Review of Paid Traffic Sites?

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Are either of these two paid traffic sites any good? Anyone with experience using the sites? TrafficJab - Guaranteed Website Visitors, We deliver guaranteed website visitors Or VisitorShark: Guaranteed Website Visitors: Increase Website Traffic, Buy Guaranteed Website Visitors and Increase Website Traffic at VisitorShark ; There ad looks good but how are the results?
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    Never heard about them... Better stick with known ones...
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    You get hits and visitors, but these sorts of traffic are not targeted - you might even get a few clicks here and there, but in general they don't convert... not even for broad CPA offers.

    My suggestion - use the money to generate your own targeted traffic.


    PS Ask me how I know :-)
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    TrafficJab dot com is making claims of 2 million visitors for $40. Anyone try this service? Share results. :confused:

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