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biz4me 8th February 2013 10:17 PM

Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
I came across this program called Affiliate Maverick by Michael Bashi

has anyone try this program, and what has been the results. any

feedback would be appreciate. Thanks:)

theinternetguy 11th February 2013 02:44 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Hello. I do not think it is a scam. Also they have a support hub knowledge base where I found this which might help you:

Is Affiliate Maverick A Scam ?

AffiliateRg 24th July 2013 08:57 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
I have been looking into this 2. Has anyone here acutally joined this IM program, and if so what is your experience of it?

Richard :)

AffiliateRg 24th July 2013 11:38 PM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Anyone heard of this, is it any good?

Mr Gone 14th August 2013 01:01 PM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Its funny I can not seem to find any reviews. I can find stuff on Michael Bashi but it all seems to be from the last year. Its almost like the blare witch project. You can can find it all over the net. But none of it has any real backing. We have talk a few time threw messaging. I am not sure how I feel about adsense. I read all to often about people getting banned.

theinternetguy 15th August 2013 01:48 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Hello Mr. Gone. I have purchased few of Bashi's programs. I do not know what proof or backing you're looking for nor can I provide it for you but I can tell you one thing.

Michael always has laternatives, so if for whatever reason you do not want to deal with adsense; he can put something else there for you. I have seen some of the sites he buil has chitika ads instead of adsense. if thats what you want..

I duuno what the issue is or the ban of adsense. I never hear pple getting banned from adsense. People get banned from adwords all the time but not adsense I never heard that before.

plus if you listen to Mikes teachings at:

Affiliate Maverick 2.0 - Helping Beginners Make Money Online Without Selling A Thing

you would find answers to most of the questions you have. People usualyl never bother to look at what in front of them and they keep searching for something else.

Hope this helps you out bro. peace,

raywarrior1978 23rd January 2014 11:07 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
I just joined today and hopefully within 24 hours I should have my sales funnel done by him or his team. I will let you guys know.

The sign up is $1 dollars for 7 days and then $37 dollars.

You must use aweber only to get your sales funnel. He only works with that autoresponder company, not sure why, but hey I like aweber.

Now I am new to list building. I cancel my hosting a few weeks ago because I gave up on internet marketing. But I am willing to give this another chance and just risk a bit of my money and testing a few solo ads.

Affiliate Maverick will give you your own landing page. You can choose from 3 of them.

The only thing I am not sure about is if they give you a tested swipe that converts to use for your solo ads.

I will have to ask them. The landing pages according to Mr. Bashi said it was converting at 52% . That is incredible!

I am tight on money so I will have to start off with 40 to 70 click packages and I will have to buy there from here instead of safe swaps cause right now I don't even have money to join safe swaps membership fee.

I have not look for their customer support email or number but I need to find it so I can ask questions.

By the way, do you have to have a domain and hosting for this to work?
Or do I just drive traffic to my swipe message they will provide me with?

I did give them also my clickbank id so therefore I think I will make money through my affiiate links on the aweber follow messages, which means I won't have to have hosting or a domain name, right?? Not sure kinda of lost here

Please help and give me advice.

Well that is all for now, lets see what happens within the next 24 hours

ritaj 13th June 2014 06:35 PM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Hi, Just found this thread and will add my pennyworth. I bought the $50 website that
Michael Bashi is selling, which is a coupons website. I have to say that the set up
process is rather odd but at the same time the subject matter of the website makes it
that way. Once you do get through it, it does make sense, and I have to say that it
was well worth the work and the wait while Michael and his team do the setting up.

If you want to see what the site looks like look - 'bountifulcoupons.com'. The site
is updated constantly, and will take a bit of time to build traffic, but it is a long haul
project. I am highly delighted with the site and the service provided. Now I just
have to help build traffic and get paid by not dozens but a couple of thousand companies
who's coupons are on my site!


tristatemedia 15th June 2014 07:35 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
hi guys
i also signed up for his affliate package. 1 dollar trial and $37 one time fee.
the landing pages are awesome. i bought solo ads from fiverr and from safeswaps.com
within 2 days, i have a 100 eople added to my list....but no sales.
the fiverr solo ads, i did not expect sales but safeswaps, i should have got 1 sale. but i think i have to do more testing.
the same service he offers, others charge $495 to set up everything for you. he is legit and he does seem to care. great customer service.
please pm me if you have other questions

plinfos 23rd September 2015 02:43 AM

Re: Does anyone know about Affiliate Maverick
Is there anybody who had purchased "Affiliate Maverick" sold $497...?
And if yes what result? Have you win some cash?TY

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