Anyone know about TRAFFIC JEET?

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54 Year Old Indian Woman Drives 1+ Million Free Targeted Visitors Monthly & Gets Featured on a BIG Cable TV!!!

I was sent an email today about this offer which is currently being featured on another forum.

The lady shows screenshots of Google & YT Analytics which is mainly blurred out and hardly readable. The only figures I could see clearly are figures I think they want you to see!

Someone called Jovana is interviewing the Lady on YTube. The traffic figures are just too good to be true. Maybe I'm getting skeptical.

I think someone called Cyril Jeet is the creator of this piece of software.

Does anyone know of this offer? Is it credible?
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    I'm having a look at it now. Seems too good to be true, so I agree with your skepticism.
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    Here's the JV page: Become a JV Partner For | TrafficJeet - 1 Million+ Unique Targeted Visitors Monthly!

    It has another video supposedly showing proof that the software/system works.
    You'll note that there are are two upsells. The Front End product will cost $17-$37; OTO 1 is $67-$97 and OTO 2 is $37-67.

    Front End product is the 3-in-1 software and training course. OTO 1 a pro Version of the software (I don't know the difference between this and the front end version). OTO 2 is a WP Plugin for Curation, Viral Marketing and Syndication.

    From what I see, this is a great deal for JV's, but maybe not for the rest of us. My guess is that the software 1) does not produce 1 million visitors in a single month, but if by some fluke it did then, 2) you would have to buy the Front End version, plus the two upsells to get there.

    Now, you might say ... "If I can get 1 million visitors to my site I'd be willing to spend $120-$200." But my reply would be, "How many times in the past have you used similar rational, only to discover that the product AND refund policy did work?

    IMO, if this product worked they wouldn't have such a low front end price, and if they were interested in helping people, they wouldn't need two high priced upsells.

    Like I said, without using the product, it looks like this product and sales funnel was set up so the creators and their JV's can make money. Period.

    Just my opinion.

    Perhaps someone who has purchased the software and both upsales can offer creditable proof of their success using it.
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    I will never but this product
    QED !

    Seen alot in this industry !
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    TrafficJeet allows you to find low competition keywords and what keywords people are using to search within YouTube to rank easily in Google and Youtube. It's a research tool and a training guide that allows you to get high rankings in Google and Youtube! So as I research tool it might be useful.... but are there others out there that do the same thing.... even free tools within YouTube itself or provided by Google? Anyone know? The OTO is MarketJeetPro and allows you to auto comment on videos easily but that kind of software is against YouTubes TOS and from the research I have done on similar tools is one of the quickest ways to get your account with YouTube shut down!
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    Just got a copy of this monster traffic jeet now, still reading the small pdf attached to this package, i will update you guys once I run this software, its telling me now that I need to install a fresh copy of Netframe Work.

    Just as Precious Ngwu's Gdetonator2, which was not a bad product, I hope this Traffic Jeets becomes better.
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    Recently, I have purchased a copy of Traffic Jeet from this WSO Thread. I will post my personal review latter.
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    Do you need to purchase many proxies to run the software ?
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    Just had a Ah Ha moment. Is this Cyril Jeet's mother/relative in the video? Is that who the 54 year old lady is?

    Clever! In any case it looks like a useful piece of software and I am sure the training can help many of us.
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    They will not respond to my emails nor my pm. I guess i will try to get a refund from Paypal
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    Useful info. Thanks everyone
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