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Just got an email about twin peak profits, does anyone actually know anything about this, and no I Havnt bought it.
Just curious to know what people have done with this

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    Originally Posted by BRETTBrtsk View Post

    Just got an email about twin peak profits, does anyone actually know anything about this, and no I Havnt bought it.
    Just curious to know what people have done with this

    Search at Google. Twin Peak Profits is a site builder. You enter the details such as Google Adsense ID, Clickbank nickname and then it will automatically install a Wordpress site.
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    Originally Posted by BRETTBrtsk View Post

    Just got an email about twin peak profits, does anyone actually know anything about this, and no I Havnt bought it.
    Just curious to know what people have done with this


    It looks very much like Commission Magnets released last year after watching the demo video of Twin Peak Profits members area and web-based tools in JV Tools area.

    In how you do research top products, profitable keywords,creating/spinning articles and installing Wordpress.

    The only difference is the traffic generation whereby instead of getting blog commenting, you get Youtube spy on other people's high ranking videos related to your niche but no links in their description, Youtube linker where you upload your own videos and domain finder.

    Let's hope Twin Peak Profits is much cheaper and more affordable than Commission Magnets.
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    I know this course is sold on the basis of the software, but I thought the training alone was worth the investment, especially with the exit discounts.

    Also to the people above, your obviously not going to make money in 15 minutes but if you follow the training and get the sites ranking, then there is no reason why you can't make some easy autopilot income, just make sure your targeting low competition keywords, not things like "make money online" etc.

    Worth the price? In my opinion yes.
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    If you get directed to the sales video, it's complete BS. Funny how many people buy that crap. But the software seems to be solid based off of what I saw in the promo video. It's almost automating making affiliate sites. If I were to purchase it, I would use it as a service. Making money selling affiliate sites.
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    I purchased it but only got front end while i checked it out painful long process through all the upsells/deownsells then took me ages to be able to register as kept coming up database error, contacted support but still not heard anything back, but finaly managed to register and now iv been trying to get it to install a site for about 5 hours always gets stuck at 84% creating domain. so i give up with it i have tried two different domains and still get same result so will be sending for refund as support is crap and cant be assed messing for more hours using something thats supposed to be so super quick...

    also after looking at the sales video agin he shows stats that are from when he switched on his super system (but look closely you will see the product id for quick glimpse its his twin peaks profits product generating most of all the clicks he shows you
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    Go 6 exit pops out and you get it for $1... Although I'm sure you get a few rebills in there.. (It says there are none, then it says there's a 3 day trial).

    If you watch this video you'll notice that a) Ryan Dennis is clearly an actor, there is no actual Twin Peaks Profits Company (Just do your research... There's no corporation registered, and any company doing millions... well yeah)... b) Twin Peak Profits, a company? Really? The second warning sign that, it's total crap... Is that they use the Twin Peaks Profits site (Which was ONLY registered in August).... How is he running a company under that name for years doing millions.

    This is the best part... Watch when they get into the limo.. You know random WOMEN AND GUYS just hop into a limo when a ride is offered, umm... Really no. Look at the looks on people's faces when they make money, they honestly look like they don't give a shit.. (Plus they never really do anything on the iPad, each time its different).

    Of course I can't comment on the product, just the bullshit used to sell it

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    I'm very wary of such products. You can tell they used D grade actors for the promotional video. Talk about over acting lol. They make it seem like its a 5 push button magic lol. Apparently there's lots of upsells. Also why would I want to give my cpanel logins to anyone lol. All I can say is Google will catch on. You can't fool an organisation that employs the best minds in the world. Seriously, the only way to make money is through sheer hard work. Push button hahahahahahaaa. I also believe in Santa. Lolololololololol, this thread has made my day.
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    i got the email via something i had looked at previously and they done the same routine, get an actor in a rented limo who picked up fellow actors and ran a script pretending to be broke and this guy makes them 100's of dollars in 15 minutes, this really puts me off as it is so fake it stops me from having faith in the product on offer
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    i CANNOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE STILL GET AWAY WITH THIS. i WAS SO ANGRY BY THE TIME i GOT THROUGH THE ONE HOUR OF UPSELLS. bECAUSE THE UPSELLS WERE WHAT i WAS EXPECTING THE ORIGNAL PRODUCT TO BE. lets see twinpeaks clicks out to free. but that is a 3 day trial so I backed up and paid the 7$$ should of left it free.
    next here is the system but if you want traffic here it comes-----------297.00
    click out another 20 minute video clicks out at -----------197.00
    Next new upsell you tubetraffic as if the first 300.00 traffic was not enough to pay for traffic here it comes -----------197.00
    down sell you tube ----------- 97.00
    upsell viral cash machine 175.00
    down sell again I thought this was the orignal product-------------------75.00
    but wait is this driving you crazy yet. amazon campagins -------------145.00
    downsell 45.00
    this total 814.00 plus 47.00 for the system. and I am not done yet once you are all done with this you now have to purchase there hosting and get a domain name pay for that. because if you dont you do not get there sites. so you cannot run it. just like the other guy said. this is another 150.00 minium now we are at 1,000.00 do you think if he told them people getting in the limo I have a system I am only going to charge you $1,000.00 they would of said yes. ya right. but you know if these people would just be honest and give some of us a break. had I would of watched this knowing at the end. I would of paid the downsell prices anyhow. and they did lie about in there video they say they host it. That was the final straw for me when I got to that. dont they know you are down right mad at this point.
    back this up sell the entire system with your hosting 400.00 let people pay 100.00 per month for 4 months. If the system works like you say it does and it is not a scam you would make a lot of money. and have a lot of happy customers. just a thought
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    Haha. thanks everyone on this thread for a barrel of laughs today. I totally enjoyed reading about the antics of the sleazy marketer. Sorry about those who were burned with it. Call a LIAR a LIAR. Honesty seems to be missing in IM Marketing these days. I personally hate the lifetime updates but the site is dead after 6 months and redirects to a Go-Daddy page.

    Maybe the new trend in 2013 will be 100% truth and some genius marketer will pick up on it.
    To the honest folks who 1) see a real need 2) offer real value and 3)stand on their word and honour, I salute you. To the rest, there's always hell and I hear it will be a hot new market.

    Love the forum...
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    You gotta love this forum, because if the product is not the real deal... people will talk!

    From my past experience, there is nothing that makes real sustainable income for $47. So, proceed with caution, or at least, knowing you are going to have to invest more money to make a profit.
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    I watched the video up to the part where the girl realized she made money in 15mns, and that's all I needed to know

    I'm not going to knock the creator or product since I didn't purchase it, but I will offer just a piece of advice to all my fellow marketers:

    "It is VERY annoying to have to go through a minimum of 6 exit pop-ups before leaving the website"

    By the 3rd popup I am pissed and really not interested in buying the product.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way

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    The Sales Video has my BS alarm bells ringing big time! It is so over hyped. BUT!!! I have bought this. Once you get past the ridiculous Upsells, and get to the main part I was truly surprised. The training is excellent, no, really - well paced and clearly explained. The software itself is also really powerful, allowing you to get micro niche sites up and running in minutes. Yes - you'll still need to do the standard SEO work etc - But as a tool, it is REALLY useful. No - it doesn't meet the HYPE in the sales video , but YES, definitely good value for money. Video walkthrough to follow soon.
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    I have bought Twin Peak Profits and upsells.

    And believe me, this is the REAL deal. What you need is give yourself enough time to go through and do what the videos and webinars say in order to make money.

    Truth be told, you are not going to make $500 to $1000 immediately but you certainly will gradually if you follow and do what you are told to do.
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    I got this email from Allen Stone. I was given access to 5 free websites as a gift from him to me for watching his video on-line. Of course I purchased one of his products. I then go to claim the websites and get bombarded with "as a favour to Allen Stone you are getting these websites free, but not really as A.S has paid for them not you"...I am going WTF! Then he proceeds to ramble on about how everything is done and set up for you...ALL you have to do is BUY a DOMAIN and HOSTING with HOSTZILLA...Oh and BTW there are no other options except HOSTZILLA. He also suggests you purchase 1 to 2yrs of hosting and the same to register your domain....Which by the way is not cheap.. Me thinks I smell a rat....he would also get affiliate commissions from hostzilla for everyone he recomends. Nothing in life is free I get that, but for goodness sake do not wrap it up in BS to try and sell it.
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    I just wished they would market more honestly. In the footer of one of the "Wait don't leave now" type offer pages there is this quote.
    "In some cases actors have been used. This is a new system and there are no typical results. This product does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner's and other person's results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings." I think it is interesting to watch it to learn how they structure their funnel and exit pops etc but other than that "I'm oot."

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