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I saw the promo vid -- looks good.

I'm wondering if anyone is already using it -- any opinions?

-- TW
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    Originally Posted by TimothyW View Post

    I saw the promo vid -- looks good.

    I'm wondering if anyone is already using it -- any opinions?

    -- TW

    Haven't had time to try it out myself, but Tahir walked me through it on Skype. I'm very impressed by it. He and his programmer crew have slaved over this (I know, as Tahir is a friend of mine and he's been keeping me up-to-date) for a long time, and they have created something phenomenal.

    Highly recommend it.
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    Hi, it's not "officially" launched yet... only been made available to some partner's lists ahead of the launch as we tested conversions... the official launch date will be 29th January, and I won't offer a review of it (being the product creator) but will add some of the features of it below that might help those deciding about it on/or before launch.

    * No Monthly Fees
    * No hosting fees - Use on Any Website You Own hosted anywhere you please
    * Your Personal Online Control Panel To Create Your Pages.
    * Built-in Squeeze page creator module
    * Built-in Video squeeze page creator Module
    * Built-in Double Opt-In "Thank You Page" creator Module
    * Built-in Download Page Creator Module
    * Built-in SEO Adder Module
    * Built-in Exit Traffic Capture Module
    * Built-in Video Player
    * Built-in YouTube Video Player
    * One Click "Hide Control Bar" Feature For BOTH YouTube And Non-YouTube Videos
    * One Click "Enable Autoplay" Feature for BOTH YouTube and Non-Youtube Videos
    * Built-In Social Media Adder Module - Add twitter and facebook links, facebook "Like" Buttons, Google +1 buttons, and even facebook comments to your pages with practically one click of your mouse.
    * Built-In Over 50 Premium Squeeze Page Templates
    * Built-in Over 100 Premium Squeeze Page Templates
    * Built-In Easy Link Creator And Adder
    * Built-In Tracking Script Adder For Google Analytics Or Any Other Tracking Script
    * Built-in Submit Button Adder - Choose From Many Different Subscriber Pulling Designs
    * Instant Thank You Page Creation - All Wording Done For You To Save You Time
    * Built-In Instant Winzip Instruction Adder Module - 1 Click Addition - All Wording Pre-Done To Save You Time
    * Built-In Instant PDF Instruction Adder Module - 1 Click Addition - All Wording Pre-Done To Save You Time
    * Built-In Downloadable Product Adder - Adding downloads to your Download pages couldn't be easier
    * Built-In "Unadvertised Bonuses" Adder - Adding Unadvertised Bonuses To Your Download Pages couldn't be easier
    * Built-In Recommended Resources Adder - Monetize Your Download Pages With Recommended Resources.
    * Built-In Earning And Income Disclaimer Adder Module - All The Wording Done For You!
    * Built-In 6 Powerful Monetization Methods To Instantly Monetize Your Download Pages
    * Built-In Step By Step Walkthrough Support Videos Alongside Each Module Making It Super Easy To Use
    * Built-in Auto-Zip Feature - Download Your Created Pages With One Click Of A Button
    * And Much Much More!

    Hope that helps
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    Tahir has a great sales voice! He's like the AJ Silver of India!
    It's like an MC Escher staircase. [energy]Always going up, but never going too high.


    -- TW
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    Hey everyone,

    I received a review copy from Tahir a few days back. I was amazed on how much this delivers. I had been using another opt-in software to put up opt-in pages and TLC Platform greatly surpasses it hands down....

    You have over 50 opt-in page templates. You can control practically everything about how your opt-in page looks. You no longer need to hire programmers to do this work and receive something you were not expecting.

    This is like having a personal Opt-in, thank you page and download page programmer at your disposal 24/7.

    Get this and start building your List building funnels today.

    This is my humble advice.

    Mivka M.
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    I forgot to ask...

    Does the platform crank out the html code, then we host it ourselves -- or does the platform do the hosting too?

    UPDATE: Oops. I read the list again -- answered. Thanks.
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    For all who may be interested. I will be posting a video on my review site, displaying all the features of the TLC Platform.
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    I was literally blown away at how easy this system is to use. The TLC Platform is well documented and has some awsome instruction videos in every step of the process.

    The platform is feature packed with all the most recent technological advances such as facebook and twitter buttons, as well as a Plugin to allow people to post comments on your page.

    If your like me and strugle to create splash pages, video pages, thank you pages, etc., then this product is for you.
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    Woohoo... TLC Platform is Live
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    This looks great! Finally a quality product to actually help internet marketers. I can't wait to use this thing!
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    Hey, I just heard about this myself. Pretty cool that the creator is right here talking about it with the customers. Nice support is always a bonus.
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    You guys drove me nuts looking for the product site.

    Here it is.

    TLC Platform - Video Squeeze Page And Landing Pages Made Easy
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    Does it include videos on how to do ftp? It definitely looks great but for newbies without this technical expertise in uploading files to your hosting, this is a drawback. If you could integrate the squeeze page builder with automated file uploading and some affordable monthly hosting, this could be a massive product success.
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    I sent you a PM the other day. Would you respond please?

    Be well,
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    any other warriors tried the TLC Platform yet? would love your feedback here.
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    Hey Tahir...

    I see someone selling a wp plugin that does that delayed order button thing (Ryan Diess style -- video plays, but order button does not appear until later, etc.). Is that part of what TLC can do? If not, can you add it??

    -- TW
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    Managed to get a review copy from Tahir.

    I am pleased with the functions TLC is providing. The available templates are great for a kick-start. Beside this, the tutorials are strong in explaining the various functions.

    I would recommend this over Optimisepress( I am an avid user, but the application is outdated since then)
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    Sales page creator in the works? That would put this over the top! Missing link in the process flow
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    Does anyone here know if we can get rid of the "name"field when we insert our autoresponder service? I can't seem to find an answer for this and I completely agree with the people here who said the customer service is SHOCKING. Two weeks now with two tickets sent in, but no reply yet. Awful customer service.
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    Tahir, could you answer Ticket # QA1-QBN-L2R9? It's not a problem per se, but an idea/suggestion. Hope support is better than this if there IS ever a problem.
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    How are these well known people all smiles when the $$ is flowing TO them (sales phase),
    but then, when it comes time for them to provide support, they are nowhere to be found?

    Then, later, these SAME well known people crank out another product - and they are, again, all smiles - and THEY GET WELCOMED BY THE SAME COMMUNITY WHO THEY BURNED BEFORE!! Mind-boggling.

    In the real world their "rep" would be forever destroyed -- no?

    -- TW

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