Shoe-In Money By Jeremy Schoemaker And Peng Joon

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Hey Guys,

Just like to check out if anyone has ever seen the latest Shoe-In Money by Jeremy Schoemaker and Peng Joon? Or has anyone ever signed up for Jeremy's past courses?

First saw this in JV Notify Pro but after testing my own affiliate link, I discovered this product is already ready although it will be officially launched on 21st Feb.

First knew of Jeremy in 2009. I just started out in IM so could not afford to buy his past course of vaguely the same name which costs about $1997.

Second time I heard of this name was through Mike Filsaime who launched AffiliateDotCom with Chris Farrell a year later. Jeremy was one of the guest speakers at that exclusive event included in that $1997 course.
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    And Peng Joon is co-author of Blogging With John Chow.
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      I already got access to this and both OTOs

      It's got 7 modules FULL of great IM Material (definitely great for newbies and even Intermediate Marketers). My FAVORITE thing about is is the 30 day action plan with day-by-day actionable steps you can take action on IMMEDIATELY.

      Did a Video Review here if anybody is interested:

      Shoe In Money Review Video

      NOTE: No Affiliate Links, but the video DOES link back to my blog which does have Affiliate links. If you do purchase this, please just visit the direct site. I'm putting this here to help fellow warriors, not to make a sale
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    I also done a video review. Some little rat from India has copied it though and currently sits above mine but that's how it is sometimes I suppose. In fact the little bar steward has copied lots of the shoe in money review videos and reuploaded them to his account.

    I have put in a copyright claim but be too late for launch date but there you go.
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    You are 100% right Joseph. I am fed up with these slimebags making out that they want to help members my reviewing a product when really it is just a backdoor to their affiliate links. Moderators - stop this nonsense in the bud before these idiots turn TWF into just another one of the other useless IM forums. TWF is here to help all IMs to progress in their marketing NOT to rob them through backdoor tactics. Just let me know if it is acceptable moderators and I will do a WSO and sell it, should sell a few hundred copies. Anyway, thank you for what is an excellent forum, dont let these idiots spoil it
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      I was able to have a look inside through the reviews above. It looks good and i like the way he has put everything out all together at once.

      But I feel that this is something jeremy should have done with the shoemoney system when he released it.

      ah well...
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    This project was a ton of hype. If you have a clue about IM this is probably not the product for you.

    I asked for a refund, mainly because there isn't anything new in there. I was then called and asked to upgrade my membership. When I told them I was not impressed the salesman insulted me and hung up on me.

    This is the response I got back after I requested a refund. "refund guarantee is "as described," rather than a satisfaction guarantee (and we make sure to say this on the letter) Is there something you found about the vBook that doesn't match our claims?"

    So maybe you will think its amazing. I found it very underwhelming.

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