What Are The Best Outsourcing Sites Now?

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Hey Warriors,

What are the best sites for outsourcing IM tasks at the moment?

Many thanks in advance.
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    What do you mean "at the moment"?
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    Hand in the air!

    My team works for lots of Warriors. Check out work samples, testimonials, programs and pricing and more:

    Moving Ahead Communications - Best Buys

    (and links in the sig file below)

    Thanks for consideration!
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    Terry - What tasks are you looking to outsource?

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    Hi terry,

    It really depends on what you want to outsource. I've heard that the amazon guys (mturks.com) can cover pretty much anything for dirt cheap, but I've no idea what the quality of work is like.

    Hope that helps

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    I use guru.com myself though their admin area is needlessly complicated.
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    I'm using getafreelancer.com
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    What kind of tasks are you looking to outsource. I do a lot of IM tasks as a VA and I have some spots open as of now.

    I am running a special for WM right now for a discounted rate; you can see the ad here:

    You can also check out my website here: http://KimBeckersServices.com for more info on me and what I do.

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    I suggest that you go to this website - outsourcexp , it's a free Freelance marketplace, all free for freelancers and buyers. It's the only one free for all outscoucing website I have found.
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    Affordable SEO Solutions at your hands.

    I own and moderate all SEO jobs there I have a successful WSO here to prove how strong and professional our services really are!
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    Hey terry,

    I use odesk all the time. Though you should screen your applicants carefully as some are really hard to understand and doesn't know how to do the job posted.
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    Try Craiglist.ph, services then computers

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    Any site you use for outsourcing make sure you do your due diligence on all applicants. There is good and bad on all sites.

    I have used rentacoder for web development and found someone that i now work with regulary. I have outsourced other tasks and got complete lemons. I've learnt to do proper due diligence now. Work with people that have positive feedback and you should be good to go in the majority of cases.

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    I've tried rentacoder, guru, odesk, elancer, random people from forums (such as digitalpoint.com)...and just like in the 'real' world of client services, I have had some good experiences, and some bad.

    To be honest, the best way to actually establish a good long term relationship, is to actually physically meet the people you are thinking of dealing with. For example, a mate of mine recently flew from Australia to India, for 2 months, with the full intent of finding a long-term coding partner during his travels. He probably spent about $1,500 on flights, and his holiday around India was very cheap, so if you think about it in the whole scheme of things, $1,500 is a small price to pay for reassurance that you are going to be dealing with the right 'out-sourcer' in the long term.

    I've wasted probably hundreds of hours battling with the links of the Rentacoder arbitrators to try and get my money back on projects gone bad, believe me, putting in the hard yards to find some one good is worth it!
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    Getafreelancer and Odesk, i get lot of work done there.
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    Quote” To be honest, the best way to actually establish a good long term relationship”

    Yes I believe that this is the best way to outsource you workers, how ever you have to start some where.

    Make sure that you test your outsourcers before giving them to much work to do, make sure that you vet them.

    As this post states there ups and downs for all the sites that I use.


    Hope this helps
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    Try odesk and getafreelancer...
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    Also, you can add us on your list: timetooutsource.com, reliable and affordable outsourcing help.
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    The Warrior Forum of coarse
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    Hi Terry,

    As with others - I've tried all of the public options and many of the Warriors offering services.

    You never really know what you're going to get and it largely depends on your niche. There are many great warriors offering services which are great for a one-man show, but just don't cut it as far as being really professional or technically comprehensive are concerned.

    I have a new web design needed right now and although I have 'go-to' people for most of my usual site graphics, I don't actually have anyone I think can do what I need for this particular job and will probably end up at a bricks and mortar design firm to get it done.

    I've tried a LOT of programmers too and for some things Elance, Rentacoder etc. event he WF are fine for that - but often I end up having to go around getting referrals and find someone who has a track record of being able to actually finish work that takes more than a few weeks to do.

    Many of the people offering services are just trying to pay their bills each month and get bored very quickly if they have to work for any length of time on one job.

    My advice - speak to friends, find people that have a good track record and be prepared to pay for someone good.

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    I used to use elance but not any more for the following reasons:

    1. They screwed up security and my personal data was posted on other sites. They then ignored my emails asking what they were specifically doing about it. When $$ is concerned, Idon't expect a company to hide behind bland statements such as "we're taking steps".

    2. The people on elance tend to be more expensive (and quite a few are simply outsourcing their work to cheaper resource!).

    I now use several different resources and keep changing to avoid possible security issues.

    Kind regards


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