Has Anyone Tried out Vocus? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger.

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One of my business partners friends works at Vocus, and is very adamant about us trying out the product. I haven't been able to find much online, what are you guys thinking?
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    Vocus is the company that owns PRWeb. With their platform, you can distribute press releases directly to PRWeb at a substantial discounted price ($5000/yr for 30 PRs/mth). I have several friends using it to push out Press Releases on a biweekly basis and it's working out very well for them. The only drawback is finding a good press release writer if you don't have the time to write them yourself.

    In case you don't know, Press Releases have essentially replaced "article marketing" in 2013. Everyone is using them because they rank quickly and build ridiculous amounts of high PR backlinks from credible sources. The "gold rush" is currently on until PRWeb gets sick of the junk. They're already starting to crack down with changes to Headlines.
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    Back to the point...the platform itself works great for PR's.

    They also have a more comprehensive platform to submit PRs and also manage your social presence, but I'm not too familiar with it yet.

    I think it's a rock solid investment if

    1) You can write tons of PR's yourself
    2) You can find and afford a Press Release writer to submit constant press releases on your behalf.

    Let me know if you need a good PR writer. I know a superb one.
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    hi pmm621,

    I currently have an account for the year which is around $5000 per year for unlimited press releases (think it is one a day). Prweb's distribution is vast, but the problem is their network has reached saturation, meaning whether you do 1 press release or 100 you'll be hitting the top sites over and over.

    Also, they are tricking everyone into thinking it has amazing SEO benefits, when in fact, the sites that pick up the news will rarely ever (and in most cases never) get indexed in Google. It's the same 1000 or so websites that distribute the press release, making those categories of their website not indexable. They are aggregate sections of the site never found by the search engines (just check some of the latest releases by PRweb and you'll notice it's not as grand as first appears)

    Unless you are a marketing firm, the Vocus yearly package is not worth purchasing. You will get much higher ROI by submitting using their basic syndication, receiving a link hosted on their website. Even if you use the max feature, it's usually a better deal than the year, which will be unused inventory.

    TLDR version: No, buy as you go. You are better off using multiple press release networks (do a google search). Cisionwire, prnewswire, etc are some of them then putting a huge chunk of your seo/advertising dollars in press releases by the same company all year.
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    If anyone knows, which PR site posts to Yahoo properties? I saw sometime in the past but forgot which one it is.

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