wp4fb vs fb apps ninja

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2 new FB application for fan pages and viral marketing , which one is the best ? what are the main differences, easy of use,price ,support and etc ?
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    I bought through Oz's Affiliate Link because he promised both(with one as the bonus). I'm waiting for him to deliver the bonus so I can compare the two.
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    WP4FB 2.0

    I don't know about both of them so I cannot compare but I did purchase WP4FB 2.0 along with all the OTO's and I've requested a full refund.

    I found certain features that didn't work, it's quite buggy. In theory it's a great idea but it seems like another 'shoot from the hip' product.

    The instructions are all on video which is nice to have video but it doesn't cover the entire product. A lot of time can be spent sifting through the videos while writing you're own steps and documentation... just to find out that certain features don't work together.

    Support Delayed
    Support is apparently out of India. So responses are delayed much too long. The support ticket system isn't a proven and reliable ticket system, it's horrible and you have to create yet a new account and password to access the support.

    NO SSL on Support Ticket System
    Another thing about the support system, like yesterday I was asked to share my admin information so they could look at the problems on the site. My details sat there more than 16 hours without being looked at. They didn't even bother to provide a $29.00 SSL certificate to encrypt sensitive information that you're expected to send them.

    WP4FB 2.0 Review Summary
    Based on the above and the fact that it's buggy and doesn't work as expected or described. Along with the free updates for a year but no price on maintaining it and the lack of preparation on the part of the product creator, I'd recommend against purchasing this product.

    I purchase a lot of good products on the Warrior Forum and have for many years and the shoot first ask questions and offer support later isn't anything uncommon.

    It's not the worst WSO I've purchased but it's simply not functional enough for me to screw around with it any longer. I've asked for a refund yesterday, I'll update you and let you know how that goes and how long that takes.

    If they are good with their refunds, you could always try it if you have the time to wait on support replies from another time zone that are probably further delayed because there are probably a lot of folks purchasing having similar problems with the app.

    When you delete or remove the product from Wordpress it does not remove the tables it created. You'll have to go into phpMyAdmin and remove the 10 tables it created. In a case like mine, MULTI-Site - It creates and leaves behind those ten tables for every site.

    The above WP4FB 2.0 Review is IMHO and based on my initial experience and the 10 or so hours I spent setting it up and trying to get it to work correctly.
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    OK, wanted to follow up here. I did get a response for my refund request, here's what the reply was. Keep in mind I sent the previous reply with all the paypal unique transaction IDs.

    Ok - no problem. Could you send me the order number (starting with AP-) and the PayPal email address you bought it with? I'll will then be handled within 48h (you'll be notified by e-mail).

    Too bad you're just trying to get something for free. Ah well

    Kind regards,

    Wilco de Kreij
    So, because I've spent many hours working on this and the product is buggy to say the least, I've asked for a refund and the insult for asking for a refund from the product owner was: "Too bad you're just trying to get something for free. Ah well ".

    Cute little smiley face to boot. Well, I'm not trying to get anything for free. I purchased this product because I manage a number of websites and needed the facebook APP for sweepstakes using the friend gate feature. The app simply isn't complete and if it doesn't solve a problem or provide a solution, then I don't want it. I'm not the one paying for the app anyway, my clients are.

    So, if WP4FB 2.0 doesn't work for you and you do want a refund on their 60 day guarantee, there's a good chance it won't be without insult from the product creator.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND WP4FB 2.0 or any other product produced and marketed by the person insulting his customers.

    Update: refund was processed quickly but not without the insult. I might have purchased the product again in the future once it matured to the stable point but because of the innuendo I'll never purchase another product from this guy again. I simply wanted a product that worked and did the job and I'd have paid $1000 for it... and have in the past.
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    Hey All,

    Saikat here creator is FbAppsNinja WP Plugin.

    I can tell you in the USP of our product.

    1) FbAppsNinja not only creates Tab apps but also stand alone apps. No other player in the market as on this date provide this. Probably many people do not know the difference between a Tab App and a stand alone app.

    2) Simple 3 steps to app creation.

    3) NO SSL required.

    4) Awesome training...You really need to work too hard to fail :-)

    5) Support - Check our FB group and how people are creating viral apps who never did something before.


    All the best,

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    Yeah, way too many products out there launched as WSO's are basically beta versions because no one does quality testing.

    It's a part of software development.
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    Just wanted to confirm the poor support tldagent found. I sent my first request 10 days ago, followed it up every couple of days but not a single response.

    Also emailed the owner directly via his paypal address but again no response.

    Requested a full refund just now via paypal dispute and it was granted without any questions within 2 minutes.

    Shame he couldn't respond to my question asking if his software was facebook T&C compliant but as he didn't, I assume it isn't.

    The software itself is a good idea but is way too buggy and having wasted best part of 2 weeks of my time I am now moving to First Social.
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    I'm really glad I joined this forum, I've learned so much already. I was considering wp4fb 2.0 but now I think I'll get fbapps ninja.
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    No way in hell would I buy from that guy after his "trying to get something for free" response. That's insulting. If it doesn't work, then yes get a refund. Stupid.

    I WILL say that I've used and tested FBapps Ninja and not only is the software rock solid, the tutorials and support are, just like Blog Comment Ninja, top notch.

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