Russell Brunson - Micro-Continuity 12 Week Training

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Did anybody here get in on this ?
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    I didn't but it looked AMAZING!!! wasn't it sold out?
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    no, but I did set up a micro continuity site right after watching the free video, it was already sold out by the time I got to it, I just wanted to purchase it mainly for the traffic secrets
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    Yep. I am in this.

    3 words:

    Totally. Freaking. Sweet.

    I'm re-vamping 4 of my sites to use this model.

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    Russell Rocks!

    My client is going through the Micro-Continuity Workshop so I get to sit in on all of the sessions. It is by far the most incredible marketing model that I've ever seen. While a lot of us are spinning our wheels with getting visitors to sign up for a special report, Russell focuses on qualifying those visitors that actually have credit cards.

    We're already seeing immediate results by implementing just 1 of his techniques.
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    I actually did get hold of this, one of my partners had purchased , he's working on a program using Russels techniques, but I have to say :

    a) The traffic systems are ok - but not great, solid but nothing world beating and all pretty much known outside of this system. Many of them are not actually finished and theres a tendancy to kind of jump over some quite crucial parts . This isn't the case in all, some are done well but at this kind of price bracket, content needs to be A1.

    b) The course was cut short pretty dramatically, the forum is ok, but the support isn't fantastic, and if you think you have any chance of speaking to Russel , forget it.

    c) Some of the stuff such as " we set up your site for you etc", is a exageration, nobody actually does this stuff for you, it's more a case of poetic licence in that they give you all the information to help you set it up yourself.

    I'm not dissapointed as such, and the basic principle of micro continuity the free CD etc is solid, it's just that overall it's not quite lived up the price tag.

    That said, we are going ahead and working on a site as I speak, if nothing else it gives you the impetus to keep moving with the project but it's not the product I had initialy hoped for.

    7.3/10 - Could do better.
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    Hey Guys -

    Thanks for the comments both good and bad. They always help us improve.

    To address the negative ones - here are a few things:

    1st - I hadn't realized anyone felt we cut the trainings short. We added 4 webinars more then what we promised when we sold it and added a 1 day event which a bunch of you guys came to. We had actually went quite a few weeks further then we had planned or sold.

    2nd - The traffic systems aren't meant to be ground breaking new information. Just the simple things that work. They are made to give to outsourced workers to do a task to drive traffic to your site. They are the same videos we use in our company every day. I do appreciate the feedback on some of the holes. There are times when we may be using them and forget that there may be a something needed to further understand a principle. When this launch is over, I'll start going back through each of the systems and re-reviewing them with that hat on and see what other things we could / should add.

    3rd - The done for you site where we "set up the site for you" is true. It should be finished by the 30th of this month. As I explained in the members area and during the sales process we had to create 52 weeks of content before anyone could start using it... not a small task, but we're almost done.

    4th - for Mr. Wright - I always guarantee what we do. If you need a refund just let me know. And what I sold for a cheaper price wasn't the same product, it was just the micro-c training - no ITS (which used to be sold for $2,500 by itself). And for personal attention - you are right - I am not able to give personal attention to every student individually (nor did I promise to), but we do try to get as close to that as possible. That is why we invited everyone to come to our office to not only work with me for a full day, but to work with the guys in my offices who created the traffic systems to help get them working for your business. I'm glad that we had a large majority of the students come to that - it was awesome!

    Anyway - I hope this helps clear some stuff up. If I ever make a promise and somehow it slips through the cracks, please let me know ASAP. We always jump fast to make sure all of our customers are happy - and 9 times out of 10 we've already fulfilled it, but for some reason the emails got lost or never opened.

    Also - I just wanted to give a congrats to all of the students who went though the training. It was a very fast program, and from everything we have ever done, I have never seen so many success stories so fast from any program. It was SUPER exciting for me and for everyone on our team. We're excited to keep developing the program and help more people to finally make their first dollar online.

    Thanks again
    Russell Brunson
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    I just saw a video of this the other night after getting an email from Jason Moffatt and the concept and content in the video was pretty much kick ass for lack of better words

    I usually stay away from products "like this" but I think this is one that I am going to get.
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    If you are an international resident and have tried to order, forget it: the order form does not reset to allow the full information for the credit card to be validated. Slight oversight!
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    I just took advantage of the offer from Bill Glazer of this program. 6 hours of this program preloaded on an ipod shuffle for only $9. At least im hoping it is a shuffle since that is the pic he used on his site and it didnt mention it wasnt a shuffle? But 6 hours and a free ipod is a good deal.

    I am a newbie to this so I cant wait to dig in. I am trying to sell my own products on the web so I dont have to ravel and do live events since I have 2 beautiful little girls 4 and 7 and a new baby boy 3 months at home. Would rather take the time with them and do everything from the comfort of my home and on vacation.

    Thanks for all the awesome advice on this forum and I look forward to learning from all you guys and gals here! You are all RockStars!
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    Anybody signing up for the Free Ipod...beware there is a $97.00 monthly charge after the Two Free Weeks of coaching you get.

    I would hate to have anyone be in shock. Joe Vitale did it to me with his Hypnotic Marketing sales page with his $1.00 report. I was charged 30.00 a month and was getting a monthly CD that I didn't want. At first I, how nice. But then it hit me, I went back and checked his sales page, and in the fine said I would get charged after the first month.

    I am very sensitive to this type of marketing since I have been on the receiving end of these fabulous offers.

    Take care,

    PS. I couldn't risk my reputation with these kind of offers. My clients would drop me like a hot potato. And I appreciate them too much. I would have to be 100% up front about the charges, and the terms.
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    I would just like to add my two penny worth (sorry thats en english phrase!) to this debate...

    I would like to say though that, from a relative newbie's perspective, Russell himself seems to give away a lot more really useful content in his affiliate website than just about any other "guru" that i have come across. I spent $4000 last year for a two day workshop with another big name promoter, which included a ready made membership site. The site itself turned out to be a real disappointment, and in all honesty i think i have learnt more so far just from Russell's free stuff that he makes available online, than what i did when i paid $4000 to this other guy!

    i think just from watching the free stuff on MC there is enough info there to go out and make it work (which we should give Russell credit for) i.e. without going for the ipod, but i guess the ipod offer gives people those extra resources to get them going faster.

    having said all that, yes i agree that i am not always comfortable with the fact that the on-going monthly fee isnt given more prominence in the marketing pitch. Ideally it should be made crystal clear, and if the fact that it can be cancelled at anytime was also made clear at the same time then surely that would be a viable alternative?

    as an affiliate promoting MC, i do so because everything i have seen so far makes me believe that the product will work for people, which i think should be the basis for promoting any product. But just as important i fel RB is a genuine guy. If i didn't believe in either a publisher, or his product, i certainly wouldn't waste my time and space endorsing it, as let's face it there are loads of products to endorse online, right?

    hope that helps
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    Yeh what he said above!
    1. I think Russell is great, his videos are helpful and I BELIEVE what he says, he has a huge business and gives away a lot of stuff.
    2. Did anyone get the traffic systems upsell? If so, can you comment what you think of them as I am undecided but they are pretty pricey.
    3.@ Montero - the order form worked fine for me, maybe there was issue with your card or something.
    4. What do people think Russel is going to do on a course on microcontinuity? Of course hes going to demonstrate how to upsell and continue the continuity stream, it was pretty in your face and there was no deception I noticed. And he has said that there is a money back guarantee anyhow!
    5. Just get it, its a cool concept that Russell really lives and breathes and it works for him, hes been on tv promoting himself!
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    I ordered the MP3 player, we'll see. (btw, I think all the "WAIT" special offers is annoying)
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    1. Its not an ipod shuffle its an MP3 player. Sorry to disappoint.
    2. I ordered the digital version of the traffic systems I haven't received them yet but will give the company an email today. ($497 on the digital version)

    Russell has some good info. I heard him give an MC speech back in March learned a lot.

    I will let you know what I think of the Traffic systems. Hopefully I can outsource it on some of my stuff.
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    This looks like a course that teach you how to create a product. But what if you aren't an expert?
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    I signed up this go around. Here's my impressions. I appreciate the micro-c model - it does sound like a nice blend of many of the more successful info product models out there. However, I can't seem to shake this feeling that there is a bit of deception that runs through Russell's marketing and this product that makes me somewhat hesitant to buy in full bore to him and what he brings to the table. The use of the ipod-like image, the reliance on forced continuity, the truncated 12 week training issue, the fine print $97 per month charge after the two week trial period, the use of "one time offers" that are not really one time offers, etc. All technically ok and justifiable, I suppose, but I get this funny feeling like I'm dealing with a used car salesman. I hope I'm wrong.
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    I am too. For future purchase you guys should use paypals plugin mastercard. You can generate a new card in seconds and make it a 1 time use card and it wont work after you make that initial purchase. You can also generate multi use mastercard and you can close them just as quick. Its a really cool feature and you can even use your other funding sources as a backup in case you dont have a balance on your paypal account. I have been using it for a few months now. Pretty cool not having to worry if someone is going to charge you after you cancel something.

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