My Vegas Business aka MVB Review

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Any reviews for this product? It's by Adam Horwitz, I haven't seen any real reviews for it on the Warrior Forum.
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    would like a review as well so i can recommend it to my blog's readers

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      Originally Posted by Fazal Mayar View Post

      would like a review as well so i can recommend it to my blog's readers
      Why not buy it yourself?
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    sounds like an online casino affiliate business, which from my experience is a very hard niche to tap into.
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      Originally Posted by nutrie View Post

      sounds like an online casino affiliate business, which from my experience is a very hard niche to tap into.
      Travel business actually which is probably just as bad. The presentation was the usual continuation video with some actress. I closed the page within 15 seconds. Am pretty sure I then had a pop up asking me to accept a discount which I did not even bother look at.
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    Its good business and I have bought and working on it. Its not as competitive as you all talking here. I checked into adword and the clicks are under 50 cents if we can refine our keywords. And don't forget its 100% buying niche not like marketing where people by and then get a refund as looser. I have reviewed it and have video on my blog too. PM me for the link as I can't post the link here. Thanks
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      Hi All.

      I have to agree with "hbhanot" It is a good business and like all businesses it will take some solid work to get traffic to your website.

      For those of you wondering exactly what its about, I can tell you a few things about it here and now:

      Winter Valko and Adam Horwitz are the creators of "My Vegas Business".
      Teamed up with them is Troy Arnold who is one of the top promoters in Las Vegas.

      The My Vegas Turnkey Business is an opportunity for those of us wanting to enter into the Vegas Tourism Industry.

      The initial payment is $47. This buys you your website.

      There are a few up-sells but in my opinion they are worth every cent and very affordable to say the least.

      I myself have upgraded to Platinum and I have no complaints what-so-ever.

      With the basic you get to sell hotel bookings to potential customers, and from a customers perspective there are many popular hotels to choose from including names like the Wynn Hotel, Aria Hotel & Paris Hotel & Casino but the fun doesn't stop there, if you upgrade to Platinum, you can sell Nightclub, Restaurant & Show Bookings as bundled packages with the potential of earning some major commissions!

      The back-end of your website is easy to navigate with some really great features.

      I could go on and on about all the features and the potential that this business opportunity has to offer right here in the forum but it's easier if you read my review. I have some images showing you the back-end and the mobile optimized version as well as a link to my actual website which I have named... Planet Vegas. "Don't worry" I'm not expecting any bookings! Lol.

      The added bonus is that this is a two-way money maker. Not only do you have your own website selling bookings but you can be an affiliate as well.

      So please feel free to visit my blog, leave a comment if you want and share my blog if you feel the information is worth-while.

      As all internet marketers know we put in a lot of work to get these reviews written and extra to get them out there to the public & I would be very appreciative of any support.

      Click on my profile picture... my blog link will be under my signature.

      Thanks Everyone
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    It is a slick video, but imagine how many tire kickers you will get wanting to go to vegas. TRUST is huge in this business, and I don't trust hardly anyone out of and orbitz. Add in a 3 to 6 mo lead time before they go on the trip and you get paid and tight margins in vegas..
    NO thanks
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    LOL I got in when it started .. sure I know how to get traffic BUT 15 new customers and not one conversion?? Not happy ! I even upgraded and still did not get much for it! I hope someone is doing well but I have not seen it go NO Where.

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