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Did any one buy or does anyone have a review of the Orion Software that Anik was promoting last week?
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    I hope someone can chime in hear as I have been wondering the same thing (first person experience actually implementing and using the software)
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    Hi Guys,

    I would be interested in knowing what the two OTOs are.

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    Im curious to hear more about this myself, too.
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    While still looking at the possibilities of using this for our nutritional products and other online lead gen needs, I realize the Arbitrage methods are easily replicated via other tools.

    The price is overinflated, totaling $1500, if you include the "OTOs and appears to be targeted to new marketers, who haven't been exposed to other tools. So, at first, it's easy to understand why some will go "gaga" over this.

    Final opinion is that we'll simply "PASS"!

    Really, I cannot understand why they don't offer a reasonable priced monthly as other professional tools do, but that question may reveal more of what they really setout to do with Orion - make their money off of the newbie community! lol
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    Check out arbitrage underdog.

    It's an excellent tool.

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