Offline Declassified: the real skinny

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Anyone closing deals with this yet? I know it's a pipeline of suspects. And you can get responses. But anyone doing any real business with this?
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    I have did about 56 "free videos" not one close sent out over 1800 responses to alerts a pretty dismal return I think on the "free"

    I have tried doing the offering the small charge up front method not one response to that type of offer. I am not able to do the face to face as I explained prior to purchasing the WSO which they said was not required but after reviewing the WSO they stress that is the "best way"

    I get the feeling that this was another typical WSO of unproven Ideas than actual proven method.
    Make a quick dollars on the WSO move on as I see they have closed the thread ..... Another new trend that does not allow buyers to actual post results after trying a WSO.

    I am given it another 2 weeks trial but if after 2 months you dont get any results following their system to the letter and no where near the results they claim then well...

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