My Vegas Business aka MVB Review

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Any reviews for this product? It's by Adam Horwitz, I haven't seen any real reviews for it on the Warrior Forum.
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    would like a review as well so i can recommend it to my blog's readers
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    sounds like an online casino affiliate business, which from my experience is a very hard niche to tap into.
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    Its good business and I have bought and working on it. Its not as competitive as you all talking here. I checked into adword and the clicks are under 50 cents if we can refine our keywords. And don't forget its 100% buying niche not like marketing where people by and then get a refund as looser. I have reviewed it and have video on my blog too. PM me for the link as I can't post the link here. Thanks
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    It is a slick video, but imagine how many tire kickers you will get wanting to go to vegas. TRUST is huge in this business, and I don't trust hardly anyone out of and orbitz. Add in a 3 to 6 mo lead time before they go on the trip and you get paid and tight margins in vegas..
    NO thanks
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    LOL I got in when it started .. sure I know how to get traffic BUT 15 new customers and not one conversion?? Not happy ! I even upgraded and still did not get much for it! I hope someone is doing well but I have not seen it go NO Where.

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