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As the title suggests, I am looking for people who have gone through or currently going through (such as myself) OMG Machines. I more or less have some question's about a few upcoming sites I plan on doing via - the OMG method and was hoping if anybody could possibly chime in on.

A link if your interested in what I am talking about:
OMG Machines

(Greg is from Bring the Fresh Originally; I know there are a lot of fans of that product here. .)

Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving
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    I am about to buy the OMG Machines vBook and videos, my main concern is learning how to beat the EMD update, I was starting to rank a whole slew of websites on Google and then the EMD stopped me in my tracks, a couple of my sites dropped, a couple haven't moved, and my new ones aren't seeming to rank, so I need to know what it is that this guy is doing, because supposedly out of 800+ sites, he only had 4 get his by EMD and 3 already recovered, thats insane!
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    Yeah man he details it all in OMG; if you look up how he got his beginnings through Bring The Fresh you can see hes the real deal. The guy may sound "ordinary" but hes not, and that's kinda awesome to me haha . I have both the original Nitro & OMG Vbook. How did you hear about him?
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    To the OP
    Greg has a gone through a few example sites ("batton rouge architect") which looking at it today is still number 1 in google and his material is over the shoulder videos wouldn't it be best to do as he has shown and scale it first.

    If you have questions Greg would be the first point of contact as someone stated before has over 800 + sites, so im sure he has gone though alot of trial and error.
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    To SEOTank:
    I AM currently putting it to practice haha, as far contacting Greg its a bit tough reaching out to him or Mike Long for that matter, due to the whole No Holds Barred thing.. Hence why I am trying to also find out if there are any other peeps around here who use it. Don't be shy guys, lets get into it!

    So currently for me I have my site (domain bought and word-press installed) and currently about to implement (..and buy for that matter) my first post. Kind of exciting, I am already thinking about buying 2 other websites in various other niches. I know its all about patience and I don't plan on rushing anything to "make up for lost time" (since I AM new to SEO etc.); but I feel like if you start up more than one site at a time and write down & track when you did it, its like killing 2 birds with one stone ehhh . At least that's how I see it ha.
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    Here is my advice to you...

    Don't get involved in anymore than 1 to 2 niches and focus on establishing yourself in those niches first and you may want to do it under a Pen Name which is what I do for the most part.

    I now own over 100 websites and I earn a full time income off of them and something I learned after about 6 months or so was that I bought a lot of sites in various niches a lot of the time because it was just a good keyword and the domain was available.

    So I was spending some of my time focusing on Forex sites, another portion on World Of Warcraft sites (All of my content was outsourced on this), some of it on Weight Loss sites, then a bit more on Relationship sites, etc.

    My relationship niche sites were doing best (I run them under a female Pen Name) I was making sales on how to catch your spouse cheating, softwares to catch them, and even sales on products that showed how to heal yourself and your marriage after an affair.

    So needless to say I started putting more of my focus on that niche and my income started to increase significantly. Only after I was doing very well did I go back to some of the other niches that I had started on and try to increase my attention to those niches.

    I still have some Forex, Weight Loss, and WoW sites that are ranking well within Google (PLEASE NOTE: Some took a hit from Google though recently) and they make a decent amount of sales but had I not FOCUSED in on 1 niche and getting really good at understanding what my potential customers were wanting, I would very likely only be earning $600 a month instead of pulling in a consistent full time income.

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    Hey Tim,

    Yeah man thank you for that, I WILL take your advice to heart, truly. I take it your doing affiliate stuff on your sites etc.? As Greg does get to that eventually in OMG, but his main focus is on 'local' businesses, so once you get that #1 position on Google or whatever spot you're aiming for, THEN you would either rent it out to respective clients (via: putting their stuff on your site) or selling it to them instead

    I DO like the idea of using a pen name instead, but we'll see about that. Would clients think that is something which is less than professional versus putting in your proper name instead? Who knows.. But overall, I see where you're coming from. I think its really dope that you managed a FULL-TIME career out of this, as that is what I hope to be doing for myself actually.

    Currently working at a pet store and although I am grateful for being hired & accepted there, I know that there's just SO much potential out there online. Why sit back and make peanut's (..although I am grateful for that as well lmao) when I could be pulling in a 5-digit salary (if not more) 6 + month's from now? It took what, a year (?) for Greg to get to 1.5 million from nothing? I know it WILL take time and I am not deluding myself of anything but, but if I keep thinking positively in this direction - it will happen.

    Had to get that enthused rant out there phewww haha sorry guys/gals. .
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    Yeah I mostly do affiliate stuff and product creation. As far as local goes then yeah have at it I am actually doing that right now as well in a particular niche and if all goes well on what I am doing I will be putting out a WSO on what I am doing.

    I use some of those LOCAL sites for affiliate stuff as well I own a "NYC Credit Repair" domain that I have CPA and Affiliate offers on.

    Best wishes and just keep at it buddy you will succeed.

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    Thanks man, yeah I just finished spinning my 1st article and had it posted the other day on my site (via:OMG Method); have you heard of that product by the way? So right now I am trying to decide on UAW or Backlinkskingdom&Social Monkee [combined]. I think I have a thread floating around here about it. Curious, wheres the best place to get affiliate stuff from? Clickbank?
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    SpaceDad I thought it was the other way round you write unique quality content (with the keyword & links strategies omg specifies) that goes on your site and you spin that article and submit them to web 2 properties like article directories etc etc

    Tip you could depending on your niche curate from High PR sites like wikipedia and base your 500-1000 word around that.
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    Yep SeoTank, you're dead on. I am thinking about doing both actually. First Renting & Selling sites etc., than a few affiliate sites just too see how strong that is. Too be honest with you I am thinking about moving out of my state (I've been thinking about this for a while now..) but didn't know how to do it exactly. With OMG I FINALLY can and boy-O-boy is that an ever wonderful feeling lol .

    Yep Greg Mentions the same thing with Wikipedia and other huge authority sites (that's our homework ehh ; ) ; so I take it you're not a newbie to the SEO game like me ehh
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    Got the course - wasnt much interested in the affiliate and click jacking components. I was down with the OMG sites aspect and lease rental sale etc.

    I didnt find any of the breakthrough seo tactics I was expecting to see that would make me go OMG! For a $197 product it was good for the time and effort and the site reveals, but the tactics were realtively tame and standard seo far for anyone been around the link building and silo'd site creation game for a bit.

    What I did find rather curious - after examining the sites revealed and their backlink profile and the main linkbuilding effort they engage in to achieve those rankings is ... how much are they paying for the "quality" links to prop that thin site up like that vs. what they can REALLY lease the site or leads for each month.

    Its not a bad product - and if your somewhat new to higher end SEO - it will be of value - but they are a bit too proud of this body of work - especially since its a lead into their sales funnel for the "real deal" - a $2k coaching course.

    Bottom line folks - Contextual backlinks from High PR pages and trusted domains - ranks pages. if you desire to rank tough terms - you HAVE TO have them in your link profile - somewhere - either tier 1 or tier 2 [ need more if youre using parasite hosts to shield your $$$ site from the high pr blog networks ].

    It costs real money now to be on page 1 of google for valuable terms - time to come to grips with that ...

    Good luck and happy serps to you all ...
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    Hey guys, Greg here, thanks for the reviews.

    For the last poster, same, thanks for the review, appreciate feedback no matter what.

    But as for the ground breaking SEO, sometimes the littlest details can make the biggest difference.

    Every one of the example sites I did is #1...there's about 12 of them all listed on

    And these were just example sites...very little time and effort put in.

    OK, yeah, I get it...SEO for local isn't that tough.

    How about some affiliate examples?

    Ranking #2 and #4 currently for "gold ira" which is the most competitive term in that entire market.

    Also #1, #2 and #4 for "gold ira investing" and "gold ira investment".

    Also first page for terms like "invest in gold", "investing in gold" and many more. And these are just side project sites.

    Have done well over half a million in pending sales on those sites since september...

    Some of the most important things about SEO right now is your anchor text...and then properly setting up on page stuff and interlinking correctly. Use synonyms, LSI, images, video, keep keyword density down, and don't over optimize.

    Sure none of that sounds ground breaking, but there's little details in there that can make a huge difference. If you've been around SEO for a while though you already knew that...the same general things always work with SEO, it's just little details change here and there. And with 800+ sites to compare data with, that's why I'm able to stay on top of these changes...

    Again, thanks for the reviews everyone...

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    SpaceDad, BTW, request me on Facebook and I'll help you with your questions...
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    So this is strictly an SEO course? No paid traffic sources or social aspects covered?
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    I saw part of the webinar and it seemed to revolve around the popular SEO methods from recent years of minisites with spinning lots of article to UniqueArticlewizard submissions and social backlinks, buffer link sites, ecetera. I got started with lots of mini sites with hundreds of domains, hosting accounts,ecetera but didn't end too well over time with google.

    I guess people are still having success with the mini-site empire building as evidenced with this product and testimonials from some using this product. Not sure if I want to go down that route again.
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    Can anyone clarify, is OMG geared towards Local offline SEO or general blog type SEO or both.
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    Originally Posted by papeter View Post

    Can anyone clarify, is OMG geared towards Local offline SEO or general blog type SEO or both.
    The advanced $2300 training is geared towards local client SEO. I am an affiliate...I do not want "clients." So, I think I will scrap this whole idea and get a refund for my $148.

    I was going to go for the $2300 training...but all of the testimonials are geared toward client sites...not affiliate sites. I'll concentrate on paid traffic sources.
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    SMokey, why scrap it. You can use OMG for affiliate sites as well, they've got some affiliate testimonials. Combine that with BTF and you're fine.
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    WARNING - these guys dont honour their Money Back Guarantees!!!! WARNING

    I purchased the OMG machine product the night of the launch, was a total waste of time. If you know nothin about SEO and want to learn how to sell sites to people then watch it. But otherwise they talk themselvs up like every 3 minutes and not worth the time. You Tube has better stuff for free.

    They USED to have on their site the sales pitch of: 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! - That is about as laughable as anything else. I was 30 days into it and I requested money back as i didnt pay for 3hours of crap and waffling - ( seriously ) . I got a very rude answer back telling me " where did it say that we wouldnt waffle " So I replied saying that I was taking their 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, I sent that on the 24th Jan.

    As of writing I have still not got a refund, ( 09th Feb ) AND - they have TAKEN DOWN the money back guarantee picture that was on the sales page!..

    I can tell you that in any of my dealings with self respecting online Entre- business people over the years, non of the REAL business people have ever taken DOWN the MBG! -

    In fact the REAL business people ( dori, mike k, john R etc ) never change that.. these people did. You make up your own mind on that but from their treatment of me, they SUCK and RIPPPED ME OFF!

    I tell everyone that I know, never to buy off them.
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    Originally Posted by smokey58 View Post

    The advanced $2300 training is geared towards local client SEO. I am an affiliate...I do not want "clients." So, I think I will scrap this whole idea and get a refund for my $148.

    I was going to go for the $2300 training...but all of the testimonials are geared toward client sites...not affiliate sites. I'll concentrate on paid traffic sources.

    tell me if you get your refund, as they certainly didnt give it to me!

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