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This product has been out for over a month now. Is anybody having any success or failure with it? It was heavily promoted by some gurus but I am still hesitant to join as I have been burnt too many times. Any honest reviews by real users will be greatly appreciated.

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    Mag----I'm curious as well. I know this was promoted my Jim Cockrum, who I respect. Jim typically doesn't jump on the bandwagon unless the product is a good one. Hopefully, we can get some feedback.

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    My own sites are starting to see results and I've also started using my outsource partners to create clickbank affiliate videos. So far we've seen five sales in the first few weeks and are ramping things up.

    If you want a good step by step system with a great support forum you'll enjoy mini site formula.

    Personally, I outsourced the whole thing.
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    I bought the Minisite Formula when it came out. There are no success stories on the site's forum todate and I can understand why. Some members have built 20 or so sites but are not able to get any traffic to those sites.

    Joel is very still helpful for minisite formula buyers and has not moved on to his next project. I personally did not have a problem with building the sites, but some newbies say that the videos for actually using the datafeeds to create sites were incomplete. Therefore some newbies have not been able to actually build the sites using the datafeeds.

    The keyword selection process is quite undefined in the training videos as he seems to have plucked keywords from thin air. He says that we should use our gut and common sense to find the right keywords for the sites. As you can imagine, this might be a bit troubling for newbies. An experienced person will know what Joel is talking about but a newbie may not quite get it.

    The biggest threads in the forum and the most pertinent issue seems to be about getting traffic. Joel's main method of getting traffic to the Minisite formula sites appears really to be like tossing a coin and hope you get lucky. I am personally not impressed by it because my own sites have been getting like 2-10 vistors per day from using his chief traffic method. The sites needs over 30 visitors per day to reach the goal of $3/day. The traffic part of the course is very lacking and not formulaic at all. I get the distinct feeling that Joel is not really telling us how he gets traffic to his own sites and that he is holding a lot back.

    The blueprint as it is at the moment is incomplete and is missing some important parts. The upside is that Joel is reacting to these issues and says that he will provide better teachings on the missing bits in due course.

    It would also be nice if some of the people from the testimonial pages were actually members of the site's forum. This would be very motivating for newbies. One of the testimonial givers is a new member, but he says he does not really do the Minisite Formula type sites anymore because he is not really motivated by making money. I personally would like to have one of the testimonial givers who is motivated by money on the forum.

    The method is very scalable, so if you figure out by yourself in how to get traffic to your sites, the system will be very suited for you.

    I personally do not take notice of reviews from people who are promoting a particular product as their reviews are bound to be biased.

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    I'm a member to, Apollo's review is about right infact spot on !! I to have been trying to nail down Joels traffic technique.I'm using outsourcers to build the site i am going to have them promote them heavy in a more traditional link building way etc. Hopefully that will do the trick. One thing i will say is Joel really does seem to care and is in the forum everyday and i believe he has had the success he states with this system but like Apollo say some parts of the training seem incomplete but Joel does react to the feedback of members and addresses their concerns. I have not seen a return yet but its only been a couple of weeks.....
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      I just got the product over the weekend. It seems very thorough. He mentions about traffic comes from video. Not too sure about doing that yet, as Camtasia is 300m not to mention getting a decent camera.

      I was wondering if the Brian Johnson SEO course might be worth getting also.
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    Originally Posted by mediamogul View Post

    I am on my full second week of this. i created 10 sites, all with different niches. All good sellers on ebay too.

    to date i have zero ebay sales but on one site i do have some sales from CJ banners.

    The key here is to build traffic. I spent money on backlinking, directory links. Also add content, lots of it. I am busy so i outsourced articles at $5 a pop. Traffic is building.

    I agree that Joels traffic secrets are lacking. I did learn about some great plug ins, the EPN, and Market sumarai by taking the course.

    Was it worth it? so far i am even with my banner ads. More updates later.

    Quicktip - one thing i did add was i made playlists on youtube on whatever niche i was doing. here is one of my site so far thats doing well on banners.

    Cheers, Dave
    Hi Dave,

    May I ask how much traffic are you getting on average to each one of those 10 blogs?

    Are you averaging $3/per site yet? If not , how much are you averaging? I just wnat to compare if your average is better than my adsense average of 30cents per site.

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    Hi Magwoi, my sites ave. about 30 uniques a day right now. on my minicamcorder site i am getting almost 60. i havent sold a dime on EPN there but i have sold some FLip cameras on my CJ link. I am getting alot of traffic now on my iphone site, almost 100 a day but i put up content every other day there. lots of top 10 stuff. the other sites are making no oney yet.
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    Thanks Dave for the data. I am surprised though that EPN is not doing it for you. I thought EPN sites would perform better than the datafeedr sites.

    I think your site looks very professional. Great job. You look a lot younger in the video on your site though than in your avatar (:

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      I found the sales pitch a bit misleading. For the first 15 pages or so I thought their would be a free offer as in Mike Filsaime's BM v02 but was hit with a $1997 price tag. My immediate reaction was "another Chris Carpenter fiasco."

      The program apparently comes up short on traffic generation with a suggestion that Joel is not revealing the full story. Last week he released a 201 page manual. Does this fill in the gap?
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    It's very quiet around here. Anyone having any success? This program seems to be a very good business model. But so far there are no reported winners. The forum costs $50 a month. Is it worth the money?
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      I havent bought the course, but a little reverse engineering of publically available information tells me that it basically teaching you how to use the PHPbay and PHPZon plugin to put up affiliate sites and maybe grab some CJ products to compliment.

      I make my living off PHPbay sites and these sites do not do well just on their own, they need a little magic dust sprinkled on them, which I am not sure if this course provides or not.

      However I can say that even with my magic dust, they still take about 3 weeks to get indexed and earning so you can all take that into account.
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    Originally Posted by CBrooks View Post

    I bought the course when it first came out-- he relies on video marketing to generate traffic and is a huge fan of tools like Traffic Geyser. Did not work for me.
    I thought it has only been out for less than 2 months. May ask how you tested it i.e how many sites did you put up, did you use traffic geyser or its free equivalent etc.

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    Thanks for all the helpful reviews, I was thinking of purchasing this and I'm feeling like it's definitely worth a shot.

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