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Default How can I use Market Samurai to find niches?

Aloha everyone. I bought Market Samurai a while back and I'm just starting to use it. How can I use it to find profitable niches?

I've already watched the training videos, and I figured that some of you folks might have your own ways of finding high traffic and profitable keywords.

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Default Re: How can I use Market Samurai to find niches?

I could try to write a ton of ideas for you but it would probably take too much space (& time)... I always use a load of other research tools altogether whether they were free or paid. I just sat here & watched a video about how to use Long Tail Pro (keyword research tool) see below:

It will give you an idea of what to look out for in Market Samurai too. The presenter gives you some link to his other videos (which I did not look at but may be useful). I am not suggesting here that Long Tail Pro is any better than Market Samurai or vice versa just that the principle is the same no matter what software you are using. I am looking for a decent piece of software myself & have just started a thread asking IMers here if they have any recommendations for any 'one time payment' keyword/SEO research softwares (as opposed to the recurring monthly type). Market Samurai is one of those ($97 one time payment). However, you two don't seem to be too impressed with it, so, that kind of answers one of my unanswered questions indirectly... Thanks.
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Default Re: How can I use Market Samurai to find niches?

I have been using long tail pro for the past month, it's brilliant for finding keywords and good EMD's. Highly suggest getting it, I think there a 10 day free trial
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Default Re: How can I use Market Samurai to find niches?

Antonio, we use google's keyword tool to find a list of 1000 potential phrases and then run them through market samurai.

For example, if I'm interested in researching the 'remote controlled vehicle' niche, I'd start at Google's keyword tool. I'd enter:
Remote controlled car
Rc car
Rc helicopter
Remote controlled helicopter
Rc truck
Rc dune buggy
...etc. Write all the possible options/combinations you can think of .

I also set a filter to return only the phrases that get searched 1000 times per mo. And, i tick the bok to only return related phrases.

This search may return 80 or so phrases... I then copy all of the phrases google returns and run them back through Google's tool with the same parameters.

Then I take the results and stuff them all into market samurai and analyze the keywords on the golden rules setting and see how many phrases remain.

The more phrases, the better potential the niche has.

I often lower the min SEO traffic numbers, pbr, competition and SEO value numbers from the default settings when I'm looking for niche/local results.

Keep trying.... Keyword research is like panning for gold. Takes persistence and can be wildly rewarding.
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Default Re: How can I use Market Samurai to find niches?

Market Samurai is a very powerful tool but you have to know how to use it correctly. I have had it for a few months now and I'm still learning how to use it but I think that it is one of the best tools on the market for finding hot niches.
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