Easy Cash Code - Anyone buys this?

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I received lots of emails promoting Easy Cash Code. It sounds too good to be true. If you exit the page twice, the price drops to $9. Does anyone buy this product? Can you provide with honest review? Thanks.
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    Don't mate... One more exit press and he's giving it free for 3 days.. obviously hoping some people will forget to cancel during the 3 days and end up paying for the product...

    This total bloocks to be blunt and it sickens me that people still get taken in by this rubbish.. There AIN'T no easy one click fortunes to be had - TRUST ME..

    AND get off the list of whoever promoted this to you!!
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    Whoa, I really don't get the review section. It's for reviews, not about comments on what you saw on the sales page.

    We all know the sales pages are over-hyped, and we should have all learnt by now to NOT pay ANY attention to them, since they don't tell you what your getting anyway. You have to just purchase and hope for the best.

    With that being said, Unlike others I actually PURCHASED the product so I can contribute something constructive to this post, based of experience with the product.

    Ok, so what is it - Well Easy Cash Code is a squeeze page generator. It builds squeeze pages like the ones you see on Optimize Press and ProfitsTheme but without the heft price tag of $97.

    You also get some training modules (which I believe to be PLR) and the best part of the course (in my opinion) is you get six weeks of live training (via webinar) thrown in for free with the first training even in two days time (Nov 8th).

    Yes, there is tons more to the product, but I don't feel like re-typing the review I did earlier. So overall I am happy with the product AND I think there is value there, especially for the cheap price of $49 (or however much it was).

    Josh Monroe
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  • Profile picture of the author joseph7384
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    He says he is going to give you the software for free, but after sitting through ALL the videos to finally get there, you end up with nothing but a pitch to start over.
    Can you say "scam" ???
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    "I justa wanna helpa you! Thassa the whola reason for this." I wonder who that actor calling himself Antonio is, and how much he made to make the videos?
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    So, why not just tell the truth about what it really is, instead of trying to over-hype it and deceive people??
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    I bought this product to review (like Josh I didn't get the option to try it for free) and I wasn't all that impressed. I know we are not here to critique sales pages, but the truth is a lot of claims were made in the ridiculous Easy Cash Code sales videos that are simply not true and that annoys me.

    There is no easy cash code here. As Josh has already mentioned this is a course to show you how to build effective squeeze pages and make money by mailing your list. The method in itself, is one that works. We have all heard a million times that the money is in the list, but don't be fooled into thinking you can make thousands of dollars in a few days (as one of the actresses in the sales video claimed she had done.) It will take a lot of work to watch all the videos, set up your squeeze pages, create a free product to give people when they sign up to your list and most importantly - get traffic!

    There are a lot of training videos in this course and thank god that annoying "Italian" actor isn't the one narrating them - but they are really boring, you will have a challenge to stay awake.

    I think the course could have done with a 30 day action plan to follow, which would have helped get rid of the overwhelmed feeling you get when you first log in.

    The plugin itself is not that great. It basically makes your Wordpress blog one column and you can get free plugins that do this.

    So all in all it's not the worst product out there given that it does have a lot of info in the member's area, but it is certainly not the best either. There is no ground breaking info, the videos are tedious and most of the list building info is available for free right here on the Warrior Forum.
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    I do like his shirt though
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    I love the promo video. "Antonio" made a mistake by showing us the tail number on "his" jet. It's actually registered to gentleman in Santa Cruz, CA who owns a privately held healthcare IT firm. It's only been in the air four times since July and he probably leases it out which is how "Antonio" got use of it.

    I just wish there was more honesty in these hyped up internet marketing ads.
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    Easy Cash Code sounds like a lot of rubbish to me and I have been around quite a while. Sure there are people making plenty of dosh on the web but it requires hard work and dedication. If its too good to be true it generally is!
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    Anything with easy or free along with the word cash involved tends to be complete rubbish. Nothing about getting cash is easy or free. It takes work.
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    This Ronnie M guy just rebranded Foolproof Email Magnet and sold it as a product! Is this what it's come to? Product creators are too lazy to even create their own products?! This is a disgraceful launch.
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    I've never seen so many exit pop ups in my life. The membership area looks like complete rubbish.
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    I bought it for $ 9, but never got my login data. Sent three emails without answers though Antonio Garcia emailed me a couple of times offering easycashcode like he does not know what goes on inside his website. Going to ask my money back at Clicksure soon.
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    Do you really think that if someone has a software that helps you to get 1st on Google in one day will sell it to you for 249$ ?
    For what kind of reason?
    Even if he is a saint and wants to help you, he would give it to you for free, because if he can get 1st on Google in one day he is a multi-billionare who doesn't need money at all.
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    That was one crapy sales page ever......at times it apears that people think us to be idiots of first order
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    Thanks everyone!
    Great conversations and feedback, it pays to do your research
    before you buy the next shiny object.

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