more thing. I have friend who in addition to everything else he feels is wrong with SBI, pointed out something to me that's been in plain sight for years but it seems, never questioned. On the SiteSell Facebook Page there is this statement, "www.sitesell.com has helped hundreds of thousands of regular people build online businesses ("e-businesses") that outperform larger competitors. SBI! is the only all-in-one product that empowers folks to succeed at unmatched rates of success."

      Where exactly are all those "hundreds of thousands" of ebusinesses and their owners? Clearly, they are not being hosted at SiteSell. Where are the stats that show these "hundreds of thousands" of businesses outperforming their larger competitors at "unmatched rates of success"?

      As "Stacy" posted previously in this thread "It's the facts that count - hard, documentable real facts." So in the spirit of that statement, where are these documented "hundreds of thousands of regular people"? Where are these websites?
  • Profile picture of the author Zacman

    Thanks, I'll agree, it is unlikely SBI will add WP as an option anytime soon, if ever.

    I'll have to disagree that Stacy is Ken incognito. I'm not a casual SBI member....quiet the opposite, SBI has changed my life. If Stacy's online "voice" sounds a bit like Ken's I can relate to that.

    I find myself sounding much like him simply from reading so much of his writings.

    Now before you think I'm just going to side with the "cult", think again. I'll admit SBI, and particularly Block Builder in general were limited, particularly years ago.

    Fact is most of the templates where quiet clunky if that makes sense to you. I used one on my first SBI site for a year and then hired a designer to make it look professioanl, which btw was a SBI recommendation and did the whole upload etc for just over 100 bucks.

    OK, IMO to put this discussion into perspective, I'll have to say the detractors are having a platform to dis SBI simply because they choose to use cheaper hosting which they can manage, or they are not really that successful online and want to bash one of the avenues they tried buy failed at due to their own lack of effort.

    Side Bar

    Think of it this way. How many successful MLM leaders have tons of their downline who didn't succeed simply because of a lack of effort ect?

    End of Side Bar, No Resemblance To Ken Intended....

    Now to those who have succeeded after their SBI experience, well good for you! Why not engage this thread with some positive feedback as to what you would do to improve SBI?

    Not sure why there is this angst against SBI in general and from Warriors in particular.

    I will tell you one thing. There is no substitute for hard work. If you want to succeed online, you'll have to work hard at it.

    SBI will work for you, if you choose to go that direction. If not, then there are ton's of other hosts and platforms to use.

    The Warrior Forum has tons of advice from successful marketers, but it also has tons of offers from those who simply want your money, and are only concerned with their ROI and CPC etc etc.

    I'm a WRM and know many of the biggest WSO people here.

    I'm not thrilled with the way IMers concentrate on their sales copy, one time offers, second time offers, etc etc etc. all mostly a bunch of crap. (all designed to make them and their JVs more $ and add very little value)

    Want to bash Ken, pretty easy target. But IMO I think there's much more wrong with internet marketing than his approach and company.

    OK, rambled enough.

    What say you?

    Almost Done With My Mobile Friendly Skin & Scalp Treatment Site Feed Back Welcome http://flakeffree.com

    • Profile picture of the author effervescent
      The question was, "Has anyone used SiteSell's SBI?" And then the original poster asked us to elaborate on our experience with it. Why would anyone care what I would do to fix SBI? The fact that you think that's what we should be answering with seems odd to me Zac.

      I also find it a bit perplexing that you say you aren't sure why there is angst against SBI. Have you not read any of the posts, or glanced at the links provided? The reasons have been clearly stated by many people. You may not agree, but I would imagine most people can understand where the angst is coming from.

      If you are good with SBI then fine. I'm not going to call you a blind follower who can't think for himself. Or perhaps point out that you could be merely an SBI shill.

      I'm going to take you at your word for what it's worth here and respect that your opinion is different than mine.

      However, as long as the SBI culture makes it acceptable practice for people like you Zac, the ones that are OK with SBI, to have no respect for the opinions of the unsatisfied customers and label them as "detractors" and "Ken bashing"; or insinuating that we must not have done the "hard work", then the number of domains at SiteSell will continue to decline until those of you that are still being hosted there find your sites trapped with no options.

      THAT is the shame of it all.
    • Profile picture of the author effervescent

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