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Hey, guys I heard a lot about Banners Broker Opportunity. However, we can't denied of the product it self. It's Banners Ads, However no one are talking about that?

I want to know if Banners Broker traffic are good quality. Which mean that they convert well into leads and sales. I have a high converting offer into homebiz opportunity and it;s the main reason im looking at banners broker. However, It look really great on the surface. The money you make with it it's great. But, outside of it can you really make money by promoting other product with it?
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    Banners Broker is a clever Ponzi scheme, so if anything, you should look at it from an investor's/gambler's side, they bring 100's % ROI in a year (until when?).
    For those who wish to advertise with them - you have no information or control what so ever regarding where your ads will be displayed. Does that sound like something a reasonable advertiser would agree too?
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    Not really, Actually I want to know which website my ads is displayed. For conversion purposes. Biz ops wouldn't work on a Health & Fitness website for example...
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    That's what I'm saying, they don't let you choose nor they let you know where your ads will be displayed.
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    tks for your reply and honest comment.
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    Ok, guys I talked with a guys from Banners Broker and he told me that the Traffic aren't that good. So let's be logical for a bit

    The only reason that someone will join BB is because of the money you can make without recruiting because it's easy to make it. There service that they provide are "crappy" which mean the only reason someone join is because of the money potential.

    They are expensive if we think about the cost/impression compare to other website.

    So basically, if someone everyone join because of the money and only money it's a ponzy scheme.

    They have "banners advertising" as a cover to make it look legal.

    So if you are looking for advertising don't go for it.

    If you are looking to make money then don't get mad if you see that the business is out of business.

    I made my decision to not join because i want to establish a long term business online.

    Leave your tough and comments
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    Hey Ayman,

    I've been apart of BannersBroker for a week now.. I've been referred in for the 'Ad Pub Combo'. I'm renting panels and making the commission.

    I invested $1k last week.. And I've made nearly half my return already.

    I'm still new to it but It seems ok at the moment.
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    It is not a Ponzi scheme. Anyone who has evidence please show it. Maybe those who claim that it is think that all the powers-that-be in Canada are too ignorant to notice.
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    I am intrigued by these guys too, they come and do seminars at a local hotel to me, drawing an audience and promising all sorts of great returns.

    I am always sceptical of these sorts of schemes, like they say, nothing in this life comes for free. I cant say if they are any good though as I havent tried the system myself.
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    There is no product dude, its a ponzi scam...

    The Banners Broker Scam - Rare Honest Review - Money Making Experts
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    Its a scam. How do I Know ? I can't get any money out After many request. All they give is excuses week after week month after month... Run away as fast as you can.
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    Banner Broker has become just a money making machine and nobody knows that what is its real purpose ? Frequently my Facebook friends force me to join this . But I am not satisfied with it .
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    Don't you just love the way people comment without knowing what they are talking about?
    Ponzi this, ponzi that...scam this scam that.
    I've been in it for a while and it works pretty well for me.
    How much work do I need to do - nothing,zilch, nada.
    Keep on trying to get a trickle of traffic to your website in the hope of selling your $7 acne e-books if you want to,
    Some of us prefer easy money

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